WWE NXT (6/12) Results: Tyson Kidd vs. Adrian Neville


[Show: WWE NXT] [Location: Winter Park, FL] [Date: 6/12/14] [Airing live on the WWE Network]

Welcome back to NXT, we are shown highlights from Tyson Kidd losing to Adrian Neville at NXT Takeover. Also setting up our main event for tonight.

Paige, Emma, and Bayley vs. Charlotte, Summer Rae, and Sasha Banks

Charlotte and Emma start things, they lock up, Charlotte misses a splash in the corner, Emma rolls her up for 2. Charlotte with a big time uppercut, Emma with a big time slap. Charlotte connects with a knee to the gut and tags in Banks. She lands some kicks and then tags in Charlotte, Emma throws her into the corner, but sent to the apron. Emma with a big forearm shot, but Banks takes Emma off the apron. We go to break.

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We’re back with Charlotte having Emma in a figure four head lock, yes a headlock. Emma fights out, she tries to get a tag into her partners, but Charlotte pulls her back and locks in the same submission hold. She breaks it and covers her for a near fall. Charlotte pulls Emma by her hair and then tags in Banks. Some tension is shown by the BFF’s. Banks goes for a suplex, but Emma reverses and rolls her up for a near fall. Banks knocks her down and tags in Rae. Quick in and out tags by the BFF’s. Emma fights out and tags in Bayley. She hits a spear on Charlotte, then a back elbow. Bayley with a fallaway slam for a near fall. Paige comes in, but is sent out. Brayley misses a clothesline and Charlotte rolls her up for a near fall. Charlotte kicks Rae out of the ring and that leads to Bayley rolling her up for the win.

Winners: Paige, Emma, and Bayley in 7:45

We see Mr. NXT and JBL are talking in the back about making a big impression tonight.

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Colin Cassady Vs. Sylvester Lefort

Cassady throws him into the corner and then a big hip toss. He nails another, Lefort with a kick to the leg of the big guy. He lands right hands, trying to keep the big guy down. Cassady makes his comeback, he connects with the big boot followed by the east river crossing for the win.

Winner: Colin Cassady at 2:20

Tyson Kidd and Natalya are shown talking in the back, she wants to be out there, but he wants to know that he has his focus on being the champion.

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Sami Zayn vs. Mr. NXT

Mr. NXT locks up with Zayn, he gets a side headlock and then a shoulder block. “You Can’t Fool Us” chant breaks out in the crowd. They go back to wrestling 101, Zayn with a series of arm drags and then mocks Bo Dallas. Mr. NXT with a knee to the gut and then right hands. He connects with a series of elbow shots to the face, he misses a clothesline and shoots off the ropes where he hits one. Mr. NXT goes for the Bodog, but blocked. Zayn goes to the top rope where he rips off the mask of Mr. NXT and it’s Bo Dallas. Zayn nails a big boot for the win.

Winner: Zayn in 4:00

Security literally drags Dallas out of the arena, awesome stuff!

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Tyson Kidd vs. Adrian Neville (c) for the NXT Championship

They lock up with the crowd chanting “Yoshi Tatsu.”  Kidd works the arm of Neville, but Neville sends Kidd out of the ring and connects with an outside dive taking out Kidd. Back in the ring we go, Neville covers him for a near fall and then we go to break.

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We’re back, Kidd lands a back elbow and then a kick to the back of Neville. He locks in a headlock, but Neville fights out. Neville lands a bridge suplex for a near fall. Kidd with a back kick to the gut, but when he shoots off the ropes, he runs into a big kick by Neville. Then Neville hits a standing moonsault for the near fall. Neville is sent to the apron, and Kidd lands a kick to the face of Neville. Kidd shoots off the ropes where he hits a dropkick, he then goes to the top rope where he hits a front flip leg drop for the win! Wait, Neville’s foot was on the bottom rope and called off. Kidd can’t believe it, Natalya tries to talk to him. Kidd is upset. Kidd hangs him upside down and puts the knees to the face of Neville. He locks in the sharpshooter, can Neville get the ropes? Yes he can! Neville goes to the top rope, but is knocked down by Kidd. Then Kidd goes to the top rope where he his own overcastle for a near fall. He nails a springboard elbow drop for a near fall. Kidd grabs a chair, Natalya grabs it from him and says no. Kidd is mad and turns around right into a superkick. Neville hits the red arrow for the win.

Winner and still champ: Adrian Neville at 13:30

Neville stands tall in the ring to celebrate as we go off the air.

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