WWE Monday Night Raw Results – May 21, 2018: Fallout From Last Week


Strowman kicks Balor in the ribs and Balor goes to the floor. Strowman kicks Balor and then punches him in the midsection. Strowman with a cross face. Balor is sent into the turnbuckles but he gets a boot up when Strowman charges. Balor with another boot to Strowman. Balor with an enzuigiri from the apron and then he chops Braun. Braun looks at Balor and head butts him. Braun with a boot to the head and he gets a near fall.

Strowman charges at Balor but Balor drops down and Strowman goes over the top rope to the floor. Balor with a baseball slide to Strowman. Braun blocks a kick and sends Balor face first into the apron. Braun with a forearm across the chest. Balor with a chop and Braun with a punch. Braun goes to the floor and he goes for his running shoulder tackle but Balor knows it is coming and he hits Slingblade. Balor with a running drop kick that sends Braun over the ringside barrier and into the crowd.


Braun gets up and he grabs Balor. Balor with an enzuigiri. Balor goes back into the ring to break the referee’s count and then he goes to the apron and hits a double stomp to the back. Balor with a double stomp off the ringside barrier. The referee starts his count while Braun struggles to get back to his feet. Strowman gets back into the ring at nine. Balor runs into a shoulder tackle. Braun goes for a shoulder into the corner but Balor moves and then Balor with a running drop kick to the head. Balor goes to the turnbuckles but Strowman grabs Balor by the throat.

Strowman with a power slam and the straps are down. Strowman picks up Balor and sets for the running power slam and hits it for the three count.

Winner: Braun Strowman

After the match, Braun picks up Balor and puts Balor in the corner.

Credit: PWinsider.com

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