WWE Monday Night Raw coverage

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: March 30, 2020


One last hurrah for Raw before WrestleMania!

The WWE World Champion, the Raw Women’s Champion and legend after legend are here tonight, just days before WrestleMania Weekend!


  • From WrestleMania 35 – Raw & SmackDown Women’s Championships, Winner Takes All Triple Threat: Ronda Rousey VS Charlotte Flair VS Becky Lynch.
  • Aleister Black VS Jason Cade; Aleister wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Kevin Owens & The Street Profits VS Seth Rollins, Andrade Almas Austin Theory & Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega; Owens & The Street Profits win.
  • Asuka VS Kayden Carter; Asuka wins.
  • From Survivor Series 2019 – WWE World Championship No Holds Barred: Brock Lesnar VS Rey Mysterio.


The Undertaker speaks.

“AJ Styles. Or should I say, Allen Jones.” If we’re getting real, let’s get real. And for such a small man, you’ve got a big mouth, AJ. Styles either has a “big set,” or is just stupid. But Styles’ mouth is writing checks his body can’t cash. Taker’s heard worse from far greater. There are some truths to what Styles said, admittedly. Styles said 10 years ago or so, he wouldn’t want to try the Dead Man. “You damn right you wouldn’t want to.” Styles was content to being the big fish in a little pond, because he couldn’t hang with Taker, Stone Cold, The Rock, HBK, HHH, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, Edge, “the very best this business had to offer.” Phenomenal mah ass! Styles waited until they were all gone, except Taker.


Taker admits he has more behind him than in front of him. But “Allen” has stepped into something. Styles’ pride made foolish decisions for him. The things Styles said are “Just business.” But Styles crossed the line when he mentioned Michelle. Styles pride is playing games. Maybe Styles is jealous that Michelle’s Faith Breaker, the same move as the Styles Clash, is better. But whatever the reason, Styles will pay the price for disrespecting Taker’s wife. And he will pay in the Boneyard. “Remember? That was your idea.” IF Styles wants to be relevant at the Showcase of the Immortals, who better than The Undertaker. “Try me. I”ll make you famous.”

And be sure to bring “those two ass clowns,” Gallows & Anderson, too. All three of The OC will feel the wrath “of the unholy trinity I’m bringing with me.” They will feel the pain, they will get hurt, and they will suffer. But most importantly, they will… REST, IN, PEACE…! The camera zooms out to show that Taker already has a headstone for Styles. Will the Phenom end the Phenomenal One this WrestleMania Weekend?

The Raw Women’s Champion rides in style, again!

Becky Lynch rides into the Performance Center parking lot with the Manmobile once again! And she’s going to be live, after the break!

Raw returns with The Man!

Becky is riding high after she finally got even with Shayna Baszler just last week. She stands on stage this week to reflect on last year. She fought two champions at once, with Charlotte for SmackDown and Ronda for Raw. The stakes couldn’t have been higher. Becky made bold predictions and hit the Queen and Rowdy Ronda whenever she could. And she’s been living that bold lifestyle ever since. How about we take a look?

From WrestleMania 35 – Raw & SmackDown Women’s Championships, Winner Takes All Triple Threat: Ronda Rousey VS Charlotte Flair VS Becky Lynch!

History was made almost a year to the day from this weekend! Witness the rise of The Man as she, The Queen and the Baddest Woman on the Planet battle for both titles!

The Queen arrives in a helicopter! And of course, with a red carpet. But of course, Ronda Rousey has Joan Jett & The Blackhearts perform their iconic song live! As for Becky, she only needs herself and the WWE Universe. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we make history!

