WWE Monday Night RAW Results – October 7, 2019


Here are the results for the October 7th, 2019 edition of Monday Night RAW, featuring Hell In a Cell fallout.

We begin RAW recapping the drama between Rusev and Lana.

As RAW starts we see Orton, Rusev and Corbin already in the ring and Orton and Corbin are jumping Rusev. Rusev fends them off before Lashley on the titantron. Bobby is wearing Rusev’s bath robe and is apparently at his house. He goes onto his bed, and we see Lana cuddle with him.

Lana tells Rusev they don’t have joint checking accounts anymore and everything they own is hers. She says Rusev doesn’t look like they are having fun, but they are. Lana undoes her bra. Lashley shuts off the lights and Rusev is devastated. Orton and Corbin are laughing on the outside.

Rusev is pissed and takes out Corbin and Orton on the outside. He sends Corbin into the steel steps and slams Orton into the barricade. He takes the steel steps and slams it into Orton’s face. Then, Rusev sends Orton into the ring post and hits the Matchka Kick onto Corbin outside the barricade. He hits another Matchka Kick on Orton.

Rusev throws the steps away in frustration and leaves.

Lacey Evans comes out and says that we are at the end of the road. She says the only way to settle things with Natalya is a Last Ladies Standing match, and the only place Natalya is going is the trash heap.

Lacey Evans vs. Natalya – Last Man Standing Match

Natalya starts with a series of attacks and takes the fight outside. Back in the ring, she eventually gets the Sharpshooter and plants her face in the mat a series of times. Lacey responds with a slam. That gets a 9. Natalya responds with a series of attacks before Lace swings Natalya into the barricade. That gets another 9 count.

Lacey pretends to go for a table, but puts it back under the ring. She then shoves Natalya into the steel steps. Back from commercial, we see Lacey sending Natalya to the timekeeper’s area before getting a kendo stick and going to work. That gets a 9 as Lacey poses on a chair. She slams Natalya to the ring post again. That gets another 9.

Then, Lacey places Natalya on the chair, puts a kendo stick in between the handles and gives her a big boot. Natalya eventually recovers, but Lacey eventually attacks her again with the kendo stick before Natalya fights her off and gets the stick herself. Lacey eventually fights her off again for a 9 count.

On the outside, Lacey gets a neckbreaker. Lacey eventually hits her with the trashcan and then hits a moonsault which doesn’t really connect. After Natalya recovers again, she gets a suplex on the entrance ramp and then shoves her to the top of the stage and announcer’s table.

Lacey then gets a suplex on the announcer’s table and gets Natalya on the stage again. A suplex attempt off the stage fails and Natalya powerbombs Lacey through a table on the outside for the win.

Winner: Natalya

We get an Aliester Black appearance, and he says that he requires battle. Underneath his calm and collected demeanor, that is not who he really is. He is unforgiving as fire and as cold and permanent as death. He is forever restless, and begs someone to knock on his door and pick a fight with him.

We get the Street Profits and they plug the draft this week.

Tyson Fury is asked backstage why he is provoking Strowman and he recaps what happened on Smackdown. He requests an apology, and he says if he doesn’t get it, he’s getting these hands.

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs. The Viking Raiders

Erik and Ziggler have a back and forth before Ivar scoop slams Erik onto Dolph. Robert tags in and he has a back and forth with Ivar. Robert starts working over his legs before Ivar shoulder blocks him. Erik tags in and gets a jumping knee and crashes Ivar into Roode.

Outside, Erik takes out both Roode and Ziggler with hard rights and works over Roode. Eventually, Ziggler knocks Erik off the apron and Roode sends him into the barricade. Ziggler gets a jumping DDT, and Roode works him over. Then, Ziggler and Roode take turns working him over.

Eventually, Erik escapes and tags in Ivar. Ivar runs wild. Eventually, Ziggler gets a Fameasser for 2. Ivar recovers, and eventually The Raiders hit a double team for 2. Roode and Ivar are sent out of the ring, and it’s just Erik and Ziggler. Ziggler gets a roll-up for 2.

Erik gets a spinebuster from Roode and Ziggler gets a Zig-Zag, but Erik kicks out. Roode goes for a Glorious DDT, but Erik escapes and Ivar tags in. The Viking Experience connects on Ziggler for the win.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

We see Aliester Black again and he’s taken off his shirt. He’s heading down the ring to see who wants to pick a fight with him.

Aliester Black vs. Bollywood Boys

Black kicks everyone in sight and gets an easy win.

Winner: Aliester Black

Braun has some words for Fury, but I was unable to transcribe because my nephew threw his shoe at my dog, and my dog tried to attack him. This, too, was stopped by a referee before its conclusion…

Backstage, Charley asks Rey Mysterio how Dominic is doing. Rey thanks some superstars, says his son was brutalized. In a way, he’s never been more proud. Dom took a beating like a man, and for that, his scars will heal soon. His emotional ones will take longer. He’s resting at home. That was some rough sentence structure there, Rey. He had to watch Brock maul his son, and he felt helpless. So he called upon Dom’s godfather, Cain Velasquez. Rey goes full Mexican and hypes up Cain.

