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WWE Monday Night Raw Results – June 17, 2019: Fatal 5-Way Match


We go to the interview area for Baron Corbin.

Baron is asked about finding a referee since Elias no longer wants the job. Baron says he has a lot of choices. He says he has someone in mind and he will reveal it on a special edition of the Kevin and Sami Show.

Baron turns around and Seth hits Baron with a chair. Seth says he would offer Baron a seat but he has more work to do.

The Viking Raiders are in the back as we go to commercial.

Smackdown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan make their way to the stage.

Daniel Bryan says he knows why the McMahons had to bring him as a wild card because it sucks. Daniel says he is talking about Raw and Los Angeles. We all know that L.A. is the smog capital of America but it is also filled with ignorant and impotent people. They are here to lift you out of the smog and educate you. They are here to excite you. Tonight, he will excite you by destroying the Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

He will prove that one half of the Planet’s Tag Team Champions is better than all of Raw and prove to all of the Raw tag teams that they are the best. Impotent masses of Los Angeles . . . prepare to be excited.

Match Number Two: Erik and Ivar versus Russ Taylor and Randy Taylor

Erik tags in and hits a German suplex. Ivar tags in and hits a springboard clothesline followed by the Viking Experience for the three count.

Winners: Erik and Ivar

We see two people in costumes as the camera scans the front row. They realize what has happened and they escape and go under the ring while the 24/7 Chase Team make their way to ringside. They pull Titus O’Neil from under the ring. Truth and Carmella are able to escape through the crowd.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn talk with Baron Corbin in the Gorilla Position before they make their way to the ring. Sami and Kevin make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

We are back and we see the Shane’s Crew party. There is a knock on the door and Heath Slater enters. We can’t hear what they are saying and Heath is asking for something, but he is not getting a lobster tail, like the tag team champions. Heath says things are getting more expensive and he wants to know if he can get a raise.

Scott and Dash laugh while Shane tells Heath it takes a lot of balls to do that. Shane says he has kids too but the answer is no. Shane says that Heath walked in like a man and he can walk out like a man because this is a closed party.

Shane tells Drew to handle things.

We see Heath on the phone with his wife and Drew tells Heath he has to talk to him. Drew says he has to do something for Heath because they go way back. Drew drops some money and Heath picks it up and Drew uses that opportunity to connect with a forearm and he slams Heath’s head into the wall. The Revival and Shane hold Drew back and tell him to save it for Sunday while Dash and Scott pick up the money on the floor.

We go to the ring where Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn prepare for the Kevin and Sami Show.

Kevin apologizes to Sami for not having the new graphics and he yells at Bob. Kevin brings out their guest, Baron Corbin.

Sami tells Baron this is a safe space, which is more than he can say about WWE. We saw what happened to Elias tonight and what happened to him last week when he was a referee and was attacked with a steel chair with no repercussions. Sami says he is withdrawing as referee at Stomping Grounds. Kevin says he is also withdrawing his name from consideration in solidarity with Sami.

Sami asks Baron to tell him who his referee is going to be.

Baron says people were lining up the job and he has found the man born to count one, two, three.

Baron brings out EC3.

EC3 is attacked from behind by Seth Rollin with a steel chair. Seth continues the attack.

Baron yells at Seth for attacking another up and coming superstar. Baron says it is time to go back to the drawing board.

The New Day make their way to the stage. They stand over EC3 and have a moment of silence for him.

Sami Zayn says the New Day are not invited guests and you are not wild cards so you shouldn’t be here tonight.

Kevin tells them to go away.

Kofi says he is the WWE Champion so that means he goes where he wants when he wants. He says he will bring his boys with him because that is what they want.

Kevin says Kofi should be worried that the WWE Title will be leaving your side and if it is not Dolph Ziggler on Sunday, it will be him the next chance he gets.

Kofi asks Kevin if he will beat him just like at Money at the Bank . . . where Kevin did not win. Kofi says he has Dolph where he wants him, in the middle of a ring in a steel cage. There will be no sneak attacks and at the end of the match, he will still be the WWE Champion.

Baron says that if they don’t want to be guest referees, why not send them a beating all the way back to Smackdown.

Xavier says it sounds like a challenge. Xavier says if only we had a WWE official to sanction this match. Big E suggests a referee and they go to EC3, who is helped up and Xavier and Big E shake EC3 enough to allow this match to happen with some vocal assistance from Kofi Kingston.

We go to the trainer’s room where AJ Styles is being checked out. Doctor Karl and Doctor Luke say they will take over. AJ says he does not need these doctors but he was thinking about Karl and Luke. AJ says three years ago, they made their debut in the Staples Center. You made a statement. AJ says they were cool in Japan and dominated. AJ talks about the matches that Karl and Luke had in WWE and AJ says they got comfortable. They made a lot of money here, but AJ asks when was the last time they won a match? When was the last time you were on Raw? When was the last time you were on WWE? AJ says he misses the old Gallows and Anderson.

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