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WWE Monday Night Raw Results – June 24, 2019: Handicap Match


Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. 

We are in Everett, Washington and your announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Renee Young.

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring and we see photos of what happened during the Universal Title Match between Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin with guest referee Lacey Evans.

Seth says about last night. At Stomping Grounds, Baron Corbin thought he was going to take this title from him . . .

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring.

Seth says Becky kind of interrupted him and Becky asks if she did. Seth says he has to give Baron some credit. Last night, Baron was smart enough to know he could not outwrestle him and get a referee who he would not hit with a chair. He got a referee who would do anything in their power to get the title off Seth. Baron wasn’t smart enough to know that he has the best backup on the planet.

Becky says it pays to be the Man’s Man. They proved individually why they are the champions of their division. Lacey Evans had nothing when it came time to fight and tap out she did. Then Lacey tried to steal a title for someone else and it was not going to happen on her watch. That is when the Man slapped her head off her empty shoulders.

Baron Corbin’s music plays and Lacey Evans attacks Becky Lynch from behind. Becky punches Lacey and Seth pulls Becky off and then Becky with a forearm and kicks in the corner. Baron Corbin comes to the ring and Seth with punches and slingblade. Becky with an exploder to Lacey.

Baron says that Becky saved Seth again and he tells Seth to give his title to Becky so he can go home and make a sandwich for Becky. Lacey tells Becky to get her man out of here or she will get her hands on Seth again. Baron says if it wasn’t for Becky, he would be Universal Champion. Baron says that Lacey is the only real woman around and he would choose Lacey as his partner in a mixed tag match any time. Lacey accepts the offer and suggests the match takes place at Extreme Rules.

Becky says that is fine, but under one condition. When you lose, you are both done. No more chances.

Baron and Lacey talk about it and Baron says they agree. Lacey says they will raise things with a stipulation of their own.

Seth says he does not care and they accept the challenge.

Baron says their championships will be on the line in a Winner Take All Match.

We go to commercial.

Jimmy Uso says it is the challengers versus the Champions. We have the Little Rascals and Spongebob and Patrick so welcome to the Uso Penitentiary.

Match Number One: Daniel Bryan, Erick Rowan, Scott Dawson, and Dash Wilder versus Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Xavier Woods, and Big E in an Elimination Tag Match

Woods and Bryan start things off and Dawson tags himself in and he tells Bryan to go to the apron. They lock up and Dawson with a side head lock take down. Big E tags in and he hits a back elbow on Dawson and Woods with a leg drop while Big E hits a splash for a near fall. Big E goes for a slam but Dawson escapes. Rowan tags in and he knocks Big E down. Rowan with a slasm and then he sends The Usos over the top rope to the floor. Rowan misses a splash when Big E moves.

Bryan and Woods tag in and Woods with a thrust kick and kick to the chest. Bryan flips out of the corner and hits a flying boot. Bryan with a suicide dive and he accidentally hits Dawson. Bryan with a forearm to Woods and Bryan goes up top for a missile drop kick and hits it. Bryan with kicks to the chest. Bryan misses a round kick and Bryan with an O’Connore Roll for a near fall and Dawson with an accidental elbow and Woods with a rollup to pin Bryan.

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan eliminated

Woods with an enzuigiri to Dawson but Dawson and Wilder with Shatter Machine to pin Woods.

New Day Eliminated

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jimmy and Jey with planchas onto Dawson and Wilder.  The Usos with a double back body drop on Dawson on the floor.  Jey misses a splash into the corner and hits an enzuigiri.  Jey with a cross body for a near fall on Wilder.  Jey has a kick blocked and Jey misses an enzuigiri.  Jimmy tags in and they hit a neck breaker and Samoan drop combination for a near fall.  Jimmy leaps over Wilder and Jimmy with a punch.  Wilder with a power slam for a near fall.  Wilder goes to the apron with Jimmy and Wilder with a punch and then he pulls off the shirt and chops Jimmy.  Jimmy with a head butt to the chest and they return to the ring.  Jimmy misses a super kick and Dawson tags in.  Dawson with a bulldog from an electric chair position for a near fall.

Dawson stomps on the hand and Jimmy blocks a punch and punches Dawson.  Jimmy has a kick blocked and Jimmy hits a dragon whip.  Jimmy goes up top and Dawson with a forearm.  Dawson goes for a superplex but Jey makes the tag.  Dawson sets for a power plex on Jimmy but Jey stops Wilder and Dawson hits the superplex on Jimmy and Jey with a splash off Wilder’s back for the three count.

Winners:  Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Big E, and Xavier Woods

We take a look at the match between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre from Stomping Grounds where despite having the BEST IN THE WORLD in his corner, it was not enough for Drew to beat Roman Reigns.

The Miz walks in the back and it will be time for MizTV with R Truth.

We are back and we see Braun Strowman pulling a tractor trailer to prepare for the Tug of War tonight with Bobby Lashley.

We go to Miz in the ring for MizTV.  Miz brings out the people he says are responsible for one of the most entertaining title stories in WWE, Carmella and the 24/7 Champion R Truth.

They make their way to the ring with their heads on a swivel.  Truth and Carmella look under the ring to make sure no one is there.

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