The OC is seen talking backstage.

AOP gets a video package.

The OC vs. Lucha House Party

AJ and Kalisto to start. AJ chokes him in the corner. Ref stops it, and AJ kicks high, but gets tripped down by Kalisto. He kicks AJ rolling into his corner. Arm drag to AJ, and antoher, dropkick and Anderson gets a tag. Karl eats an arm drag also. Then, every member of Lucha House Party eventually gets a moonsault onto the OC.

Eventually, Lucha House Party gets the advantage and it’s a free for all in the ring. Gallows gets a big boot, Karl Anderson gets a spinebuster, and AJ gets the Phenomenal Forearm on Kalisto for the win.

Winners: The OC

After the match, The OC clean house ending with AJ hitting a top rope Styles Clash onto Kalisto.

Out comes The Miz for Miz TV and she brings out Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. The Miz lists off Becky’s accomplishments this year and Becky said she’s banged up from last night, but she kicked Sasha’s ass.

Charlotte says that she’s dominant and feels herself a little. The Miz plugs their upcoming tag match, and Becky says she wants to right the wrong of Asuka beating her at the Royal Rumble.

Then, Becky sees Charlotte and says she’s happy with the title she made famous. Charlotte says she made Becky famous and she’s been the woman 10 times. Becky says her reigns are plentiful, but hers are meaningful. They pose with their titles before the Kabuki Warriors arrive and say something in Japanese.

After that, the Kabuki Warriors rush the ring and all four women brawl. Charlotte and Becky get the advantage before we go to commercial.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair vs. The Kabuki Warriors

The match begins with a back and forth between Asuka and Becky before Kairi tags in. Kairi works over Becky before she gets a side kick and tags in Flair. Flair cleans house on everyone and hits a series of chops on Asuka and follows it up with a back suplex. She then hits a moonsault on the KW.

She goes for the Figure 8 on Asuka but she hits an interfering Kairi with a fallaway suplex. Asuka escapes to the outside where she gets a kick on Charlotte in mid air.

Back from commercial, Becky gets the hot tag and she runs wild. She hits a missile dropkick on Asuka but Sane hits her with a backfist. Kairi goes for the elbow but Becky cuts her off and gets a top rope legdrop before Asuka saves the pin.

Charlotte hits a big boot on Asuka, Sane cuts off Charlotte’s legs and Becky applies the Disarmer on Sane. When the ref is distracted, Asuka gets the green mist on Becky and Sane rolls her up for the win.

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

After the match, Charlotte attempts to attack the KW, but the numbers are too big. Alexa and Nikki come down the ramp and they clean house.

Backstage, we see Apollo Crews and he is asked what he hopes to prove in his match against Ricochet. Crews says it’s an honor to face him, but he’s looking to make the draft his showcase.

The Viking Raiders apparently have earned a RAW Tag Team Championship match next week, and they claim they will have them.

Ricochet is asked about the draft, and he says it’s an honor to face Apollo if this is his final match on RAW. He’s looking for a fresh start, and he’s ready to prove that superheroes can be real.

Ricochet vs. Apollo Crews

Apollo and Ricochet trade holds and flips and reach a stalemate. Eventually, Apollo gets a shoulder block out of the ring. Apollo misses a moonsault. Then, Ricochet misses a moonsault of his own and Apollo hits a dropkick in the ring for two.

Crews then gets the delayed vertical suplex. He goes for the Angle Slam, but Ricochet dodges on the outside. Springboard clothesline and standing shooting star press gets 2.

Crews eventually gets a bicycle kick, an enziguri and standing moonsault for 2. Ricochet follows up with a Codebreaker for 3.

Winner: Ricochet

We get a recap of last night’s disgraceful main event.

Jerry Lawler introduces Tyson Fury and Fury says he is demanding an apology. Strowman comes out. Strowman says he was trying to have some fun until he saw that look he had. Braun said he begged security to let him go because he wanted to fight.

Strowman said he’d eat Fury for lunch and that the last thing he wants to do is get in his way. Fury said that he’d knock him out. Strowman said he’d have him down looking up at the lights for a slow 10 count in his fight against wilder.

Fury asks Strowman how many heavyweight titles he’s won. Fury shoves Strowman and Strowman handles Fury in the corner before they brawl. Security gets involved but Strowman and Fury fight them all off.

The two continue the brawl before the locker room comes out. They keep breaking away from each other and continue to fight until they are effectively separated.

Backstage, Strowman says that he’s not going to have Tyson disrespect his business and he’ll get these hands. Eventually, he comes back out to brawl with Fury as RAW goes off the air.

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