WWE NXT (3/6) Results: Zayn Vs. Graves


[Show: WWE NXT] [Location: Orlando, Florida] [Date: 3/6/14]


Welcome to the first edition of NXT after NXT arrival and we get footage of last week’s NXT matches. We kick things off with…

Adrian Neville vs. Camacho

Adrian offers his hand for hand shake, but Camacho kicks him in the gut. Camacho send shim into the corner, but Adrian flips out and hits a cross body. An arm take down by the champion and locks in an arm submission. Neville works the arm, but Camacho punches him in the face. Camacho with slaps to the chest as Neville lies in the corner. Camacho hits a running power slam for a near fall. Adrian fights back with right hands then hits a forearm shot. Neville hits a drop kick to the face then comes off the top rope with a missile drop kick. He finishes it off with the “red arrow” and that’s it.

Winner: Adrian Neville

After the match Adrian Neville does a in ring promo about how he felt winning the NXT title last week. He says that this is what he loves and last week was something else. That night was the most amazing night of his life, however the most important thing about last week was the validation that anything is possible. He says he is not the biggest guy and calls himself an elf, he says that he is from a small town and he talks funny. But at the end of the day is that no one can question what he does in the ring. He says he is the very best in this ring! He says that there is no more Bo Dallas and a no more Bo chant starts up from the fans. However, Bo Dallas comes out and heads to the ring. Bo says that he has been thinking about their match and he has one thing to say. “Congrats, you defeated him, but you did not pin me” he says that he needs to enjoy this moment and will be getting his rematch soon. He will bring back the title to all of his Bolievers.

EMMA does a interview from last week with Renee Young and says that she got beat by Paige. She says that she got respect from her and one day she will be a champion in the WWE. Ric flair comes up behind her to propose, OKNO he says that in the future her will be facing Charlotte next week. Charlotte says if she needs anything then let her know then makes fun over her. They laugh as EMMA walks off.

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Emma vs. Charlotte

EMMA does some dancing then they lock up. Charlotte backs her into the corner then EMMA rolls out. Once again another lock up, Charlotte grabs the left arm and works it over. EMMA reverses and does the same. They go back and forth then EMMA takes her down and locks in a wrist lock. EMMa rolls her up for 1 count hen Charlotte hits a knee to the gut. She sends her into the corner, but EMMA kicks her in the face. She rolls her up again for a count of 2. Charlotte lands on her ankle and sells it as the referee checks on her. Sasha Banks gets on the apron and wants to know what’s going on. Out of nowhere Charlotte hits a face first DDT for the win.

Winner: Charlotte

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Before the match, Corey Graves says that they call him Graves and says if he should not have to introduce himself due to him not being on the WWE Network. He makes fun of Yoshi Tatsu and then shifts his focus on Sami Zayn. He says that he is tired of hearing about Sami Zayn and all the chances he is getting. He says all he needs is one shot and then he would beat Cesaro. Instead he has to face Yoshi Tatsu who has not even a true WWE superstar.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Corey Graves

Graves rolls out of the ring as soon as the match starts and then says forget this. Yoshi runs out of the ring, but Graves clotheslines him then sends him into the steel steps leading to the win.

Winner via count out: Corey Graves

After the match, Graves grabs Yoshi Tatsu and attacks him. He beats down the wannabe WWE superstar until Sami Zayn makes the save. Sami says that he did not know they had a problem and all he had to do was ask. He says that he will face him tonight!

We are invited into the Adam Rose party then they interview him. He says that Adam Rose is coming and his match is next.

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Adam Rose vs. Wesley Blake

That was awesome chants come from the fans and here we go. They lock up and Blake with a wrist lock. Rose does some rolls around the ring and does some dancing in the corner. Rose with a right hand to the ribs then tries to kick him, but misses. He drop kicks him then a shoulder block for a near fall. An arm take down then locks in a arm lock, Blake drives him into the corner and lands a right hand. Rose takes him down and lands a series of elbow shots. Rose with a big spine buster to a no reaction crowd, he then hits a big clothesline to wrap things up.

Winner: Adam Rose

Rose dances around the ring then up to the stage.

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Corey Graves vs. Sami Zayn

Graves with a kick then an elbow to start the match off. He backs him into the corner where he lands chops. Zayn fights out and lands a few of his own. However Graves backs him into the corner then shoots him into the ropes where he hits a elbow shot to the face. Graves with a chop to the chest, but Zayn fights back with right hands. Graves locks in a head lock and wrenches on it. Graves takes him down while still in possession of the head lock. Zayn fights out , but Graves hits a shoulder blocked. Zayn with an arm drag that send shim rolling to the floor. Zayn hits an outside dive, but Graves runs away and leading us to break.

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Were back and Zayn hits a back body drop to Graves. Zayn runs into the corner, but Graves hits a back breaker for a near fall. Graves runs into an elbow by Zayn and then Zayn hits a cross body off the top rope for a near fall. Zayn runs into the corner and right into a right hand by Graves. Corey goes for lucky 13, but blocked and Zayn hits a spinning powerbomb for a near fall. Graves takes out the injured knee of zany, but Zayn rolls him up for 2. They both stand up and Graves lifts him up in a firemen’s carry, but Zayn rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.

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