WWE Monday Night RAW Results for September 21, 2020


Here are quick results for the episode of WWE Raw dated September 21st, 2020. Brought to you by Kyle Dunning.

Retribution opened the show and introduced their core members. They have signed contracts and will seek to destroy WWE from within. The Hurt Business arrived to put them in their place, but many more Retribution members flooded the ringside area and overwhelmed them.

#1. [Raw Tag Team #1 Contender] Dominick Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo vs. Andrade & Angel Garza vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy — Winners: Andrade & Angel Garza*

*Seth Rollins walked out on Murphy, leaving him at the mercy of Andrade & Angel Garza

The K.O Show (w/ Shane McMahon)

After exchanging pleasantries and reminiscing on old times, Shane McMahon introduced Dabba-Kato. Owens remembers what he did to him and wants a fight later down the road. He introduced Braun Strowman, and Shane McMahon did everything in his power to keep them apart, because they are set to square off on Raw Underground.

#2. [If Keith Lee Wins, He Gets A Title Shot] Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee — Winner: No Contest

Randy Orton attacked Drew McIntyre with a chair and punt kicked Keith Lee in the skull. He vowed that McIntyre would be going to the hospital after their match at Clash Of Champions.

#3. [Raw Women’s #1 Contender] Mickie James vs. Zelina Vega — Winner: Zelina Vega with a Backstabber

– The 24/7 title enjoyed some time on the beach with R-Truth. Akira Tozawa attempted to take it from him… but he may have been eaten by a shark?

#4. Cedric Alexander vs. Apollo Crews — Winner: Cedric Alexander (with an assist from the Hurt Business)

#5. [Raw Underground] Dolph Ziggler vs. Arturo Ruas — Winner: Dolph Ziggler by Sleeper Hold Submission

– Seth Rollins claims that once again… Dominick Mysterio is not Rey Mysterio’s son. For some reason, this causes a rift between the family and Rey’s daughter storms out.

#6. Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax vs. Natalya & Lana — Winners: Shayna Vaszler & Nia Jax with the Kirifuda Clutch

After the match, Nia Jax smashes Lana through a table for the second week in a row.

#7. [Raw Underground] Erik vs. Riddick Moss — Winner: Riddick Moss by KO

#8. Asuka vs. Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) — Winner: Asuka with the Asuka Lock Submission

#9. [Raw Underground] Braun Strowman vs. Dabba-Kato — Winner: Braun Strowman by KO

#10. The Hurt Business, Lashley, Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander vs. Retribution, T-Bar, Mace & Slapjack — Winners: No Contest?*

The referee threw the match out because T-Bar interrupted the Hurt Lock from the ring apron, which is apparently breaking the rules?? I don’t know. Either way, a melee ensued with the rest of Retribution popping up again. Drew McIntyre led the Raw locker room down to the ring to fight them off. In the middle of the chaos, Randy Orton appeared and hit McIntyre with an RKO outta’ nowhere.

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