WWE NXT (1/22) Results: Neville Beats The Clock


[Show: WWE NXT] [Location: Winter Park, Florida] [Date: 1/22/14]


The commentators with Tensai hype our main event featuring NXT champion Bo Dallas.

Adrian Neville Vs. Wesley Blake

“Let Go Neville” chants are going and they lock up, Blake works the arm, but Neville fights out in a impressive fashion. Neville with a headlock take over, but Blake fights out. Neville with a shoulder block followed by an arm drag, Blake fights out by pushing him into the corner and throwing him into the other. Neville reverses and lands a back body drop. Neville off the op rope with a drop kick that sends him into the corner. Neville with a chop in the corner, Blake with a big boot to the face of Neville. He lands an uppercut, Neville shoots off the rope with a forearm and a spinning back kick followed by a drop kick. Neville goes to the top rope where he hits a sick twisting dive for the win.

Winner: Adrian Neville

Summer Rae, Charlotte and Sasha Banks do a backstage promo about where she has been since her attack on Bailey.

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Alexander Rusev Vs. Xavier Woods

Woods with a leg kick to start things off, he is thrown into the corner where he runs out with a drop kick. Rusev with a big chop to the chest and lands a series of right hands. Rusev throws him into the corner where he lands a several kicks then a big one to the chest for a count of 2. Rusev works the arm, Woods makes his comeback. Woods with right hands then a drop kick knock the big man off his feet. A running drop kick for a count of 2 by woods. Rusev with a jumping back kick followed by the camel clutch for the win.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

After the match, Alexander Rusev continues the beat down, until Sin Cara comes down and makes the save for his bro Xavier Woods. They book it to the back as Sin Cara talks trash.

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Antonio Cesaro Vs. CJ Parker

Cesaro gets on the attack first, he lands a kick to the back followed by a back body drop. Cesaro locks in a chin lock, but Parker fights out. He lands a kick followed by right hands. A big clothesline followed by a heel kick by Parker. He nails a running knee to the chest in the corner followed by a cross-body for a count of 2. Parker lifts him up and spins him around for the “Parker Swing” it makes Parker impaired and Cesaro does the “Giant Swing”! Cesaro hits the “Neutralizer” for the win.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Sami Zayn comes out after their match, he says that 2014 is off to a rocky start and he said 2013 was the best of his career. He says his best was against Antonio Cesaro and it was the one bad thing that he needs to fix. He challenges Cesaro for a rematch, Cesaro walks up to him and grabs the microphone to say NO. He walks to the back with Zayn looking confused.

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Miz and CJ Parker do a backstage segment about how Parker interrupted Miz’s promo. Miz says it is disrespectful to interrupt him, Parker slaps him and walks away.

Natalya Vs. Summer Rae

Natalya with a head take over, then Rae fights out and they go back and forth with pin attempts. Natalya with an elbow, then a drop kick to the face. Rae reverses and lands a heel kick for a count of 2. Rae locks in a leg submission, as the fans get behind Natalya as soon as Natalya reverses it and gets out of it. She runs into an elbow by Rae who works the leg. Natalya fights back after she catches the big heel kick and locks in the sharpshooter for the win.

Winner: Natalya

Enzo Amore does a backstage promo giving us a injury update on his broken leg. Aiden English interrupts them and Collin Cassidy about how good of a singer he is. Amore runs over his foot with his scooter.

-Commercial Break-

BOeliever time! Bo Dallas makes his way down to the ring. He says that tonight makes his 224 day of his title reign which is the longest ever in NXT history. He thanks all of his Boeliever for everything and they have a banner hung. Adrian Neville interrupts and makes his way down to the ring. Adrian Neville says that he wants a title shot against Bo Dallas for the part of everyone in the locker and to shut up. Triple H comes on the screen and says that he will settle this. He says if Adrian Neville can last 4:45 against Bo Dallas then he will get the title match in February 27th on the WWE Network special.

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Beat The Clock in 4:45: Adrian Neville Vs. Bo Dallas

Bo with several right hands, then throws him to the floor. Neville tries to pull him in, but Bo pulls him out. Back and forth until Bo trips him on the apron where he lands hard. Neville makes the count of ten and Bo covers him for a count of 2. Bo with a suplex for a count of 2. Bo Dallas with a knee drop for another count of 2. Bo with a series of elbows in the corner then a suplex for a count of 2. Bo misses a clothesline and Neville with a series of kicks. Neville makes his comeback and lands a drop kick to the face of the champion. Neville goes for his finisher, but Dallas rolls out of the ring. Neville throws him out of the ring and the clock runs out.

Adrian Neville earned his title shot against Bo Dallas and their match will happen on February 27th

Bo Dallas attacks him, but Adrian Neville lays him out and hits his finisher (twisting dive off the top rope) Adrian Neville stands over him with the title in hand and that is how we end this week’s NXT.

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