WWE NXT (1/30) Results: Contract Signing


[Show: WWE NXT] [Location: Orlando, Florida] [Date: 1/30/14]

Welcome to NXT, we are going to the dark side to kick things off.

The Ascension Vs. 2 Local Guys (Didn’t get a name)

Konnor start things off and throws his opponent in the corner where he lands several kicks. Viktor tagged in and he does the same. He hits a big back body drop followed by working the wrist for a count of 2. Viktor locks in an arm submission, but the local guy fights out. He lands a chin breaker and tags in his partner who runs into a clothesline by Viktor. He throws him into the corner and tags in Konnor who lands a big clothesline. Viktor tagged in and takes out the local guys partner. They hit Fall of Man and that is it.

Winner: The Ascension

Sylvester Lefort is in the backstage office holding interviews for his new clients. Cal Bishop makes an offer and Lefort makes fun of his ears. Lefort tells him to screw off.

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Corey Graves comes out and talks about how Adrian Neville gave him a concussion. He says he will never forgive him for that and he has a message for not only NXT, but WWE… Stay Tuned!

Corey Graves Vs. Camacho

Camacho talks trash before the match, they lock up. Graves with a headlock, but Camacho fights out and clotheslines him. Corey runs to the outside of the ring, but tricks him while getting back into the ring and locks in a leg submission (Lucky 13) for the win.

Winner: Corey Graves

Antonio Cesaro does a backstage promo about Sami Zayn and how he declined Zayn’s challenge to take him on because he has better things to do.

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Bayley vs. Sasha Banks

Bayley goes right after Charlotte on the outside, but Banks attack her from behind. Sasha with a hip toss then in the corner kicks her in her back for a count of 2. “Bayley” chants are in full swing as Sasha continues to beat her down. Bayley fights out of the corner with clotheslines to get her comeback going. A splash in the corner followed by a spinning elbow by Bayley. She comes off the top, but Charlotte gets on the apron which leads Natalya to take her out and creates a huge brawl on the outside. Bayley gets distracted by this and Sasha rolls her up for 2. Bayley hits the Belly-to-Bayley suplex for the win.

Winner: Bayley

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Tyler Breeze vs. Colin Cassidy

Breeze does the chicken heel stick by sliding out of the ring when Cassidy attempts to get the match started. Finally after several times of him looking into his phone, Cassidy takes it and walks around taking picture of himself. Cassidy with a stiff right hand, he lands another one as he targets the nose of Breeze. Cassidy with a clubbing right hand to the back followed by a suplex. He lands a big elbow for a count of 2 for the big man. Cassidy shoots off the ropes with a big boot for a count of 2. Aiden English comes on the big screen singing and is in a room with Enzo Amore that Cassidy knows. When Cassidy turns around Breeze nails him with the beauty shot for the win.

Winner: T Breezy

-Commercial Break-

Colin Cassidy is in the back checking on Enzo Amore and Cassidy says he will get payback on Aiden English.

The Miz vs. CJ Parker

Miz on the attack first, he lands several chops to the chest of Parker in the corner. CJ reverses and lands some of his own followed by a flurry of punches. Parker throws him in the corner, but reverses and nails a clothesline. Miz with right hands in the corner, but Parker lifts him up out of the corner. Miz with a drop kick and Parker goes to the outside. Miz with a baseball slide and then sends him back in the ring. Parker goes for the heel kick, but Miz blocks it and tries to get for the figure four leg lock. That is blocked and Parker hits a double knee to the chest for a count of 2. Parker locks in a headlock, but Miz fights out with elbows. Miz shoots of the ropes with a series of clotheslines followed by a neck breaker for 2. Miz plays to the crowd and kicks him in his thigh. Miz with a leg take down followed by some elbow’s to the leg. Parker kicks him into the corner and hits a high elbow. Parker goes to the top rope, he hits a cross-body, but Miz rolls through. Miz locks in the figure four leg lock for the win.

Winner: Miz

Sami Zayn is in the back saying he will be calling out Antonio Cesaro and if he really means no then do it to his face.

Sylvester Lefort is in the backstage office and Mason Rayne walks in. Mason says if he can beat him next week then he will work for him.

-Commercial Break-

Contract signing time, Adrian Neville comes out. When it’s time for the NXT champion Bo Dallas to come to the ring, he doesn’t. Adrian says he has his match either way, he signs the contract. Finally Bo Dallas comes to the ring, he says he is not scared of him. He says he will sign it, but he is getting tired of him. He says he will show why he is the NXT champion.

Bo Dallas Vs. Danny Burch

They lock up, Bo with a knee to the gut of Burch. Bo with an elbow to the face as he does each move he looks at Adrian Neville. Burch makes a comeback with right hands, but runs right into a high elbow. The fans chant boring as he hits the big DDT for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas

After the match Adrian Neville hands Bo the contract which Bo signs and he says he will see him the 27th. Bo with a stiff right hand that drops Adrian Neville, as Bo is walking up the ramp, Adrian Neville with an outside dive and this leads to a brawl that ends the show.

Thanks for reading along and we will see you next time here on Ewrestling!

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