Ronda, Charlotte and Becky stare down from their corners. They all slowly circle, with fans strongly behind Becky. Becky and Charlotte stare, but then realize Ronda is literally between them. So they both go after her! Ronda and Becky grapple while Charlotte hangs back. Ronda throws body shots to back Becky up, but Becky hits back. Only for Ronda to fire off more! Ronda kicks Becky out but Charlotte runs in, only to get a knee! Ronda kicks Charlotte out, too, then goes after Becky. She picks Becky up to drive her into barriers. Ronda scoops Charlotte for Piper’s Pit to the floor! Ronda goes back to Becky but Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Becky escapes Piper’s Pit and shoves Ronda into a post! Becky boots Ronda then Charlotte scoops Ronda for an exploder into barriers! The Man and The Queen have Ronda down for now, and they go back to the ring. Charlotte says she told us so, but Becky doesn’t care. The frenemy Horsewomen throw hands back and forth! Becky hits but Charlotte kicks the bad leg. Charlotte yanks on an arm as well, and goes to bring Becky down! She wants to steal the Disarm-Her?! Becky powers out and rocks Charlotte, to steal the Figure Four! Charlotte shoves Becky back but the two throw forearms again. Ronda returns to kicks them both down! Ronda judo throws Becky around but Charlotte knees Ronda low. Chalrotte boots Ronda into Becky, but Ronda won’t let go of Becky!

Charlotte powerbomb lifts Ronda with Becky trapped, but Ronda drags them both into hanging armbars! Triple Threat means no disqualifications so Ronda doesn’t need to let go! Becky breaks free but Charlotte’s still trapped. Becky dropkicks Ronda from under Charlotte, and Ronda hits the ground hard! The referee checks on Ronda but Charlotte knocks Becky down. Charlotte goes after Becky but Becky fights her off. Becky runs in at Charlotte in a corner, but into a backbreaker and buckle bump! Charlotte kicks Becky in the face then covers, TWO! Charlotte stomps Becky out then brings down the knee pad. She shouts out to the Nature Boy with that knee drop. Fans rally for Becky even as Charlotte bounces her off the mat. Charlotte climbs up top, MOONSAULT! But into knees! And the Disarm-Her!

But Ronda returns to drag Becky into knee strikes. And then takedown to an armbar! Becky rolls around to resist, Charlotte knees Ronda down! Charlotte catches her breath while Becky and Ronda are both down, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and an annoyed Charlotte throws Becky out of the ring. Charlotte stalks Ronda now, but Ronda throws body shots. Ronda backs Charlotte down but Charlotte gives Flair CHOPS! Charlotte lights Ronda up but Ronda still says Charlotte “chops like a b*tch”! So Charlotte b*tch SLAPS Ronda! Ronda hits the leaping elbow! Then a takedown! Charlotte resists and shifts Ronda to a Boston Crab! Ronda endures, but Becky returns to bulldog Charlotte! Flashbacks to Summerslam and other Triple Threats, but Becky doesn’t stop there. She drags Ronda up into a dragon sleeper, then kicks Charlotte as she stands up. Becky grabs Charlotte in a facelock for double DDT combo! Cover on Ronda, TWO! Cover on Charlotte, TWO!

Becky is beside herself but she focuses on Charlotte while Ronda goes to the apron. Becky forearms and mule kicks Charlotte to ropes, but runs into a boot. Charlotte runs into uppercuts from Becky, then headbutts. Becky runs into an elbow from Charlotte, and Charlotte drags Becky up to whip. Becky reverses but Charlotte tumbles to the apron. Charlotte boots Becky then climbs, but Becky joins her. They fight for control and Ronda crawls over. SUPER Becksploder! Cover, TWO!! Becky gets up and goes after Ronda but Ronda hits her away. Ronda climbs up and leaps for a double crossbody! Double cover, TWO!

Ronda grabs Becky for another judo throw, then she throws Charlotte down beside her. Double Armbar! Ronda promised to do this to them, but Charlotte and Becky lift her up for a DOUBLE BOMB! But not just one, a SECOND Double Bomb! Ronda holds on so Charlotte and Becky give her a THIRD! Becky and Charlotte then brawl with each other! Charlotte throws Becky out and covers Ronda, TWO!! Ronda survives by the narrowest of margins, and Raw takes another break.

Raw returns again as Charlotte formulates a plan. Charlotte sees Becky get up and falls for the bait! Becky kicks Charlotte then dodges the boot for an urenage! Cover, TWO! Becky keeps her cool again as she scrapes Charlotte out. Fans rally up as Becky goes after Ronda. Ronda kicks but Becky rolls her, DISARM-HER! Ronda flails and turns but Becky stays on! They roll again and Becky keeps the arm, but Ronda keeps pushing to ropes. Ropebreaks don’t end this, but Ronda uses the ropes to climb up and lift Becky for a buckle bomb! Ronda runs back in but gets buckles herself! Becky gives Ronda a Disarm-Her through the ropes! Charlotte BOOTS Becky outta nowhere! Ronda flops to the floor while Becky and Charlotte brawl. Charlotte rocks Becky then climbs up to join her. They stand up on the very top, for a SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!!

