WWE Monday Night Raw Results – September 4th, 2017: Big Show vs. Braun Strowman


Anderson and Gallows vs. Rollins and Ambrose

Seth Rollins will start against Karl Anderson. They circle the ring and lock up. Anderson puts him in the corner and pretends to give a clean break. Rollins ducks a cheap shot and stomps away at him in the corner. Anderson kicks and punches him back before applying a side headlock. Anderson shoulder blocks him after being whipped off, but Rollins soon takes him down. Dean Ambrose tags in, and they double-team Anderson before Ambrose chops away at him in the corner. Anderson reverses a whip to the opposite corner, but Ambrose boots him back and hits a second rope diving back elbow for a two count. Rollins tags in, as does Luke Gallows. They lock up, and Gallows throws Rollins off. Ambrose tags in, and Gallows shoves him back before punching him. Gallows punches away at him before head-butting him. Ambrose quickly knees him before Rollins kicks him down. They then knock Anderson out of the ring. Ambrose and Rollins take out Anderson and Gallows with stereo planchas.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Gallows applying a chin lock on Ambrose. During the commercial break, Anderson hit Ambrose with a spinebuster. Ambrose fights out of the chin lock, but Gallows soon slams him down for a two count. Anderson tags in and knees away at him a few times for a two count. Anderson applies an arm bar, but Ambrose fights up and forearms out. Anderson quickly floors him with a clothesline for a two count. Gallows tags back in, and he kicks Ambrose down before knocking Rollins off the apron. Gallows avalanches Ambrose in the corner. Anderson tags in, and they hit 3D II, but Rollins breaks up the pin. Anderson puts him on the top rope and punches away at him. Anderson goes for a superplex, but Ambrose fights him off. Gallows tags in, but Ambrose fights him back. Ambrose jumps, counters a slam, dropkicks him, and hits a Lunatic Lariat. Anderson tags back in and goes for a back suplex, but Ambrose flips through.

Rollins is tagged in, and he hits Anderson with a springboard knee. Rollins knocks Gallows off the apron before hitting a blockbuster on Anderson. Rollins hits Gallows with a plancha before getting in the ring to hit Anderson with a Sling Blade. Rollins puts Anderson on the top rope and knocks Gallows off the apron. Ambrose then hits Gallows with a suicide dive. Rollins hits Anderson with a top rope hurricanrana. Sheamus and Cesaro try to cause a distraction, but it backfires and Rollins pins Anderson for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Rollins and Ambrose

Anderson and Gallows attack The Bar from behind. Cesaro and Sheamus are furious. Rollins and Ambrose are laughing at them. The Bar then gets in the ring and brawls with Anderson and Gallows. Sheamus gives Anderson a Brogue Kick before they knock Gallows out of the ring. The Bar stands tall in the ring.

A really wonderful video showcasing all the great work WWE has done with the children suffering from pediatric cancer is shown.

-Commercial Break-

Enzo Amore is backstage with Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik bragging about their victory. Enzo is going to take them out for steaks. Neville walks up to them sarcastically clapping. There will be a Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match on 205 Live tomorrow. The winner of that match will challenge him for the Cruiserweight Championship at No Mercy. They’re friends this evening and fools the next. Neville tells them to get some rest.

The ring crew is reinforcing the ring in preparation for the Steel Cage Match.

Charly Caruso is backstage with referee John Cone. She asks about being the referee of the last Braun Strowman vs. Big Show match. Cone says he’ll never forget that moment. He was assured the ring was reinforced, but when you put those two in a ring together, you have to watch out. He’s just going to stay out of the way.

Renee Young is backstage with The Big Show. She asks for his thoughts on facing Braun Strowman. Big Show has never faced an opponent like Braun Strowman. He’s had more Steel Cage Matches than Strowman has had matches. He’ll shred the skin on his face and break his bones. Then he’ll wrap his hand around his throat and chokeslam him straight to hell. He’ll walk out victorious. Strowman doesn’t respect him. Strowman wants respect on what he thinks he’s owed rather than what’s earned. Strowman wants to put him out to pasture, but in order to do that, he’ll have to break him. In 23 years, there hasn’t been one superstar big enough or bad enough to break him. If Strowman wants to send him a message, he’s got a message for him. Strowman thinks he’s the Monster Among Men, but he’s the World’s Largest Athlete.

The Steel Cage begins to descend around the ring. Big Show faces Braun Strowman, next.

-Commercial Break-

Steel Cage Match: Big Show vs. Braun Strowman

The bell rings, and Strowman immediately big boots him back and punches him down. Strowman stomps him before slamming him off the wall of the cage a few times before avalanching him against it three times. Strowman tries a fourth time, but Big Show levels him with a KO Punch!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see both men down. They both get up. Strowman charges, but Big Show sidesteps him and sends him into the wall of the cage. Big Show then sends him into the cage wall three more times. Big Show shouts some trash talk at him before sending him back first into the cage wall. Big Show then looks at the top of the cage and begins to climb. Big Show stands on the top rope, and Strowman gets up and scales to the top rope as well. They punch it out on the top rope before Strowman lays in with some head-butts. Big Show falls and crotches himself on the top rope. Strowman tries to climb out, but Big Show shakes the ropes so he falls and lands on the top rope crotch-first. Big Show stands on the top rope and boots him away twice. Strowman is down, and the crowd is going wild. Big Show sizes him up and hits a top rope elbow drop! The crowd is going nuts. The crowd begins chanting, “This is awesome!” Big Show finally rolls over and covers for a two count. Big Show begins to crawl and tries to exit out the door. Strowman gets to his feet and runs over to slam the door in Big Show’s face. Strowman tries to leave through the door, but Big Show stops him by slamming the door in his face. They both get out and wipe each other out with stereo shoulder blocks.

Big Show gets to his feet first and signals for the chokeslam. Strowman slowly gets up, and Big Show grabs him by the throat. Strowman counters into a DDT for a near fall. They trade punches from their knees before fighting up. Strowman hits the ropes, but Big Show surprises him with a Chokeslam for a near fall. Big Show signals for a Knockout Punch, but Strowman ducks it. Strowman goes for a Powerslam, but Big Show slides off. Strowman charges, but he hits the cage after Big Show sidesteps him. Big Show begins to climb the cage again. Strowman soon cuts him off and climbs to the top rope. Big Show slams his face off the top of the cage, and Strowman falls down to the mat. Big Show tries to climb out of the cage, but he takes too much time. Strowman rips him off the top rope and avalanches him against the cage wall. Big Show keeps trying to climb, but Strowman cuts him off. Big Show knocks him away, but Strowman keeps coming back. Strowman then connects with a superplex, but due to them reinforcing the ring, it does not collapse. There is a load groan of disappointment from the crowd. Strowman taunts the crowd and gives Big Show a Powerslam for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Braun Strowman

Strowman celebrates before grabbing a microphone. Strowman asks if they see what he’s done to the so called giant. What do they think he’ll do to The Beast at No Mercy? Strowman says to Brock Lesnar that this is his future. Strowman’s future is to become the new Universal Champion.

Strowman begins to leave, but he turns around and looks at Big Show. Strowman says, “It’s time to go out to pasture, old man.” Strowman then scoops him up and powerslams him through the wall of the Steel Cage! Strowman then walks out while referees run down to check on Big Show.

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