WWE NXT (1/8) Results: Ascension Vs. Hunico & Camacho


[Show: WWE NXT] [Location: Winter Park, Florida] [Date: 1/8/14]

Welcome to WWE NXT, we kick things off with…

Summer Rae vs. Bayley

Some trash talking to start the match and Rae wants to hug Bayley. Instead Bayley throws her crown down and rolls her up for 2. Rae tries to run and Bayley. Rae throws her in the corner where she bounces her head off the turn buckle. Rae stretch boot the chin in the corner, Bayley does some of her own. Rae with a kick to the ribs then shoots of the ropes with a face stomp for a count of 2. Rae uses the ropes to her advantage, and then a booty bump to the face for 2. Rae locks in an arm across the chest submission, but Bayley fights out. Rae goes for a kick, but block and then Bayley nails a belly to belly suplex for the 3.

Winner: Bayley

Xavier Woods does a backstage interview about hanging out with R-Truth on Raw.

-Commercial Break-

Before the match, Aiden English sings while he makes his way down to the ring.

Colin Cassidy vs. Aiden English

They lock up, Cassidy with knees to the ribs then right hands in the corner. Cassidy with a big clubbing right hand to the back of English for 2 count. Cass throws him into the corner, but misses the splash. English knocks him down from behind and lands elbow drops. English locks in a headlock, Cassidy fights out of it. Cassidy with a back body drop then lands a flying knee to the face of English. He lands a big elbow for 2. English tries to leave the ring, but Cassidy tries to keep him in. Referee break and English with a leg kick then hits the “Directors Cut” for the win.

Winner: Aiden English

Adrian Neville and Tyler Breeze have a backstage segment. Tyler says that the “NXT Universe” should have a beautiful champion. They will have a match next week.

-Commercial Break-

Kane comes out and says that it’s time to punish Woods via from the order of the “Authority”

Xavier Woods vs. Alexander Rusev

Rusev on the attack first with clubbing right hands then a series of elbow drops for a count of 2. Woods fights out of the submission hold and tries to knock the big man down. He lands a drop kick, and then the honor roll. He shoots off the ropes, but tackled by the big man. Rusev finishes it off with the camel clutch.

Winner: Alex Rusev

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Tyson Kidd Vs. Baron Corbin

They lock up, Kidd with a kick, he shoots off the ropes and walks into an elbow for a count of 2 by Corbin. Baron with a right hand, then throws him into the corner and lands right hands to the gut. Corbin with a running shoulder tackle for a count of 2. Corbin locks in a head submission, but Kidd fights out. Corbin slams him down and locks it in again. Once more, Kidd fights out, but catches a knee. Kidd trips him in the corner then lands a kick to the face. Kidd with a series of kicks and then lands an drop kicks for 2. Kidd goes to the top rope where he lands a neck breaker off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

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Tornado Tag Team Match: The Ascension Vs. Hunico and Camacho

They start brawling and all four men in the ring at the same time of course thanks to Tom Philips for insulting my intelligence by telling me what I am seeing. Camacho with a belly to belly suplex on Konnor. The Mexican stars control the action with brawling in the corners of the ring. Konnor lands a suplex on Camacho. A clubbing right hand by Konnor then Victor gets things rolling on his side. Camacho lands a boot the face. Hunico lands a powerbomb on Viktor and Camacho comes off the top with a powerbomb. The Ascension runs to the outside as we go to break.

-Commercial Break-

Camacho and Hunico are in control as they use their bikes to their advantage. Back in the ring, The Ascension lands powerbomb on the both Mexican stars at the same time and cover them for 2. The Ascension controls the action for most of the match until Camacho lands a kick on Konnor and Hunico with a cross-body to both of the big men. Hunco with a spring board moonsult for a count of 2. Camacho has Konnor and lands a Samoan drop as Hunico lands a senton off the top. He covers him, but Viktor interrupts. Camacho goes for an outside dive, but is met by a forearm shot by Victor. Back in the ring, Konnor hits a big inverted suplex on Camacho. Following that, the ascensions hit their finishers for the win.

Winner: The Ascension

Thanks for reading along and we will catch you next time.

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