Becky lives and Charlotte clutches her own leg from that landing. Ronda drags herself back in, and goes after Charlotte. But Charlotte exploder suplexes Ronda! Becky prevents any covers to drag Charlotte in, but Charlotte throws Becky into buckles. Becky gets to the apron but Charlotte boots her down! Ronda grabs Charlotte but Charlotte kicks Ronda’s leg out. Charlotte stomps the leg, leaving nasty bruises on it. She drags Ronda over and takes that leg to sling it against the post. Charlotte gives Ronda a post-assisted Figure Four! Ronda screams but Becky breaks the hold with a BOOT! Ronda rolls away for her own safety, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Charlotte goes for another Figure Four, only for Ronda to cradle counter! TWO and Charlotte’s back on that leg! Figure Four is on, but Ronda crawls. Charlotte still gets the Figure Eight, but Becky leg drops in outta nowhere!! All three women are down but New York is fired up! Fans build to a rally while Becky and Charlotte go to the apron. Becky takes this No Disqualification stipulation to the extreme with a table! New York loves where she’s going with this as she puts the table in the ring. Becky sets the table up near a corner but Charlotte returns. Charlotte clobbers Becky into the table then bounces her off the wood. Charlotte puts Becky on the table then goes to the corner. She climbs up but Becky stops her with clubbing forearms. Becky turns around but Ronda attacks!

Ronda dumps Charlotte down and decides that “Tables are for b*tches!” Ronda throws hands and throws Becky around. She scoops Becky but Becky slips out. They go around but Charlotte SPEARS them both! Cover on Becky, TWO!! Cover on Ronda, TWO!! Charlotte is frustrated but she hobbles to the table. She insists “This is MY main event!” as she puts the table up in a corner. Charlotte drags Ronda up and bounces her off the wood. And again, and again! Becky grabs Charlotte but Charlotte whips Becky off. Becky dodges but Charlotte SPEARS on the return! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte grows further frustrated, but sees Ronda stirring. Fans rally for Becky but Charlotte is up first. Charlotte aims at Becky and Ronda, and runs in, only to get double hip tossed into the table!!

Fans want that “One More Time!” but Charlotte flops out of the ring. Becky and Ronda grit their teeth and face off again! Survivor Series’ original plan finally happens as they throw furious hands! Ronda throws body shots and the Shining Wizard! Ronda jackknifes through to a fireman’s carry, but that bad leg slows her down. Becky uses the Piper’s Pit for a Crucifix Pin! Becky WINS!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall; Winner Takes All, NEW Raw & SmackDown Women’s Champion

The Man shocks the Baddest Woman with her first defeat in WWE! But more than that, she keeps her promise to the fans and herself by becoming DUAL champion! But not without controversy, as Ronda points out a shoulder was up during the count. However, they always say the referee’s decision is final, and it stands.

Raw returns to the present with Becky.

“That’s the first time I watched that back.” In this last year, history follows the ones who make it. Becky also gets followed by “dopes” who can’t make their own. Many have tried and failed, but Shayna thinks she has an edge for wiping out the entire roster. Shayna thinks taking the title will destroy Becky. And she’s right. Everyone gets in the business because they have demons to slay and things to prove. Becky admits she doesn’t know who she is if she isn’t the champ. But she knows Shayna’s demons, too. Shayna walks around all cool with her tough voice and cage fighter resume. But Becky’s starting to get to her. Like all the rest, Shayna will be emotional, hoping that when she wins, she’ll finally do the one thing her buddy, Ronda, couldn’t.

Becky sees it, the relief in Shayna’s eyes and the exhilaration she’ll feel if she beats Becky. Because for once, Shayna will have stolen Ronda’s spotlight, and not the other way around. Shayna will finally be seen as the supreme athlete that she is. Or Shayna loses, and she’s back in that shadow. So when it comes to being destroyed by defeat, who does Shayna mean? But speaking of Shayna, she GRABS BECKY OUTTA NOWHERE! She drags Becky to commentary in the Kirafuda Klutch, and then SLAMS her into the desk! “This is what I mean!” Shayna throws her jacket off and stands over Becky. She grabs both legs, dead lifts Becky to SWING her into the desk!

