WWE Money In The Bank 2018 PPV Results – Two MITB Ladder Matches, Styles vs. Nakamura


Welcome to the WWE Money In The Bank pre-show, and we are live on the WWE Network. Renee Young, Booker T, Peter Rosenberg, and David Otunga consist of the panel. Several video packages were shown to hype tonight’s matches. 

The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) (c) def. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson to retain the #WWE SDLive Tag Team Championships.

Welcome to the Money In The Bank PPV! We get an intro video package to hype the matches that will be taking place tonight. Our opening contest is…

Singles Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass

They lock up to begin the match but Bryan fired back with some right hands and kicks. Bryan was using his speed advantage and avoiding strikes. Bryan ate a shoulder block but came back with an attempted heel hook but Cass got out of it. Bryan with some leg kicks but Cass knocked him off the apron and hit the barricade. Cass tossed him chest first into the apron. Cass landed some strikes until Bryan attempted his comeback until he was caught off with a bear hug and a spinebuster for 2. Bryan tripped Cass in the corner then landed some kicks and continued to work over the left knee of the big man. Bryan used the apron and ring post to further damage the knee. Bryan with a drop kick off the top rope then one in the corner followed up by more. Bryan went for the YES Lock but Cass got to the bottom rope. Bryan sent Cass into the barricade with a drop kick then went to the top rope and hit a crossbody. Bryan went to the top rope but Cass knocked him down with strikes. Cass connected with a fall away slam for 2. Cass with the torture rack then hit a powerslam for 2. Bryan made his comeback with a series of kicks to wake up the crowd but Cass tossed him up in the air and hit a big boot for 2. Cass with yet another torture rack but Bryan got out of it and hit the running knee then locked in the heel hook for the win.

Winner: Bryan.

Singles Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn

Zayn kept rolling out of the ring to start things off, which led to Lashley running after him and launched him across the ring. Zayn racked the eyes of Lashley and hit a big boot that sent Lashley to the floor. Zayn sent him head first into the ring post twice. Back in the ring, Lashley caught a right hand and landed a clothesline. Zayn with a big boot then went to the middle rope where he went for a crossbody but Lashley caught him and hit a fall away slam. Lashley with a splash and spear in the corner. Lashley with a spinebuster then a back breaker followed up with a vertical suplex twice for the win.

Winner: Lashley

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Seth Rollins © vs. Elias

They lock up and do some chain wrestling. Elias then put the boots to him and they exchanged right hands. Rollins caught him with a drop kick then hit a spring board crossbody. Elias caught him with a wicked clothesline on the apron. Rollins fought back with some right hands until Elias cut him off with a standing DDT for 2. Elias missed a knee drop, which allowed Rollins to hit a chop and trip Elias into the turnbuckle then with a shoulder block and a series of chops. Rollins with the sling blade then clotheslines him to the floor followed up with an outside dive. Rollins went for a spring board move but his knee buckled and Elias hit a flying knee strike for 2. Elias picked him up but Rollins fought out of it and Elias rolled him up for 2. Elias with a right hand and Rollins fired back with his own. Elias with a big boot but Rollins was able to roll through and hit a super kick for 2. Rollins went for a frog splash but Elias put his knees up and rolled him up for 2. Rollins hit a suplex off the top rope then hit a falcon arrow right afterwards for 2. Rollins went for the Stomp but Elias rolled out of the ring and Rollins went for an outside dive but Elias caught him, sent him into the ring post and steel steps. Elias went to the top rope and hit the elbow drop for 2. Elias put Rollins on the top rope but Rollins slide through but his knee gave out. Elias went for his finisher but Rollins rolled him up for 2. Elias rolled him up and Rollins countered and rolled him up for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins ©

Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Ember Moon vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Lana vs. Naomi vs. Sasha Banks

They start brawling to begin the match. Lynch drop kicked Natalya and Flair with ladders in their hands. Moon knocked down Lynch and sent Natalya into the steel steps. Moon with a stepping kick to Naomi then a super kick to Banks twice. Moon tossed Naomi to the floor and hit an enziguri to Banks. Moon hit a spring board crossbody to Banks onto a ladder. Lana pulled Moon down by her hair then hit her in the gut with a ladder. Lana with an x-factor to Moon onto the ladder. Lana set up a ladder in the ring but Natalya clotheslined her. Natalya with a suplex to Lana on a ladder. Natalya powerslamed Naomi onto a ladder and then hit a drop kick. Flair with a series of chops to Natalya then a powerslam. Flair and Lynch started fighting over the ladder in the ring which led to Naomi using it as a spring board to clothesline Natalya. Naomi with a drop kick to the ladder held by Flair and Lynch. Bliss pulled out the ladder of the ring and Naomi hit a spring board crossbody to her. Naomi with an over castle off the apron to Banks. Lynch tried to climb the ladder but Moon and Naomi knocked her off then hit her in the head with the ladder. They would hit a double drop kick to Lynch in the corner. Naomi with a series of kicks to Moon, who fired back with a knee strike. Naomi with a monkey flip but Moon was able to hit a hip toss onto the ladder. Banks with a knee strike then sent Moon into the ring post. Banks with a head kick to Lana then stacked her onto Moon who was on the ladder and hit a double knee drop. Flair pulled Banks off the ladder. They got back up it and knocked each other off. Flair with a neck breaker to Banks. Flair went for the Razor’s Edge but Banks kicked her way out and climbed the ladder. Lynch knocked Banks off the ladder, who crashed onto Natalya, Flair and Banks. Bliss stopped Lynch with a forearm shot then climbed the ladder. Banks stopped her and they both climb the ladder. Another ladder is set up in the ring with several stars fighting for the briefcase. Natalya powerbombed Banks into one ladder that knocked it over. Flair with a big boot to Natalya then powerbombed Moon onto a ladder in the corner. Flair took out Lana but Bliss with a sunset flip powerbomb. Lana with a head kick to Bliss and locked in the Accolade. Naomi spring boarded her way onto the ladder and got to the briefcase but Lynch stopped her. Lynch and Flair climbed the ladder and they had a staredown. Bliss pushed them off the ladder but Flair was able to stay on her feet and hit a spear to Bliss. Banks with the back stabber to Flair, Naomi knocked Banks into the ladder and Lana knocked Naomi off the ladder. Natalya with an electric chair drop to Lana. Moon knocked Natalya off the ladder and Flair speared Moon onto a ladder. Flair ate a knee strike by Lynch, who hit a suplex. Lynch climbed the ladder but Bliss knocked her down crashing onto another ladder and grab the briefcase for the win.

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