WWE NXT (4/10) Results: Dallas Vs. Gabriel


Welcome to WWE NXT, We are shown a in memory of the Ultimate Warrior graphic.

We kick
things off with our opening contest.


Adam Rose vs. Danny Burch.

That was
awesome chants from the crowd before the match started. Burch with a kick to the gut of Rose and then right hands to the jaw of
Rose. Adam nails a drop kick followed by a shoulder block for a near fall. Rose
with an arm drag followed by wrist lock, Burch fights out with a knee to the
gut of Rose. Adam with stiff left jabs, then a chop the chest of Burch. Rose
with a splash in the corner followed by a bronco buster. Rose hits a big spine
buster followed by an elbow drop off the top rope for the win.

in Adam Rose 2:45

We get an
update on the condition of Sami Zayn by the referee who called the match. He
explained why he stopped the match, but would not say anything else on the
matter. Corey Graves is interviewed and he says that they are just getting
started and to rest up.


Sasha Banks vs.

They lock up, Banks with a quick takedown and locks in a
headlock. Bayley fights out and runs into a shoulder block by Banks. Sasha with
right hands to the back of the head of Bayley. Banks throws her to the mat face
first for a near fall. Banks with a hair toss on Bayley then stomps the back of
Bayley. Banks with a quick pin cover and then locks in a reverse Chin lock.
Banks goes for a suplex, but blocked. Bayley with a clothesline and then
another one.She fires up and hits a splash in the corner. Bayley goes to the
top rope; she hits a spinning elbow, then runs at Banks, who puts a big boot
up. Bayley with a quick counter and hits the Belly to Bayley for the win.

Bayley in 3:16


Mojo Rawley vs. Sylvester Lefort

Rawley hits a few splashes then hits the Hyper drive for the

Rawley in 44 seconds

Clay comes down to the ring and attacks Sylvester
Lefort. Clay hits a powerbomb followed by a splash off the top rope on Lefort.
He grabs a microphone and says that he saw Triple H and John Cena talk about
Adrian Neville. He calls out Adrian Neville and says that Neville is a coward.
He is the main event player and deserves better than this. The champion comes
out and says if he is the main event player then stop complaining. He says that
Clay has had opportunities, but he wasted them. He insults Clay and they square
off. Clay backs down however, and walks to the back.

Oliver Grey was about to do an interview, but Camacho, who wearing
suit interrupts and does a promo about he and Adam Rose are completely
different. He says that he sacrificed everything to get here. Grey challenges
him to a match for next week.


30 Axxess footage is shown.

Bo Dallas
makes his way out to the ring and has a special announcement. He says the
voices of the Bo-liever cannot be silenced. He says that Daniel Bryan took over
Raw and now is WWE champion. He says that he actually deserves a shot. He says
that he asks his fans to occupy NXT. The fans chant NO! He says he gave us
cookies and he was the best NXT champion ever. He says this stinks and starts
yelling at fans.


We are
back and Bo Dallas is upset that his fans turned on him. They chant no more BO.
The NXT General Manager comes out to make a rare appearance. He says this is
the worst attempt to take over a show he has ever seen. He says he has man to
face him right now.

Bo Dallas vs. Justin Gabriel

Gabriel with a series of roll ups and Bo slides to the floor
after the second roll up attempt. He regroups on the floor the fans start a
chant of WE WANT COOKIES. Back in the ring, Bo lands a stiff right hand, and
then locks in a side headlock. Gabriel fights out and once again Bo slides out
of the ring to regroup. Bo gets back in the ring and Bo sends Gabriel to the
floor. He sends Gabriel head first into the apron of the ring and back into the
ring. Bo hits a knee drop to the face of Gabriel. He chokes him by using the
ropes and then hits a snapping suplex for a near fall. Bo locks in a side
headlock, but Gabriel fights out. Bo cuts him off with a clothesline and covers
him for a near fall. Another side headlock by Bo and once again Gabriel fights
out. Bo sends Gabriel hard into the corner, Bo with a big clothesline on
Gabriel. Justin makes his comeback with a series of roundhouse kicks. Gabriel
with a spinning kick to the face, then an elbow to the face. Gabriel with a
running forearm shot followed by a springboard Cross body for a near fall.
Gabriel with a series of chops, but Bo fights back with right hands. Bo hits a neck
breaker for a near fall. Gabriel fights back, but misses a springboard dive. Bo
hits the big double arm DDT for the win.

Bo Dallas in 10:17

Bo Dallas
stands tall in the ring to end this edition of NXT, thanks for reading along.
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show and more. See you next time.

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