Becky clutches her shoulders but Shayna clutches the Raw Women’s Championship. Shayna stands over Becky with title in hand, another thing Ronda couldn’t do. Will the Queen of Spades finally be atop the mountain with WrestleMania?

Aleister Black VS Jason Cade!

The Grandest Stage of Them All approaches, and the Embodiment of the End wants to shine in that light. He will collide with the Rocky Mountain Machine, but must focus on the fight before him tonight. Will he make Jason Cade #FadetoBlack?

The bell rings and Cade rushes in but ALeister dodges. ALeister dodges, dodges and sweeps the legs! Aleister sits down and it spooks Cade. Cade doesn’t understand what Aleister is up to, and backs off. Cade runs in but his kick is blocked! Aleister stands up but Cade enziguris! Cade runs into a roundhouse! Then BLACK MASS! Cover, Aleister wins!

Winner: Aleister Black, by pinfall

Another opponent, another match, another victory. But even Aleister knows it won’t be so easy against Bobby Lashley. Will Aleister be able to strike down his most mighty opponent to date?

Six Man Tag: Kevin Owens & The Street Profits VS Seth Rollins, Andrade Almas & Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega!

The Monday Night Messiah told the world that he is the sole reason the WWE is where it is today. From the Performance Center to NXT to even the Women’s (R)Evolution are what they are because of his sacrifices. But Rollins’ allies are falling apart at the seams! Can the Prizefighter and the Raw Tag Team Champions gain ground in this war for the brand as Rollins must team with a different duo?

But as Vega’s stable makes its entrance, La Muneca must make an unfortunate announcement. Andrade suffered a serious rib injury last week, and is medically unable to compete. However, Vega has access to “the hottest young talent here in the WWE.” Just as she brought in Garza in an instant, allow her to introduce the 22 year old sensation and hottest free agent, AUSTIN THEORY! #AllDay from NXT joins El Latino en la casa! Will Theory prove himself worthy of both working with Vega and teaming with the Architect?

Six Man Tag: Kevin Owens & The Street Profits VS Seth Rollins, Austin Theory & Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega!

The trios sort out and Kevin starts against Rollins. But then Rollins tags in Theory and wants the “kid” to show him what he’s got. Kevin wants Rollins to man up, but Theory gives him a push. Theory wants Kevin to take him seriously, so Kevin DECKS him! Kevin CHOPS Theory to the corner and throws furious body shots meant for Rollins. The ref backs KO off and Kevin says Rollins will get that at Mania. Tag to Dawkins and tag to Ford. The Profits double whip Theory and run him over with a shoulder. Ford is the human weapon, back suplex splash! Garza runs in but gets a double flapjack onto Theory! Ford fire sup to FLY Out onto the young guns! KO and the Profits are up as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Garza whips Ford corner to corner. Ford goes up and over and handsprings. Things speed up and Ford hurdles but Garza dropkicks him down! Off come the pants! Garza throws those at Ford and dropkicks him down again! Tag to Theory and they mug Ford with body shots. Theory suplexes Ford then covers, TWO! Theory clamps onto Ford with a chinbar and armlock and Rollins gives him pointers. Ford endures as Theory cranks and Ford gets up. Theory knees low but Ford throws him out! Theory stays on the apron, somersaults in to dropkick Ford down! Cover, TWO! Theory drags Ford up to throw a BIG forearm! He elbows Ford down and keeps on Ford, and then back suplexes. Ford lands on his feet and ducks to HOT TAG Dawkins!

Dawkins rallies on Theory and Garza, then gives Theory an exploder! Dawkins goes corner to corner, Rollins tags in before the Cyclone Splash! Theory throws Dawkins out but Dawkins body checks Garza! Dawkins returns to BLAST Theory! But Rollins SUPERKICKS Dawkins down! KO grins at Rollins but Rollins grins back. Rollins dares KO to do something before he stomps away on Dawkins. Rollins drags Dawkins up to throw a heavy right hand. And then an uppercut! Dawkins crawls but Rollins chokes him on the ropes! The ref reprimands and Rollins lets up at 4, but Garza gets a cheap shot. Rollins tags Theory in and they mug Dawkins together. Theory pushes Dawkins around and clubs him down. Vega likes what she sees out of Theory as he clamps on a camel clutch.

