WWE NXT (7/25) Results: Neville Vs. Rusev


[Show: WWE NXT] [Location: Winter Park, FL] [Date: 7/24/14] [Airing live on the WWE Network]

Welcome To WWE NXT, we get a hype video of how Charlotte won the NXT title and the background story about her title match tonight against summer Rae.

Opening Match: The Ascension Vs. Two local guys. 

Viktor starts this one off, they lock up and Viktor lets this poor guy try an arm wrench. Viktor with a backdrop, he toys with him. Viktor sends him to the corner and he accidently tags his partner. They corner the guy, with Konnor being chopped in the chest. Konnor lands a shoulder block, he lands some kicks in the corner with the crowd into the whole thing. The Ascension finishes it off with the fall of man!

Winner:  The Ascension

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Tyler Breeze Vs. Mojo Rawley. 

Not much to it, out of nowhere Breeze hits the beauty shot for the win. Wow. Talk about a squash!

Winner: Breeze

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NXT Women’s Title Match: Charlotte © Vs. Summer Rae. 

They talk trash, do some pushing and Charlotte lands a big time slap. Charlotte mocks the dancing and Rae takes her down leading to a cat fight. They both go for a hair takedown, Charlotte sends Rae into the corner where she connects with a series of kicks. Rae fights out of the corner and Charlotte lands a hair pull. Charlotte connects with a series of knees to the back of Rae and this leads to Charlotte locking in a figure four headlock. Charlotte rams Rae face first into the mat.

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We’re back and Rae sends Charlotte to the floor. Rae follows, she sends her back into the ring where she get’s a pin cover of 2. Rae beats down Charlotte in the corner. Rae controls the next few minutes of action. Rae rolls up Charlotte for 2. A wave is started by the crowd as Rae controls his one. Charlotte hits a clothesline to change the match up. Rae locks in a guillotine leading into a rollup for 1. Rae lands a heel kick for 2. Charlotte with a knee to the gut, a chop and a clothesline for 2. Charlotte connects with, bow down to the queen for the win.

Winner & Still Champ: Charlotte

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Kalisto and Sin Cara Vs. The Vaudevillians. 

Kalisto and English start this one off, Kalisto goes for a headlock takeover and finally get’s it off a springboard. Kalisto with a arm drag leading to a tag to Sin Cara. They hit a double team move leading to a near fall. Cara hits a springboard clothesline. He goes for another one, but English knocks him down with a counter for 2. Gotch tagged in, they got back and forth, very sloppy. Gotch lands an uppercut, English tagged in and he hits a neck breaker. Things break down, Kalisto and Gotch are tagged in, Kalisto hits a big time heel kick. Cara takes out English with an outside dive. Kalisto hits a springboard neck breaker for the win.

Winner: Kalisto and Sin Cara

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Lana cuts a promo prior to the match about how great Russia is, and of course Vladimir the Russian president.

Adrian Neville Vs. Rusev. 

Neville runs at Rusev, but Rusev catches him and connects with a series of knees to the gut of Neville. Rusev with a fallaway slam. Rusev puts the feet (boots) to Neville. Rusev beats down Neville in the corner. Rusev runs into a big boot, Neville fires back with a series of kicks. He takes the knees out and connects with a series of kicks. Rusev blocks one and lifts Neville up where he slams him down (botch) Neville reverses an Irish whip and hits a missile dropkick. Tyler Breeze grabs Neville by the hair and Rusev connects with a shoulder tackle. Neville counters a power slam and hits a kick to the face of Rusev. Neville connects with the Red Arrow, but before he can, Breeze knocks Neville down.

Winner: Neville

Rusev hits a big boot to Neville and locks in the accolade. Rusev stands over Neville with Breeze looking on from ringside  to end the show. Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.

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