WWE NXT (4/17) Results: Neville Vs. Clay


[Show: WWE NXT] [Location: Orlando, FL] [Date: 4/17/14]

Welcome to WWE NXT, English does some wonderful singing before this
match gets started.


Colin Cassady Vs. Aiden English

They lock up, English with a kick to the gut and right hands
by English. Big Cass throws him into the corner and hits a clothesline. Cassady
with a knee to the gut of English. Cassady with a running knee to the face of
English. Cassady shoots off the ropes and hits a big boot for a near fall.
English rolls to the apron, he kicks the knee of Cassady and the a knee to the
face. English with clubbing right hands to the back of the big man. English
beats down the big guy with kicks to the head and knee of Cassady. Colin
Cassady fights back with a back body drop and then a goes for a power slam, but
blocked. English goes for the director’s cut, but locked. English goes for
another power slam, but reversed into a roll up by English for the win.

Winner: Aiden English at 4:10.

Tyler Breeze is in the back with Devin Taylor. He says that
he does not have anything to say, but instead this show needed someone who is
pretty and walks off.


Hype video is shown for Paige and how she won the Divas title
from AJ Lee.

Tom Phillips interviewed Paige, she says that her winning the
divas title is still unreal. Paige says when she came back everyone was happy
for her, but they are wearing microphones and Sasha Banks was talking trash
about her. She says that AJ Lee got complacent, and that’s the reason she lost.
She says that she can beat anyone on the NXT and WWE roster.

Camacho Vs.  Oliver Grey

They lock up; Camacho catches him with a elbow to the face.
Grey with a takedown followed by a drop kick. Camacho with a knee shot to the
gut, then an elbow to the face. Camacho puts the boots to him in the corner.
Camacho with a power slam for a near fall. Grey with a series of right hands,
but does not hurt Camacho and Camacho hits a Samoan drop for the win.

Winner: Camacho in 2 minutes.

Bo Dallas in the back, he says his BOlievers are law abiding
citizens so that’s the reason they did not take over NXT. He says that this is
the star of the BO-movement.


Konnor and Viktor Vs.  Wesley Blake and Cal Bishop

Blake and Konnor start things off, Konnor with a series of
shoulder blocks on Blake that sends him to the floor. Viktor with a chop to the
chest of Blake and then several uppercuts. Viktor sends him into the ring and
then tags in Konnor. He kicks him in the gut three times and the fans want
another which he gives them. Viktor tagged in, hits a big clothesline and then
calls for the end. He knocks off Bishop and they hit the fall of man for the

Winners: Konnor and Viktor at 2:18

Sasha Banks and Charlotte are in the back, they are
interviewed by Devin Taylor. Charlotte says that Banks losing is an epic
failure and she is going to take down every Divas on the roster.


CJ Parker is in the middle of the ring, he says he wonders
sometimes what the world would be like without the NXT Universe. He adds that
if there was no NXT universe, he would be proud. Everything that would be green,
from cars, to animals and how the world works. He is interrupted by his
opponent. Oh boy!

CJ Parker Vs. Great Khali

Parker with a chop the chest of Khali, but Khali chopped in
the head. Khali with a big chop to the chest of Parker. The fans want it one
more time and he does it one more time. Khali clotheslines Parker to the floor.
Parker pulls down the big guy by taking him down. Parker is thrown back by the
big guy, but Parker nails a drop kick. He dives off the top rope, but Khali
chops the chest of the big guy. Khali with a big boot, clothesline and then
finishes it off with his finisher for the win.

Winner: Great Khali in 2:28.

Emma is in the back, she says that she accepts Sasha Banks
and Charlotte’s challenge. When asked if she found a partner, she she has not
or has she?

Sami Zayn is in the back, he was asked if he agrees with the
referee’s stoppage in his match against Corey Graves. He says he is fine and
there is nothing he can do with the referee stopping the match. He is looking
forward to next week. He says that he does not like Corey Graves and he is
going to put him in his place.

Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger Vs. Sawyer Fulton and Baron

After going back and forth, Corbin hits Tye with a huge
clothesline for a near fall. Corbin with right hands to Tye and then tags in
Fulton. Sawyer with a series of splashes on Tye for a near fall. Fulton drives
Tye into their corner and tags in Corbin. He hits a big suplex for a near fall.
Corbin locks in a chin lock, Tye fights out. Tye is cut off as Corbin hits
another power slam. He misses an elbow drop and tags in Fulton. Tye tags in
Jordan who clears house. Jordan hits a dropkick on Corbin. Jordan hits a spear
and then they hit their finishers for the win.

Winners: Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan at 4:28

Brodus Clay Vs. Adrian Neville in a Non-Title Match

Neville goes right after Clay, he kicks the legs of Clay.
Neville jumps on the back of Clay, but is thrown off. Clay with a series of
right hands, he runs into a big boot by Neville. Neville flies off the top rope,
but is caught by clay who nails a fall away slam for a near fall. Clay locks in
a shoulder submission, but Neville fights out. Clay cuts him off with right
hands, Clay hits a sit down splash for a near fall. Clay goes for the
powerbomb, but Neville rolls away. Clay with a series of right hands, he locks
in the shoulder submission once more. Neville fights out again as the crowd
gets behind him. Clay goes for the powerbomb, but Neville fights out with a
drop kick. Clay sends Neville to the apron, but Neville licks him in the face.
Neville with a springboard forearm shot. Neville goes for the red arrow, but
Clay moves. Clay with a running head butt that sends Neville to the floor. Clay
hits a big power slam on the floor. Clay stands on the top of the steps, but
misses the splash. Neville rolls in the ring and gets the win via count out.

Winner by count out: Adrian Neville at 6:21.

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