WWE No Mercy 2017 PPV Results – Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns vs. John Cena


Show: WWE No Mercy 2017

Location: Los Angeles, CA at the Staples Center

Date: September 24th, 2017

Welcome to the WWE No Mercy pre-show, and we are live on the WWE Network. Renee Young, Jerry Lawler, Sam Roberts, and David Otunga consist of the panel. Alexa Bliss will be appearing on the social media lounge.

Kickoff Show Match: Elias defeated Apollo Crews

Welcome to the No Mercy PPV! We get an intro video package to hype the matches that will be taking place tonight. Our opening contest is…

Intercontinental Title Match: The Miz © vs. Jason Jordan

They lock up and Jordan with a slam for 2. Miz went for a quick roll up but Jordan blocked and countered with a suplex for 2. Miz landed a series of right hands then a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Miz ducked out of the ring to regroup but Jordan brought him back into the ring. Miz hit a drop kick to him that sent him off of the apron. Miz sent him back first into the barricade and apron before launching him into the ring. Jordan planted him with a DDT in the ring for 2. Miz sent him back to the floor but Jordan was able to send him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Jordan connected with a clothesline off the top rope for 2. Miz rebounded with a series of kicks to the chest of Jordan but Jordan blocked the last kick and landed a belly-to-belly suplex. Jordan fired up and planted him in the corner then the angle slam for 2. Jordan went for a suplex but Miz blocked and went for the Skull Crushing Finale but Jordan rolled him up for 2. Jordan with two northern light suplex for a near fall. The fans started to get into this match at this point. Jordan tossed Miz onto Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas on the floor. Back into the ring, Jordan locked in the crossface but Miz got to the bottom rope. Jordan missed a spear in the corner. Miz went for a clothesline but Jordan blocked and hit a suplex followed up by a spear. Jordan knocked Dallas off the top rope and rolled up Miz. Axel hit Jordan with a cheap shot and Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner: The Miz – still Intercontinental Champion

Post-match, Jordan was interviewed by Renee Young. He said that he is disappointed that he lost to The Miz and would love to have a rematch. The fans were booing him heavily. He said that Miz really does suck.

A video package aired to hype the next match.

Singles Match: Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor

Wyatt attacked Balor before the match even started in the ring. Wyatt sent him into the barricade and slammed him on the announce table. Referees ran down to the ring to check on Balor. They walked him away from ringside as Wyatt laughed in the ring. Wyatt grabbed the microphone and bragged about hurting Balor. Wyatt called himself a god and that Balor is no demon or a man but a coward. Balor got upset and took off his jacket then ran down to the ring. The match then started after they brawled.

Balor avoided Sister Abigail and sent him to the floor. Balor connected with a drop kick to Wyatt that sent him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Balor went to the top rope, but Wyatt knocked him down and hit a suplex off the top rope. Balor fought back with a series of strikes and a sling blade. Wyatt hit a big boot, powerslam, and backsplash for 2. Balor landed a drop kick in the corner and went to the top rope, but Wyatt knocked him down. Balor connected with a series of strikes and hit a double foot stomp off the top rope for 2. Balor reversed a slam but ran right into a strike by Wyatt for 2. Wyatt with a huge toss across the ring. Wyatt went to the top rope, but Balor knocked him down and hit a drop kick into the corner then another one. Balor hit the double foot stomp for the win.

Winner: Balor.

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