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I’d love to be able to report on what happened from the end of the previous match until several minutes into the start of the ladder match, but Peacock couldn’t stay stable for more than a split second. And, you know, there’s no rewind button to see what I missed out on, either!

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

  • Gotta love hearing things like how Ricochet is doing something only he can do, and “woah! Oh my god!” and not knowing what is happening. Peacock’s really taking that “we’ll have it sorted out by SummerSlam” to heart and cutting it close to the wire, if we’re lucky enough for that, even.
  • Now that my feed is hopefully stabilized, it’s time to start watching mid-way through this match. A rewind button would be super helpful now.
  • Jinder Mahal, Shanky and Veer interfering was something we all saw coming. It was only a matter of time.
  • Ricochet’s ability to walk the ropes so easily and do things like that is always astonishing – and as I say that, he bounces off the ladder onto the ropes and jumps onto everyone outside the ring. Jeeeeeeeez this guy is talented!
  • Ha! Riddle hits a few RKOs, does Randy Orton’s pose and eats a stomp from Seth Rollins for being in that position. That was funny.
  • Seth Rollins powerbombing KO through the ladder was great.
  • That Big E pop!!!!!! I’m super happy he won!

Backstage, Rollins was seething. He says he’s not waiting. Whoever wins the Universal Championship next, he’s next in line.

Universal Championship Match

  • I’m disappointed that I don’t have more to say about this match. It’s not been bad, but it’s just been generic.
  • At no point have I felt as though the title is in jeopardy. However, it’s fundamentally so nice to see Edge back in action and healthier.
  • “His eyes are fluttering like Peacock” – Pat McAfee wins so many points for that.
  • Ref bump. How long before Seth Rollins comes in and screws Edge?
  • Well, there are The Usos. Oh, and The Mysterios. Rollins has to be next.
  • And there’s Rollins.
  • Edge with a spear, but it’s a no-go. I love the little touch of Reigns kicking out even when just the fans were counting, before the new referee came down.
  • After some more interference from Rollins, The Tribal Chief is able to get the victory. Edge and Rollins brawl out into the crowd. Reigns grabs a mic and says the whole world can now acknowledge him…only for John Cena to make his return!
  • Big pop for John Cena. Lots of cheers. That’s so refreshing.

Check out my live post-show review podcast for an even more in-depth breakdown of the event! Tell us your thoughts on WWE Money in the Bank 2021 in the comments below!

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