WWE NXT (4/3) Results: Zayn Vs. Graves


Welcome to WWE NXT, We kick things off with our opening contest.

vs. Sasha Banks


trips her up and then locks in a side headlock. Emma with a shoulder block and
then locks in a wrist lock. Banks fights out of it and hits a power slam, but
blocked and Emma connects with one of her own. Banks rolls to the corner and
sends Emma face first into the turnbuckle. Banks with kicks to the shoulder of
Emma, she sends her to the mat by throwing her down by the hair. Emma sends her
into the corner; she bounces Emma’s head off of the turnbuckle. Banks with a
power slam and taunts the crowd while she is beating down EMMA. She misses a
leg drop; Emma locks in the dilemma on the ropes and breaks the hold at a count
of 4. Emma hits the Emma sandwich and covers her for a near fall. Charlotte
gets on the apron and distracts Emma, This leads Banks to accidentally pushes
Emma into Charlotte, but Emma ducks out of the way sending Banks into
Charlotte. Emma locks in the Emma lock for the win.

Emma in 3:50

We are
told that Mojo Rawley will be in action next week and then shown a hype video
package for him.

Sami Zayn
and Corey Graves is set for our main event.


Ascension vs. Two local wrestlers

and Jack Hurley start things off, Viktor with a kick to the gut of Hurley to
start things off. He sends Jack into his tag team partner who flies off the
apron. Viktor brings the tag team partner into the ring and hits a running
shoulder block. He tags in Konnor who hits a big power slam into the ropes. He
hits another one and the crowd chants one more time. He does what the fans want
and hits a third power slam into the ropes. He kicks Jack off the apron and then
hits a running splash onto this poor guy. They finish it off with the Fall of
Man for the win.  

The Ascension


Woods vs. Brodus Clay

hits a dropkick right off the bat; he lands a series of leg kicks taking down
the big guy. Clay with a head butt followed by a T-Bone suplex onto Woods. He
lands a series of right hands to the face of Woods. He hits nails a sit down
splash for a near fall. He throws him into the corner and hits a splash. He
follows it up with a suplex for a near fall. He locks in a shoulder submission,
but Woods fights out. Woods hits a big boot followed by an enziguri to knock
the big man off his feet. He hits a shining wizard for a near fall. Woods with
right hands to the big man, but the Big man just pushes him off
repeatedly. Clay hits a head butt followed by a power bomb. He goes to the top
rope, he hits a splash and that’s all she wrote.

Clay in 3:12

Clay says
that WWE took everything away from him. He says that he has no respect in the
locker room anymore, but now he is going to take everything back. He challenges
Adrian Neville by saying that he is going to take the NXT title away from him.

Adrian Neville
does a backstage interview about Brodus Clay challenging him. He says that NXT
has changed since Clay was in NXT. He says that he is just as good as anyone on
Raw or Smackdown. He says just because he is a monster, but he has to earn
opportunity to fight him.


Tatsu vs. Tyler Breeze

They lock
up, Tatus with a headlock, but Breeze fights out. He lands a stiff right hand
followed by stomping a bud hole in the Japanese star. He hits a big boot
followed by a snap mare then a kick to the back of Tatus for a near fall.
Breeze locks in a headlock, but Tatus fights out. He shoots off the ropes, but
runs right into a right hand by Breeze. Tyler hits the “beauty shot” for the

Tyler Breeze in in 1:46

Sami Zayn
is in the back and he does a quick interview about his match tonight. He says
he is fine and ready for his match tonight.

We see
Corey Graves in the back; he says that Zayn is the underdog in the match
tonight. However He is the wolf and tonight’s match will not be pretty when the
wolf comes out to play.


video is shown about Page and how she is a dominate NXT women’s champion.

Page does
a backstage interview about if Charlotte wants to face her then fine, but stop
hiding behind her daddy (Ric Flair) and face her like a real competitor.

Zayn vs. Corey Graves

Our main
event is here, Zayn wants to get his hands on Graves, but Corey takes his time.
Graves slides in and out of the ring just as Zayn gets near him. Finally, after
this happens a few times, Zayn chases after him and a brawl breaks out. He
sends him back into the ring where he lands a chop to the chest. He sends him
into the ropes and hits a big back body drop followed by a clothesline sending
Graves to the floor. Zayn hits a dive taking out Graves on the outside of the
ring. Back in the ring, Graves nails a knee to the face of Zayn. Graves with a
big boot to the face of Zayn.


back and Graves hits a snap suplex for a near fall. He locks in a side
headlock. He lets it go and he connects with a flurry of punches on Zayn. Sami
Zayn is looking weak as Graves continues to target the head of Zayn. Graves
locks in a headlock of Zayn, but Zayn fights out. He nails a jawbreaker and
regroups. Graves hits a big boot to the face of Zayn. Graves hits a knee drop
to the face of Zayn. Graves locks in another headlock, but Zayn fights out. He
rolls him up for a near fall. Zayn with a series of clotheslines, but Graves
hits a face first power slam for a near fall. Graves hits a backbreaker for a
near fall. Graves misses a clothesline and Zayn hits a T-Bone suplex into the
corner. He covers him for a near fall. Zayn goes for the blue thunder bomb and
nails it. He covers him for only a near fall. The announcers play up that Zayn
is out of it. Zayn goes for a big boot, but blocked. Graves hits a head butt on
Zayn. Graves runs into an elbow and Zayn goes to the top rope, he is weak and
almost falling off the top rope. He connects with a big right hand, he talks to
the referee and Graves catches him with a right hand. Graves locks in lucky 13.
The referee ends the match due to Zayn’s condition. Just for the record Zayn
did not tap.  

Graves in 14:57

Sami Zayn argues with the referee and a doctor that he was OK while wrestling to end this edition of NXT , thanks for reading along. You can follow me on Twitter so we can interact about the
show and more. See you next time.

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