Dawkins endures as Theory pulls back. He fights up but Garza tags in. Garza KICKS a leg out then gets Dawkins down to a half camel. Garza adds a chinbar before getting the full camel clutch. Dawkins endures as Garza fish hooks the eyes! KO and Ford protest but Garza lets up, to knock Dawkins down! Cover, TWO! Garza tags Rollins and they mug Dawkins more. Rollins snapmares and Penalty Kicks Dawkins in the back! Rollins clamps on with a chinlock then drives in elbows. Dawkins endures as Rollins leans on him in the hold. Rollins shifts to a facelock but Dawkins fights up as his team rallies for him. Dawkins throws body shots but Rollins knees low. Rollins sucker punches Ford! KO dares Rollins to do the same, but Dawkins rolls Rollins! TOW, and Rollins slingblades Dawkins down!

Rollins rains down rights and lefts on Dawkins before he glares at cameras. He aims at Dawkins from a corner as Dawkins rises. Rollins goes to kick but Dawkins blocks! Dawkins ROCKS Rollins with that right hand! Both men crawl, hot tags to KO and Garza! Kevin CHOPS and haymakers Garza over and over! Kevin whips but Garza kicks back, only for Kevin to LARIAT! And drop a senton! Kevin taunts Vega as Garza is in the corner, CANNONBALL! Vega coaches Garza but Kevin is up top, SWANTON BOMB! Cover, but Theory breaks it up! Ford ENZIGURIS Theory out! “WrestleMania~!” Ford FLIES but MISSES! Theory only gets grazed as Ford hits the floor! Garza rolls Kevin, TWO! Kevin BOOTS and STUNNERS Garza! Cover, Kevin and the Street Profits win!

Winners: Kevin Owens & The Street Profits, by pinfall

But Rollins CURB STOMPS Kevin anyway! The Monday Night Messiah sacrifices his team and the win just to get at Kevin. Will Rollins become a “wrestling god” off the blood, sweat and tears of KOMania?

Raw returns to Kevin Owens still in the ring.

He has since recovered from the Curb Stomp, and now has a mic. “Y’know, Seth. I think you just kicked some sense into me, no pun intended.” Kevin’s been thinking about what Rollins said. After what just happened, Kevin has a lot to say. Rollins needs to listen up. Rollins says that while he never trained int he Performance Center, this building exists because of him. Everyone should be thankful to Rollins because he built this place on his back. But Kevin heard otherwise. This place was built despite of Rollins. Kevin heard that the moment Rollins was in that Tampa warehouse, he was a “Nightmare to deal with.,” Rollins was a know-it-all who acted better than everyone else. And these past few months, Rollins has done an amazing job proving everyone right when they say Rollins is an “arrogant dips*it.”

But Kevin is aware of his own past and his own reputation. The difference between them is that Kevin isn’t delusional. Kevin has said Rollins is delusional for a long time, and Rollins proved Kevin right. Rollins talks about his Mania moments, and how he is “a god” while Kevin is a disappointment. Kevin admits those words stung and stayed with him all week. But while he was home thinking, Kevin realized how skewed Rollins’ perspective really is. Kevin may not have Mania moments, Kevin can still claim the same accolades: WWE Intercontinental Champion; WWE United States Champion; WWE Universal Champion well before Rollins. And as for those Mania moments, Kevin didn’t get them on his own. Kevin had someone watching his back and helping him each time. “And so did you,” Rollins.

Rollins’ moments he’s so proud of? None were accomplished on his own. And if he didn’t have back-up, Rollins found some “underhanded way” to get what he wanted. Now Kevin isn’t saying Rollins can’t be proud of his moments. What Kevin is saying is that Rollins just needs to be more honest with himself. The only thing Rollins said that made sense is that nothing before the WWE mattered anymore. The past no longer matters. And that will never be more true than this Saturday. When Kevin and Rollins finally face off, neither of their pasts matter. The only thing that matters is that it is Kevin and Rollins, finally 1v1. Saturday Night, Kevin shows Rollins is not a profit, messiah or god when he beats Rollins in the middle of the ring to take his FIRST Mania Moment from Rollins! This Saturday, Kevin will be the one to #BurnItDown.

