WWE Monday Night Raw Results March 6, 2023

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Tonight WWE Monday Night Raw is coming at you live from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.  Jimmy Uso is going one on one with Sami Zayn. Kevin Owens will go up against the undefeated Solo Sikoa. The new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Lita and Becky Lynch are expected to be in attendance tonight. Lastly, John Cena makes his return; will WWE United States Champion Austin Theory be present when he does?

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We open to a clip from earlier this evening. Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa are with Paul Heyman who is berating Jimmy for his failure to solve the Sami Zayn problem. He says that tonight Solo Sikoa is going to solve the Kevin Owens problem. Paul reminds Jimmy of his responsibility to handle Sami Zayn tonight. Heyman goes to call Roman Reigns as Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso walk off.

Kevin Owens defeats Solo Sikoa

Kevin Owens doesn’t wait for the bell and attacks Solo Sikoa as he is climbing under the ropes to enter the ring. The action spills outside and Solo Sikoa reverses a whip and sends Kevin Owens into the steel steps. Solo throws Owens back inside and the bell rings. Kevin Owens is kept to the mat with headbutts from Solo. Owens battles back for a moment with a heavy chop but he is put back down by a spinning heel kick from Sikoa. Kevin Owens continues to try and fight back with punches and slaps but Solo remains dominant. Solo puts on a rear naked choke. Owens rallies and comes back with a flurry of punches. He sends Sikoa down with a clothesline and follows with a splash. Kevin Owens climbs high but Solo knocks him to the outside. Owens quickly recovers and sends Solo to the floor on the outside. Jimmy Uso becomes involved but Owens disposes of him. Solo Sikoa takes advantage of the distraction though and he sends Owens into the crowd barrier. We go to commercial break.

Returning from the commercial break the action has returned to the ring. Solo Sikoa has Kevin Owens down in the corner and he prepares to set him up for a suplex from the top rope. Kevin Owens lands two headbutts that put Solo Sikoa down on the mat. Kevin Owens go for a splash from the top but rolls through Solo Sikoa as he comes to his feet. Solo hits a Samoan Drop. Owens kicks out of the pinfall attempt and the two exchange strikes. Kevin Owens hits two super kicks and follows up with a cannonball splash into the corner. Kevin climbs to the top and hits a Senton Bomb. He covers for the pin but Jimmy Uso storms the ring and begins to hammer punches into Owens. The referee calls for the bell.

The beating spills to the outside. Kevin Owens is down on the announcer’s table and Solo is set up to strike. Sami Zayn runs in for the save and chases Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso off with a steel chair. Sami extends his hand to Kevin Owens who is crouched in the corner of the ring. Owens denies it and slides from the ring. He keeps his back to Sami Zayn all the way up the ramp.

Bobby Lashley is backstage. He tells Bray Wyatt that he went to SmackDown to see him face to face. Bobby asks him when he will give him that opportunity since he sent Uncle Howdy out on Friday night.

The friendship of Chelsea Green and Carmella continues to grow as Carmella asks Chelsea to join her at ringside tonight.

Bianca Belair defeats Carmella

Bianca Belair gets side headlock take over on Carmella and grounds her to the mat. Carmella attempts to battle back but Bianca keeps her on the defensive. Carmella use the ropes to gain an advantage and then yanks Bianca to the mat by her hair. Belair gets to her feet and lands a drop kick on Carmella. She climbs to the top but Carmella rushes her in the corner and knocks her down. We go to commercial break.

Coming back from the commercial break Carmella has a rear naked choke on Bianca Belair. Bianca gets to her feet but Carmella again pulls her to the mat by her hair. Carmella attempts a crossbody but Bianca catches her. She lays Carmella down with a back breaker across the knee. She covers for the pin but Chelsea Green distracts the referee. Carmella takes advantage and rolls up Bianca Belair. Bianca kicks at two. Carmella is backed into the corner where Bianca is unloading punches on her. Chelsea Green becomes involved again but Bianca tosses her into the time keeper’s area. Bianca returns to the ring and is rolled up by Carmella again but she kicks out. Belair hits the KOD and gets the pinfall victory.

Chelsea Green and Carmella gang up on Bianca Belair following the bell. Asuka storms the ring and sprays mist into the eyes of Chelsea Green. Bianca Belair and Asuka stand face to face as the WrestleMania sign looms in the background.

Sami Zayn approaches Kevin Owens backstage. He tells him that the Bloodline cannot be defeated unless they align with one another. Kevin says he doesn’t want to do this with Sami. He tells Sami he should go back to Roman Reigns and apologize. Kevin tells him to just leave him out of it. Sami Zayn walks off looking disappointed. 

Miz Tv is here again. Seth Rollins and Logan Paul are set to stand face to face. Miz says he is going to moderate the event and not be bias to either man. Logan Paul is introduced and he comes to the ring. Seth Rollins quickly interrupts Paul’s entrance and comes down the aisle to the chorus of the crowd singing him to the ring. The Miz tries to silence the crowd from singing but Seth allows them to carry on. Logan Paul tells the crowd to shut up but they continue. Seth greets them and they finally settle. Rollins formally introduces himself to Logan. Paul says he is fully aware of who he is. He reminds Rollins of what happened at Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber. Logan says he has achieved more in one year than Rollins has in twenty. He tells Rollins that he is on his way out and that is why he has problem with Logan Paul. The crowd boos strongly throughout. Seth says the fans don’t like him because he is the scum of the earth. Rollins says that the time for talking is over, it is time to fight. Logan Paul says he does not fight for free and he is definitely not going to do it in Boston. The Miz offers to make Logan Paul versus Seth Rollins at WrestleMania. Seth tosses Miz out of the ring to go in the back to make it official. Logan Paul attacks Seth Rollins from behind and knocks him out with a punch. Logan tells the unconscious Rollins to let him know about WrestleMania before he exits the ring.  

Omos defeats Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler climbs on Omos’s back in attempt for a sleeper hold and Omos tosses him off with ease. Omos lifts him high and slams Dolph down. He covers him. Omos wins via pinfall.

Johnny Gargano defeats Finn Balor

Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano tie up at the bell. Gargano comes off of the ropes and catches a hard shoulder block from Finn Balor. Balor keeps Johnny on the mat with a shoulder lock. Gargano powers out and reverses. Finn Balor racks the eyes and reverses the hold again. Gargano maneuvers out and hits a quick drop kick. Finn Balor recovers and whips Gargano into the corner. Johnny reverses and sends Finn Balor to the outside. He dives through the middle rope into him. We go to commercial break.

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