WWE Monday Night RAW Results – September 23, 2019


Here are the results for the September 23rd edition of Monday Night RAW.

The opening signature of RAW is edited to fit The Fiend. We start RAW with a recap of last week’s events with The Fiend and out comes Seth Rollins.

Seth says he never felt the way he did last week. It’s like a nightmare and wishes he could wake up. He tells us Hell In a Cell shortens careers, and doesn’t know what to do against Bray. He says he’ll survive just like he did against Brock and Braun. That brings out Braun.

Braun says if he has something to say, say it to his face. Strowman says he’ll let them know face to face if he has a problem. Braun mentions that Seth said last week that he hopes he doesn’t have to face Braun. Rollins clarifies that he said he hopes he didn’t have to face him any time soon after pulling double duty at Hell In A-er, Clash of Champions. Seth says the way Braun is getting in his face makes him want to face him tonight.

The Viking Raiders vs. The OC (w/AJ Styles)

Anderson and Erik start fighting it out when Erik gets the advantage. Ivar tags in and they continue to go to work on Anderson. Anderson eventually escapes and Gallows gets the advantage. Ivar shows some athleticism and gets the advantage on Gallows.

Eventually AJ, causes a distraction that allows Gallows to give a big boot to Ivar and AJ is ejected. Cedric Alexander attacks AJ from behind on the ramp.

Back from commercial, OC is working over Ivar. Ivar eventually escapes and tags in Erik who runs wild. Ivar is pulled on the apron and Anderson catches Erik with a spinebuster for 2. Gallows gets a big boot and that only gets 2 as well.

The OC goes for the Magic Killer, but Erik escapes. Ivar tags in and he sends Gallows out of the ring. Viking Experience connects on Anderseon and that puts them away.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Backstage, we see Robert Roode. He’s asked about the Fatal Five match, and he mentions he pinned Rollins when they won the tag titles. Roode says the result will be glorious when he does the same thing in a Universal Title rematch.

Backstage, Becky is asked if it was wise to challenge Sasha inside Hell in a Cell when she’s on a hot streak. Becky said she can’t make history if she can’t beat people at their best, and Sasha on a hot streak is exactly what she wants. She also mentions that Sasha lost the only women’s HIAC match.

Becky is also asked about the $10,000 fine she got for attacking Sasha with the steel chair. She says it was worth it, and she says Sasha better use that chair inside the cell if she gets a chance again. Because it will get violent.

Rusev vs. EC3

Yes, EC3 is in a match. He starts with some strikes and chops before he catches him with a slam. He gets a series of frontface suplexes, a Matchka kick and The Accolade finishes things relatively quickly.

Winner: Rusev

Backstage, we get Rey Mysterio. Mysterio says this business is his life, and his near-retirement was just a moment of doubt. He’s still here, and tonight he dedicates this match to his son.

Sasha Banks (w/Bayley) vs. Nikki Cross (w/Alexa Bliss)

The two start with a stalemate before Sasha gets the advantage. Nikki comes back with some ferocious strikes and a cross by slam and a monkey flip. Sasha escapes outside to recover.

Sasha gets some shots and goes for a suplex before Cross turns that into a cradle. Sasha goes for a corner attack, but Nikki gets an arm bar and a pin attempt. Crossbody gets 2 and she jumps on Sasha’s back outside. Sasha plants Nikki on her back.

Back from commercial, Sasha gets a double knee attack for 2. Sasha then gets a leg lock, but Nikki escapes ad gets another major attack for 2. Sasha then gets a double knees to the corner for 2. She works over Nikki’s left leg. Nikki escapes and sends Sasha to the post and launches herself onto Sasha outside. Neckbreaker on the ropes and in the ring hits for 2.

Sasha gets a side dropkick for 2. Sasha goes for a baseball slide, but Nikki covers Sasha in the apron and strikes her. Sasha dodges a tornado DDT, and Nikki catches her neckbreaker. Bayley distracts the ref, but Alexa knocks out Baylye and sends her to the timekeeper’s.

Nikki goes for the crossbody, but Sasha reverses into a Bank Statement for the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks

After the match, Sasha applies the Bank Statement on Alexa.

Backstage with The OC, Gallows says everyone in the Fatal Five way match isn’t on AJ’s level. Aj can just taste the Universal Championship.

Backstage, we have The Street Profits doing some recapping. The Miz comes and announces that his wife gave birth to a healthy baby girl last Friday, and that next week, he’ll be hosting MizTV with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair on the season premiere.

Recap of last week’s segment between Kofi Kingston and Brock Lesnar.

Ember Moon vs. Lacey Evans

Moon begins the match with a big one legged dropkick. Ember then gets a lateral press for 2. Lacey then gets a rope assisted dropkick that sends Moon to the floor. Natalya is watching backstage.

Lacey then works over Ember’s arm. Ember fights back with a Samoan Drop. Ember gets a clothesline, a kick to the waist and an enziguri. Ember gets a big right, but Lacey responds with a leg sweep.