Edge is backstage on Raw.

“Randy. You said that Adam Copeland is a junkie for Edge. You’re probably right.” But it’s not an ego thing. Edge just loves the feeling that happens in an arena when his music hits. That connection to the fans and audiences. Edge is one of them, he came from that. Let’s face it: we’re all junkies for wrestling. A 13 year old kid watching Hogan VS Warrior knew then that he wanted this. If you’re not, you’re just in the way of others. And if Orton wants to talk grit, they clearly have different definitions. To Orton, “grit” is handpicked by Evolution. Orton rests on the laurels of his family name, coasting off and on with “spurts” of magic. Don’t get Edge wrong, “okay” for Orton is Hall of Fame level for others.

But to Edge, “grit” is the type of person that will reach out and pull someone from a hole, when they don’t deserve it. To Edge, “grit” is refusing to be in Evolution to keep from being someone else’s lackey. To Edge, “grit” is forging your own hall of fame worthy career! “Grit” is thinking about how to get back every day for NINE YEARS, and end his career on his own terms. But Edge admits he was wrong. Edge thought Orton was jealous of Edge. But no, Orton is jealous of edge’s passion. You can’t fake passion, and Edge has it. The only time Orton has it is when Edge is around. Edge makes Orton better and lights a fire under him, and everyone else sees it! Everyone knows this is the best Orton has been. The last time he was this good? Rated RKO. And that scares Orton.

Edge inspires passion and it scares Orton. Orton doesn’t know what to with that. Orton doesn’t know what to do with that feeling Edge makes him feel. But Orton listens to “the voices” in his head. The voices can’t handle the feeling so they made Orton do something terrible. Orton attacked the family. Orton almost had Edge believing the Royal Rumble was enough. But then Orton went after Beth Phoenix and said the names of Edge’s girls. Orton pulled Edge back in. Orton accepted Last Man Standing with a man “who will dive face-first into a flaming table with thumbtacks lodged into every part of my body, just to grab that torch that you took for granted!” Orton’s dug himself another hole. But this time, Edge isn’t pulling him out. This time, Edge is going to push Orton so far down, he will never get back out.

Asuka VS Kayden Carter!

The Empress of Tomorrow is still without her Pirate Princess sidekick, but the Kabuki Warriors will be ready to defend the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania! But before worrying about Bliss-Cross, Asuka takes on another surprise from NXT! Will the fiery Filipina be an appetizer before the feast?

Before the match, Asuka grabs herself a mic. “OI! OI!!” Asuka shouts and wonders who even is Kayden Carter. She doesn’t seem to take her serious, because now, then and forever, “No one is ready for Asuka!” The mic and gauntlet have been thrown and the bell rings. Asuka dances around but gets a DROPKICK from Kayden! Kayden whips but Asuka reverses to hip attack hard! Asuka tells KC to Kiss this” then gives her toying kicks. Asuka talks trash but KC blocks a kick to spin her. KC waistlocks, Asuka standing switches, but KC slips out. KC waistlocks and O’Conner rolls, TOW! Springboard dropkick! Cover, TOW! KC swings a kick but Asuka blocks to an ANKLE LOCK, to trapped-leg GERMAN!

Asuka is mad now, and she BUZZSAWS Kayden down! She shows no mercy as she puts on the ASUKA LOCK! Asuka laughs as Kayden taps, and Asuka wins!

Winner: Asuka, by submission

The Empress still doesn’t seem to take the situation seriously as she sings along with her own theme song. Asuka even gets on commentary to keep shouting, “OI, Alexa! Nikki!” She tells them in Japanese that if they think they will win, that’s IMPOSSIBLE! The Kabuki Warriors will deal with them #EZPZ! Asuka blows a kiss good-bye and signs off to groove along with her song. But if she and Kairi don’t take this more seriously, will their title reign be in serious trouble?

Raw shares Rhea Ripley’s arrival at the Performance Center.

