WWE NXT (10/23) Results: NXT Title Match


[Show: WWE NXT] [Location: Winter Park, FL] [Date: 10/23/14] [Airing live on the WWE Network]

Welcome To WWE NXT, we kick things off with our opening contest.

#1 (Tag Team Match)  The Ascension vs. Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger.

Viktor and Jason Jordan start things off. Viktor with a series of chops to the chest of Jordan. He then nailed a power slam. Konor tagged in, which leads to the opening for Tye getting the hot tag. Konnor nailed a big boot followed by the tag team finisher (Fall of man) to wrap things up.
Winner: The Ascension

After the match, Hideo Itami runs down and attacks The Ascension. However, The Ascension gets the better of him and they hit the fall of man on Itami to cause further damage.

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#2 (Singles Match) Tyler Breeze vs. CJ Parker.

Breeze jumps on CJ early, he sends him to the floor and then back into the ring. CJ with a shoulder block, he mounts Breeze and lands a series of right hands. CJ sends him head first into the turnbuckle, CJ off the top rope with a double axe chop. Mojo Rawley appears on the stage. CJ up to the top rope, Breeze punched him in the stomach. Breeze with a head takeover into a series of right hands. Mojo is now at ringside. Breeze misses a splash and CJ rolled him up for 2. CJ missed a heel kick and off the counter Breeze nailed the Beauty shot for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

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#3 (Tag Team Match) The Vaudevillains vs. Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy.

English and Buddy start things off, English  works the arm of Buddy then tags in Gotch where they double team him which leads to a near fall. Blake in on a blind tag and they hit a double team back elbow for a near fall. Blake with a neck breaker and Buddy with a front senton for a near fall. Buddy with a big boot, but Gotch sends him chest first into the turnbuckle. English  tagged in and works the left shoulder. Blake gets the hot tag and cleans house on English. Blake with a flying forearm and then a kip up, Gotch tagged in and nailed an uppercut followed by English hitting the swinging neck breaker and Gotch pinned him for the win.

Winner: The Vaudevillains

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#4 (Singles Match) Sasha Banks vs.  Bayley.

Bayley with lefts and rights to Banks, this one turns into a brawl. Bayley with a power slam, she nailed a knee drop to the jaw of Banks for a near fall. Bayley with a elbow to the back of Banks for a near fall. Bayley with a back elbow and then an arm drag off the top rope. Banks kicked Bayley face first into the turnbuckle and the slams Bayley’s face into the mat. Banks with a power slam, but Bayley fights back with a series of shoulder blocks. Bayley with a back elbow, off the middle rope she connected with a flying elbow for a near fall. The crowd is behind Bayley, but Banks nailed a back breaker followed by the Crossface submission hold for the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks

After the match, Becky Lynch ran down to the ring to make the save for Bayley. She helped Bayley up to her feet, but turned on Bayley when she attacked her from behind and left the ring with Sasha Banks.

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#5 (Singles Match) Adrian Neville vs. Titus O’Neil for the NXT Championship.

Neville with a quick roll up, but only gets two. Titus powers Neville into the corner, which knocks the breath out of Neville. Titus with right hands to the back of the champion. Titus sends Neville to the floor and that sends us to break.

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We’re back with Titus in control of the champion. Titus with a bear hug. However, Neville fights back when he nailed a series of kicks to the legs of Titus. Neville shoots off the ropes and Titus sent him into the corner, but Neville reversed and nailed a kick to the jaw. Neville misses a springboard move and shoots off the ropes right into a big boot by Titus. Neville with a  big right hand, he nailed a drop kick and then followed it up with the Red Arrow for the win.

Winner and still champion: Neville.

After the match, Sami Zayn makes his way to the stage. Zayn said that while Neville is on a winning streak, he is a on a mission to get his title. Neville said whenever Zayn wants a title shot, just let him know. Zayn said that Neville needs to hold onto it tight, because he will not have it for long. Neville finishes the show by saying that he is “not too worried because we all know that Zayn cannot win the big one”.

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.

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