WWE Monday Night Raw Results – November 6th, 2017: Raw Tag Team Title Match


Show: Raw

Location: Manchester, England at the Manchester Arena

Date: November 6th, 2017

Results by David Dengis of WrestleNewz.com

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. There is a recap video of last week’s episode of Raw. 

Show opens up and Intercontinental Champion The Miz and The Miztourage are in the ring for Miz TV. He starts with a message for his Survivor Series opponent United States Champion Baron Corbin. Miz says he promised Corbin if he talked about his wife he’d knock his teeth down his throat. So what does Corbin do? He talks about Miz’s wife AND his unborn child. Miz flies off the handle over this disrespect. Corbin is just a bathroom break and Miz is the whole damn show. Corbin getting to face Miz is doing him a huge favor because it’s the only time the US Title around Corbin’s waist will be relevant.

Then Miz moves on saying there is other business to attend to and he introduces Kurt Angle. Angle comes out and tells Miz that, despite their differences, Angle supports Miz in his match against Corbin. Miz scoffs and says that’s nice but he doesn’t return the favor. Miz then remind Angle of what Stephanie McMahon said last week. He plays a clip of her telling Angle that if he doesn’t pull out a win at Survivor Series, she’ll be looking for a new GM. Angle tells Miz that he’s not going anywhere. Angle says Raw is about to celebrate its anniversary. They have the best shows and the best fans and Smackdown will always be the B show and they’ll prove that.

Miz then reminds Angle of something else that happened, showing a clip of the Smackdown #UnderSiege raid on Raw a few weeks ago. Miz plays a clip of Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan being attacked by Kane the next week on Raw when he came to parlay. Miz suggests that Angle sicked Kane on Bryan. Angle says he had nothing to do with Kane’s attack and then apologizes for his actions. Miz disagrees saying that that was an example of the cutthroat at heart that Angle truly is. The guy who would stop at nothing to carve out the Hall Of Fame career that he has had. Miz knows that Angle systematically planned to have Bryan attacked.

Angle then decides to put Miz in a match with Braun Strowman tonight. Miz is taken aback, and when he realizes Angle is serious, he begs Angle to reconsider. Miz gets on his knees but Angle just leaves the ring and walks to the back with Miz pleading in the ring behind him.

Guitar-On-A-Pole Match: Elias vs. Jason Jordan

First man to retrieve the guitar from above the ring and use it on their opponent wins. Elias is in the ring first, but since his guitar is hanging above the ring, he has no musical number to perform. He cuts a little promo instead. He offers to sing a song acapella and launches into it, insulting the fans with his lyrics. Jason Jordan’s music hits to interrupt and he comes out to the ring all fired up.

Bell sounds and Elias runs for the corner to climb up the pole where the guitar hangs. Jordan grabs him and pulls him back. Elias keeps trying to run around Jordan, who plays defense. Commercial break.

Back again and Elias is putting a beating on Jordan. He goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Jordan backflips and lands on his feet. Jordan then hits back-to-back suplexes on Elias. Then he runs up the pole after the guitar but Elias gives chase, bringing Jordan back down and laying him out. Elias then goes up and grabs the guitar. He brings it down and gets ready to deliver the shot. Jordan ducks the swing and gets Elias down. The guitar falls free and Jordan ends up with it in his hands. Elias’ eyes go wide and he tries to run away but Jordan goes after him.

Jordan ends up getting the advantage and tossing Elias with a big suplex. As Elias slowly gets to his feet, Jordan smashes the guitar over Elias’ back and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Jason Jordan

Cesaro & Sheamus tell Angle that it seems like he’s showing favoritism to The Shield over them. Last time The Shield was relied upon they let everyone down. Angle tells Cesaro & Sheamus to man up and stop trying to manipulate them. He gives them one last chance against The Shield tonight for the Tag Team Championships.

Women’s Singles Match: Asuka vs. Jobber

Bell sounds and Asuka bullies the jobber around a bit. She delivers a unique drop and puts on the Asuka Lock for the pinfall.

Winner: Asuka

After the match, Survivor Series Team Captain Alicia Fox says that Asuka will be on Team Raw.

Singles Match: Titus O’Neil vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe pushes Apollo Crews off the stage and attacks Titus while he’s doing his entrance. Joe puts Titus in a Coquina Clutch and chokes him out before the match even begins. Joe then marches to the ring and grabs a mic. He says it doesn’t matter if you’re as big as Titus, or as athletic at Crews, if you stand in his way you will be destroyed.

No Winner

Joe then issues an open challenge to anyone in the back to come out and face him one-on-one. After a moment’s pauses, Finn Balor’s music hits and he comes out to answer the call.

Singles Match: Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor

Bell sounds and the two feel each other out. Finally they engage. Joe pushes Balor back to the ropes and Balor turns Joe around. Irish whip and Joe lays Balor out with a shoulder-tackle. Joe stands Balor up and lands some jabs. Then he rakes Balor’s eyes along the top rope. As Joe is setting something up, Balor counters and kicks Joe in the face. Balor jumps to the top rope but Joe heads him off and throws him back to the mat. Joe hits a snap mare and puts on a neck submission.

Balor gets to his feet and tries to fight back but Joe snap mares him back down and lands some shots to his back. Joe drops an elbow and pins for a 2-count. Joe works his way back to the neck submission. The crowd starts to chant, “Let’s go Balor!” Balor gets to his feet and starts landing some punches. Joe halts the momentum and whips Balor to the corner. As Joe runs in after him, Balor gets his feet up. He starts rocking Joe with some shots and levels him with a jumping back elbow.

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