WWE Monday Night Raw Results – October 30th, 2017: Seth Rollins vs. Kane, Women’s Title Match Headlines


Show: Raw

Location: Baltimore, MD at the Royal Farms Arena

Date: October 30th, 2017

Results by David Dengis of WrestleNewz.com

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. There is a recap video package of SmackDown invading last week. The Show opens up and the entire Raw roster is standing on the stage. Raw General Manager Kurt Angle is in the ring. Angle says that normally he’s out there in good spirits but this week is different. He says he let his friendship with Shane McMahon blind him and it put the Raw roster in harms way. Angle promises to never let something like that happen again. As Angle is speaking, Stephanie McMahon’s music hits and she struts out to the ring. Steph tells Angle that’s no way to start a show, all depressing. So Steph emphatically welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw.

Then she starts hyping the 25th anniversary episode of Raw in January. She tells Angle he’s been doing a hell of a job, even with all the ups and downs. The illegitimate son, Braun Strowman being crushed in the back of a garbage truck; he’s taken it all in stride. He’d earned Steph’s respect, until he allowed Shane to besiege Raw. Everyone always wants to think Shane is a great guy, but he’s backstabbing and conniving. Shane wins everyone over by jumping from the top of the cell but then comes and tries to take over Steph’s show to be a big man.

The only reason this was allowed to happen is because of Kurt Angle. Steph chastises Angle and tells him it’s time for him to make up for his mistake. Angle will be the team captain for Raw at Survivor Series. If Angle cannot succeed in rectifying this situation, Steph will be forced to search for his replacement. Oh it’s true… It’s damn true.

As Steph gets into a limo, Angle blubbers and tries to apologize to her. She tells him to ask Mick Foley if he doesn’t believe how serious she is. Then she leaves and Intercontinental Champion The Miz shows up with The Miztourage. Angle tells Miz about Steph making him team captain at Survivor Series and Miz can’t believe Angle gets rewarded for his incompetence. Angle points out that Miz was nowhere to be seen during the siege last week and he doesn’t want people like that on the Raw team. Then he tells Miz he will be defending his title tonight against an, as yet, unnamed opponent.

Singles Match: Bayley vs. Nia Jax

Bayley was supposed to have a match against Alicia Fox but Fox comes out and says, as captain of the women’s Survivor Series team, she has other things to attend to. But she found Bayley a replacement in Jax. Bell sounds and Jax clears Bayley out of the ring. She goes out and throws Bayley back inside. As Jax jumps on the apron, Bayley knocks her off with a drop kick and then taunts her from the ring. Commercial break.

Back again and Jax has Bayley in a rear chin-lock. Fox is standing out on the stage observing the match. Jax throws Bayley across the ring and then hits her with a splash in the corner. Jax whips her to the opposite corner and splashes her again. Bayley is laying on the mat, lifeless. Jax starts to climb the ropes. Bayley jumps up and knocks Jax off the ropes to the floor at ringside. Bayley leaps out on top of Jax. Bayley ends up back in the ring and she nails Jax with some shots as she is stepping back into the ring.

Jax charges at Bayley and Bayley jumps on a guillotine choke. Jax withstands it and manages to throw Bayley off of her. Then Jax grabs Bayley’s head and throws it into the mat. As Bayley is seated, Jax bounces off the ropes and hits her with a rolling spear. She follows up with a leg-drop and pins for the 3-count.

Winner: Nia Jax

Fox gets on the mic and tells Jax that she is her first pick for the Survivor Series team. As Jax is leaving, Samoa Joe’s music hits and he comes marching out to the ring. The crowd pops for the return and it cuts to commercial.

Matt Hardy is revealed as the opponent. Bell sounds and the two start going back and forth. Matt gets the advantage and starts taking it to Miz. Miz throws Matt out of the ring and The Miztourage start moving toward him. Miz goes for a wrecking ball drop kick but Matt side steps and jumps back in the ring. Matt jaw jacks at Miz and The Miztourage, who are standing at ringside. Commercial break.

Back again and Matt lands some shots while mounted on Miz in the corner. Miz manages to counter and gets Matt up on the top rope. He delivers a neckbreaker to Matt, dropping him from the top rope. Miz pins but Matt kicks out. Miz gets a rear chin-lock. Matt stands up and tries to get back in it but Miz lays him back out and continues the offense.

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