The NXT Woman’s Champion was minding her own business, when Charlotte ATTACKED! Charlotte BOOTS Rhea into a garage door! The Queen takes offense to Rhea just waltzing onto her show like this. Referees back Charlotte off but she tells the “rookie” that she’ll see her at WrestleMania. Rhea gets up and actually smirks. “Yeah, you will.” Will the Riptide see to finally humbling the Queen on the Grandest Stage of Them All?

From Survivor Series 2019 – WWE World Championship No Holds Barred: Brock Lesnar VS Rey Mysterio!

While it was the first-ever three-way battle of the brands, it was the King of Lucha Libre that took on The Beast. This dream match was made incredibly personal and violent because of what Lesnar did to Mysterio’s son, Dominic. However, vengeance does not always come easy.

The introductions are made as Mysterio goes from King of Lucha to Clown Prince of Crime. Heyman of course introduces Lesnar, and also says some of it in Spanish. The belt is raised, the bell rings, and the rules are thrown out on this golden grudge match!

Mysterio immediately goes out to get something from under the ring! It’s that steel pipe! Mysterio has his little friend, but Lesnar bails out of the ring. He wants Lesnar to get back in but Lesnar takes his time. Mysterio chases Lesnar, they go back in the ring, and Lesnar clobbers Mysterio! Lesnar makes sure Mysterio doesn’t have the pipe as he throws him down! Then he drags him up to clobber him down again! Lesnar taunts “Rey Rey” as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Lesnar drags “Rey Rey” up to slide him out of the ring! Then Lesnar goes out to drag Mysterio up and throw over an announce desk! Specifically the Spanish announce desk, at that. Fans rally and duel as Mysterio writhes down in the corner. Lesnar clears the desk then drags Mysterio up, to belly2belly Mysterio onto the hood! Mysterio is writhing as the massacre begins. Then Lesnar puts the hood on Mysterio’s body to STOMP it down! Lesnar tosses the hood aside to drag Mysterio back up, and ram into the post! Mysterio writhes more but Lesnar looms over him. Lesnar takes time to tie his boots, because he isn’t at all concerned about Mysterio. Lesnar drags Mysterio up to a fireman’s carry, but Mysterio slides out to send Lesnar into a post!

Mysterio gets in the ring while Lesnar wobbles, and Mysterio’s going for the pipe! Heyman warns Lesnar, Lesnar gets in and stops that. To then German Suplex Mysterio ON the pipe!! And then he dead lifts Mysterio for a second German! Chicago is becoming Suplex City now. Lesnar mocks Mysterio, kicking the pipe to him and daring him to use it. Mysterio crawls to the ropes, but Lesnar German Suplexes him again! That’s three! And again, Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again, and as Lesnar paces, DOMINIC appears! Dominic has a towel, and begs Lesnar to stop! Is Dominic going to throw in the towel? Lesnar keeps him from doing that by throwing the towel away. And then he grabs Dominic!! Mysterio LOW BLOWS Lesnar! Heyman panics, because Dominic LOW BLOWS, too! Mysterio SMACKS away with the steel pipe!! Dominic joins in with a CHAIR SHOT to the back! Lesnar ends up on the ropes, father and son dial it up, DOUBLE 619!! Dominic goes up top, to FROG SPLASH! Mysterio climbs up, to FROG SPLASH! Double cover, TWO!! Lesnar kicks out and Heyman is actually shocked! Mysterio tells Dominic to go back up. But Lesnar gets Dominic with a GERMAN SUPLEX! Mysterio leaps, into an F5!! Cover, Lesnar wins!

Winner: Brock Lesnar, by pinfall (still WWE World Champion)

Not even two generations of Mysterios could defeat Lesnar, and Chicago is furious. Will anyone ever defeat The Beast?

Well, not even six months later, Drew McIntyre now stands ready to take his shot. Will #ClaymoreCountry be want finally demolishes Suplex City?

Raw returns to Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman in the ring.

The Advocate and the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World are back. Heyman hates “pulling back the curtain” because he loves being in the business of “larger than larger than life” personalities. But this is the final segment of the final Raw before “the most unique WrestleMania of our lifetimes.” And not just because it is going to be two nights, but because we are in the most unique period of our lifetimes. Now, this is the go-home segment of the go-home episode. If you look at the past 20 years, who stands in this ring during the go-home of the go-home? “More often than not, your champion, Brock Lesnar. Why is that? Because year in and year out, at WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar is the Beast to Slay.” The one to beat on the single biggest show of the year.

