WWE NXT 2.0 Results (11/16/2021)


Here are the results for WWE NXT 2.0 airing on November 16th, 2021. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: 11/9/2021

#1. Dexter Lumis vs. Tony D’Angelo —¬†Winner: Tony D’Angelo

After the match, Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams beat down Dexter Lumis with a steel chair, and possibly broke his hand.

Johnny Gargano and Pete Dunne get in to a back and forth on the mics with Trick Williams & Carmelo Hayes. It leads to Carmelo wanting a triple threat match for the North American Championship. Trick Williams doesn’t like it, but ‘Melo says he don’t miss.

– LA Knight is a mega star and doesn’t need all the extra stuff. You want to label him 2.0, 1.0? It doesn’t matter. As he’s about to make that turn, Grayson Waller walks in. What does he have to do to him? He doesn’t need the social media trash, he’s a mega star, which Waller will never be.

#2. Diamond Mine, Roderick Strong & The Creed Brothers vs. Kushida, Jiro & Odyssey Jones — Winners: Jones, Kushida & Jiro¬†when Odyssey pinned Roderick Strong

Apparently, Toxic Attraction lost their tag team titles. Grizzled Young Veterans got their belts from those who stole them, and plan on taking them back.

– MSK is still looking for their shaman. They are tipped off to his whereabouts.

#3. Xyon Quinn vs. Andre Chase — Winner: Xyon Quinn

Wilde & Mendoza blindside Quinn after the bell. Santos Escobar returns and wipes him out. Elektra Lopez tells him “no one says no to Elektra Lopez!”, before Legado drive him down on to the steel. Next up is the Poker Showdown with Duke Hudson & Cameron Grimes.

– Raquel Gonzales misses her NXT Women’s title, and now she has to watch Mandy Rose walk around with it. Dakota Kai was jealous of her success, tonight is about revenge. Bring that shovel, because she’s going to bury her with it.

Poker Showdown

No limits Texas Hold’em between Cameron Grimes & Duke Hudson. They explain the rules of the game. Hudson calls everyone a loser, and Grimes his bitch. That’s some big words, but Grimes says he’s nervous. If he remembers correctly, last week, everyone was chanting he got played. Hudson tells him to shut up and get the cards dealt. Cameron Grimes looks like he hasn’t a chance of winning, but he keeps confident.

When it comes to the moment that makes you a star, Cameron says that Hudson falls short when it counts. Right now is a chance to show everyone how big those balls are. Grimes goes all in, despite having an apparent 0% chance of winning. Hudson is worried because he thinks Grimes has a flush again, so he folds. Grimes wins the hand. Hudson demands to see his cards, and he had nothing, so he got played again. He’s a sore loser and attacks Grimes, powerbombing him through the poker table. Hudson gets the scissors and starts cutting off Grimes’ hair.

– Backstage, Kyle O’Reilly tells Von Wagner he saw him as Adam Pearce’s bodyguard on SmackDown. But enough of that, it’s Tuesday night, so it’s time to settle some business.

#4. Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner vs. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen — Winners: Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner

– Lash Legend time! She addresses Kay Lee Ray. She gotta’ realize it’s only one of you and three of Toxic Attraction. Grayson Waller invites himself on to the show. He says LA Knight thinks he didn’t pay his dues to become a NXT superstar. All he had to do was survive a reality show and put out a video, and WWE contacted him. This business isn’t about wins and losses anymore, or how many stars you get for your matches. The dream is over, it’s all about the social media following. The game has changed, and it’s his now. Whoa! There will be many fans disliking those comments.

Persia Pirotta has to wrestle a handicap match because Indi Hartwell is taking care of her husband Dexter Lumis.

#5. Persia Pirotta vs. Gabby Stephens & Jenna Levy — Winner: Persia Pirotta

– Dakota Kai is imagining what it would be like to hit Raquel Gonzalez with the shovel again. Mandy Rose & Toxic Attraction would love to see that happen, and Kai says they will owe her twice after she puts Raquel away. After she’s gone, Grizzled Young Veterans hand the women’s tag titles back to Toxic Attraction, but they aren’t grateful for the help.

Tommaso Ciampa is on his way to the ring to address something. Meanwhile, Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro introduce themselves as the “Life Of The Party”, and want to bring the party to everyone. Here comes the NXT Champion.

Let’s be real Carmelo Hayes, he’s not the “A” champ and won’t dare to address the real champ. Then, there’s little bitch ass Grayson Waller. Talking down about guys from his generation, like somehow earning your dues is something he is above. Then there’s Tony… oh, here comes Bron Breakker. He says that Ciampa can’t stand that there’s a new crop of talent coming through. The only thing he should be worried about is him, because he will run through him and take the NXT Championship.

Ciampa compliments him by saying that was powerful. Some place, there’s a guy in a truck who could pull up the end of Halloween Havoc. It seems Breakker needs a reminder, so please pull up the end of Halloween Havoc for him. Yes, Ciampa retained his NXT title against Breakker, that was 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring. Now, Ciampa knows he hasn’t got a major in Mathematics, yet he references Scott Steiner’s infamous TNA promo to say how little chance he has of beating him. He calls Breakker a puppy and walks off.

#6. Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Gonzalez — Winner: No Contest

Toxic Attraction interferes. Cora Jade comes down to help out, but Toxic Attraction have the numbers game. Zoey Stark enters but is injured, so Io Shirai is here to use one of her crutches as an equalizer. The fans start chanting “Wargames”. Io Shirai confirms it by telling Toxic Attraction they will meet in Wargames, thus ending a hectic episode of NXT 2.0.

–WWE NXT 2.0 (11/16/2021)–

WWE NXT (11/16/2021)

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