Ember then gets a stunner on the outside which gets 2. Ember goes for the Eclipse, but Lacey catches her with a Woman’s Right. Sharpshooter finishes things.

Winner: Lacey Evans

Natalya is asked about Lacey stealing Natalya’s moves two weeks in a row. Natalya says it is clear she wants a rematch, and she says Lacey better be ready to tap out.

We get Firefly Fun House. The photo collection is updated with Kane’s picture. Bray sees the bunny and pig fighting over a Seth Rollins action figure. Bray says they shouldn’t fight.

Wyatt says it’s not good to be too attached to something, because if you love something too much, you become vulnerable and weak. The bunny says he doesn’t want The Fiend to hurt Seth. Bray says the Fiend wants to protect Seth because he never forgets and he doesn’t like to share.

Bray then playfully tears the action figure in half and says sharing is caring. See you in hell.

Out comes the 24/7 division. Carmella begs everyone to stop chasing them. They’ve been doing this for four months and she can’t do it any more. Then, Carmella pins Truth to become the new champion. Truth smiles afterwards before The IIconics, Sarah Logan and Tamina chase her down. The men stand in the ring baffled.

Sasha and Bayley talk about Becky’s interview.

King Corbin vs. Chad Gable

Corbin has remixed music with a kingly tune.

The two have an intense back and forth, and eventually, Gable reverses the End of Days into an Ankle Lock. Gable almost gets Corbin to tap, but Corbin gets his scepter and attacks Gable for the DQ.

Winner: Chad Gable by DQ

After the match, Corbin continues the assault and stands tall.

We get another AOP vingnette and they jump Heath Slater to prove why no one is “hard enough” to face them.

Ricochet vs. AJ Styles vs. Robert Roode vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (w/Sami Zayn)

There are bodies flying everywhere until it is just Ricocheht and Rey. Rey goes for a cover from behind before the two dive outside onto Nakamura and Styles.

Back from commercial, Ricochet backflips off of Nakamura and sends him out of the ring. He sends Nakamura out the ring and Styles as well. He fends off Roode before Styles gets a massive clothesline.

Roode slides Rey onto Ricochet’s body. AJ and Roode jump Ricochet before Styles gets a Pele on Roode. Nakamura enters the fray and gets a series of hard knees to Ricochet’s body. Ricochet gets an enziguri on Ricochet and Rey gets a senton on Nakamura.

Ricochet and Rey trade a series of flips before he gets a spinning suplex on Mysterio for 2. AJ gets a jumping clothesline on Ricochet before Ricochet responds with a dropkick. Ricochet gets a facebuster on Roode with a jumping clothesline. Ricochet gets a Codebreaker on Roode, but Nakamaura gets the Kinsasha on Ricochet and Ricochet is gone.

Back from commercial, Nakaura and Rey are fighting on the top rope. Styles joins them, and then Roode. They get the tower of doom spot. Roode pins everybody to no avail. Roode attacks Nakamura but Nakamura gets a top rope knee for two. He then gets a side kick on Styles.

AJ avoids the Kinsasha and goes for a Styles Clash, but Nakamura sends AJ out of the ring. Mysterio gets a cross body and sets up for the 619, which connects. Mysterio goes for the West Coast Pop, but Styles suplexes him on the apron. Styles gets the Phenomenal Forearm on Nakamura, and that’s all for Nakamura. Roode gets the Glorious DDT on AJ from behind, and AJ’s finito.

The final two is Robert Roode and Rey Mysterio. Roode sets up for the Glorious DDT, but Rey gets a roll-up for 2. Rey gets a hurricanrana on Roode and sets up for the 619, but Roode gets a massive spinebuster that only gets 2. Rey gets an enziguri and goes for a senton, but Roode catches him. Roode sets up for the Glorious DDT, but Rey turns that into a 619. The Frog Splash finishes him and Rey is your number 1 contender.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman

Seth gets a few kicks to test the waters on Braun before he knocks him down with a big right hand. He then rams through Rollins a couple of times. Rollins then goes for a sleeper, but Braun gets him off and hits him with clubbing chest blow.

Back from commercial, Rollins gets a dropkick to the knee. Rollins goes for a pedigree, but Braun reverses into a back body drop. Rollins avoids Strowman’s running slam, but Strowman catches him and puts him down anyway.

Rollins then starts to work over Strowman’s legs. Rollins then gets a kick to the face that only gets a 1 count. Rollins gets a blockbuster that gets 2. He then gets a series of frog splashes that gets 2. Rollins goes for the stomp, but Strowman catches him for the powerslam. Rollins escapes and sends Strowman out the ring.

Seth gets a series of suicide dives and goes for a third dive, but he stumbles and Strowman chokeslams him on the apron. Strowman then gets a series of running shoulder tackles and a running powerslam on the outside.

Strowman goes for another powerslam, but the lights go out. The Fiend is here and he has the Mandible Claw on Strowman. He then goes after Rollins. Before he gets further, he sees Strowman getting up, but The Fiend takes him out again. Seth is petrified. RAW goes off the air as we hear Bray laughing.

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