This year, Drew McIntyre has truly stepped up. “My compliments, sir, much respect to you.” But why? Because McIntyre is that special. Compared to the normal person on the street, McIntyre is special. Compared to “the dumbass in the gym,” McIntyre is that special. And compared to the rest of the Raw locker room, the most extraordinary roster in the history of the industry, McIntyre is that special. But who else was special? The Rock, who got beat the first time Lesnar came after the title. The immortal Hulk Hogan, whose blood was on Lesnar’s chest like a warlord conquering the past. Randy Couture, Shane Carwin, JOhn Cena, The Undertaker, they were all LEGENDS AND ICONS, and yet, at the end of the day, after going up against a “once ever” like Lesnar, they ended up all the same: NOT SO DAMN SPECIAL!

Drew McIntyre does not need embellishing or exaggerating or promoting. That’s how great the Claymore is. Yet so were the Rock Bottom, the Hogan leg drop, the fists of Courture and Carwin, the Attitude Adjustment, and the Tombstone. None of them worked on Brock Lesnar on the day Lesnar stepped in the ring against them. And now that Lesnar knows that a Claymore is coming, one of two things happens: Either Lesnar has mastered a strategy to counter the Claymore, or Lesnar eats a Claymore and sees if it’s enough to take him down.

Heyman has something for us. Not a prediction, and not even a spoiler. This is a guarantee: Next year’s go-home of the go-home to WrestleMania, the man who will be standing here will be Lesnar with the title on his shoulder. Heyman will be talking about the great story McIntyre had to tell with the right look at the right time, but he got beaten “fugly” by Brock Lesnar. Because this year, McIntyre walks in special, and walks out just like everybody else: Brock’s bi*ch.

My Thoughts:

Even with this being another Empty Arena Raw, this was still just an okay go-home. I do appreciate that the matches chosen for replay were matches I have on file with The Chairshot. That said, the commercials really killed the flow of both matches, mostly because they took too many for my test. But I do understand that in these times of very little money coming in for anyone anywhere, the best way for WWE to make up for it is ad revenue. I still would’ve done one less break for each replay. But going with WrestleMania 35’s historic Women’s Triple Threat was a great choice given Becky’s promo and Shayna’s attack after. Shayna standing tall here makes me think Becky finds a way to retain, but maybe they change it up and Shayna shocks Becky by winning.

Heyman’s promo after the Lesnar match replay was some really strong stuff, especially in the language department. But Heyman’s passion definitely adds something. I really hope that the plan proceeds as if there was an audience, and that is McIntyre proving Heyman wrong on that guarantee. If WWE wants this historic Mania to matter, if they want to push past the people saying this Mania should’ve been postponed, and at the very least, if they want people to see that WWE cares about future stars, give McIntyre the title. Then when things finally return to some semblance of normal, make that first Raw the biggest celebration possible for both the fact everything is back, and that Lesnar lost.

Andrade Almas being injured is definitely unfortunate timing, but this definitely helps Theory’s stock. He did great for substituting in tonight’s Six Man Tag, up until Ford’s tope. That’s definitely a timing thing, but Theory will surely (hopefully) get better at that. Kevin’s promo in response to the loss was really good, and his match with Rollins is going to be intense. Taker and Edge had great promos for their matches, too, really adding to the intensity for their matches, too. Asuka’s tune-up win was at least a great spot for Kayden Carter to be on Raw, and perhaps Kayden will become a part of that roster after Mania. NXT has so many women, they can actually give up a few for the sake of Raw and SmackDown.

But as I voiced on SmackDown, I’m more concerned what the Women’s Tag Title results will mean. If Kabuki Warriors lose, that definitely pushes things in the direction of Kairi leaving WWE to return to Stardom. And honestly, I’m not sure how Asuka continues after that. I’m not sure Raw or SmackDown could rebuild her up to the way she was on NXT, and I’m not even sure if Asuka returning to NXT could revitalize her. The key might be to really pump some dedication from booking and management into the Women’s Tag Division.

My Score: 7.9/10

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