WWE NXT (7/3) Results: Zayn Vs. Gabriel


[Show: WWE NXT] [Location: Winter Park, FL] [Date: 6/19/14] [Airing live on the WWE Network]

Welcome to NXT coverage, we kick things off with our opening contest.

Prior to the match, Cassady says that Lefort is going to get dissed and disfigured!

Colin Cassady Vs. Sylvester Lefort.

They trade right hands, Cassady counters a toss and hits a big power slam. Cassady SAWFT! And then the big elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Cassady in 43 seconds.

Adrian Neville does a backstage promo about RVD, but Tyler Breeze interrupts and says he knows that Neville is wondering when he will be cashing in and taking his NXT title. Neville says that he is confident and so confident that he would face him tonight. Breeze turns it down due to a finger injury.

-Commercial Break-

A bull Dempsey vignette is shown.

The lovely ladies are up next. Bayley cuts a promo prior to the match and says  that she has her own BFF and that’s Becky Lynch! Cheesy.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte  Vs.  Becky Lynch and Bayley.

Bayley and Banks start things off, they lock up, Bayley with an arm drag. Banks fires back with a right hand, but Bayley hits an armdrag once more. Lynch tagged in and hits an arm drag. Banks drag her into their corner and tags in Charlotte. Lynch counters and connects with an arm drag. She works the left arm of Charlotte and tags in Bayley. They hit a double suplex on Charlotte and Banks comes in, but get’s clothesline for her troubles.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back, Bayley goes after Banks, but Charlotte knocks her down from behind. Back in the ring, the BFFS control the action for the next few minutes until Bayley gets the hot tag to Lynch who clears house. Things break down, Charlotte gets the tag who drop kicks the knee of Lynch. Charlotte hits bow down to the queen for the win.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Charlotte in 8 minutes.

Justin Gabriel does a promo backstage about Sami Zayn. However, Tyson Kidd interrupts and calls him a loser. Kidd points out that he needs to push everyone down. Gabriel says he does not have to do that and all he has to do is beat Sami Zayn tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Sasha Banks and Charlotte are in the back, Charlotte tells Banks that they can still be friends, but she does not want to tag with her anymore. They argue and Banks points out that Summer Rae is going to take her title.

CJ Parker Vs. Steve Culter.

Parker  drives Culter into the corner and hits some shoulder blocks. He beats him down in the corner and then hits a crescent kick for the win.

Winner: Parker in a complete squash match.

After the match, Parker says that Xavier Woods is the most educated man in the WWE, but is a complete joke since leaving NXT. He says that if he had the opportunity that Woods had, he would win titles and change the world along the ways. He says he is coming for him!

Renee Young does a sit down interview with Tyson Kidd. He blames Natala that he lost against Adrian Neville for the NXT title. He also says when he grabbed the steel chair to hit Neville in their second match all he saw was red. He said Natalya was helping him all the way. The reason he walked out on Sami Zayn was because his wife booked him in the tag title match and he was just not into it.

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Main Event: Sami Zayn  Vs. Justin Gabriel

A slow start to this one, Zayn with a series of arm drags. Zayn misses a dropkick and Gabriel hits a big time clothesline. Tyson Kidd on the outside of the ring, hyping up Gabriel. Gabriel  puts the knuckles to Zayn as we go to break.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back, Gabriel is landing some big rights, Zayn fights back with his own. Gabriel cuts him off and hits a big back kick for a 2 count. Gabriel with a big suplex. Gabriel locks in a side headlock, but Zayn fights out. Zayn get’s his second wind, he hits a dropkick and then the blue thunder bomb for a near fall! Zayn hits a belly to belly suplex in the corner for a 2 count. Zayn hulks up, he misses a big boot and Gabriel hits the thrust kick for a near fall. Gabriel with a waist lock, Zayn misses a wild elbow and Gabriel hits a sick neck breaker. Gabriel hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Gabriel becomes frustrated, Gabriel with side slam and he heads to the top rope, but Zayn knocks him down. They trade right hands, Gabriel knocks Zayn off the top rope and misses a dive. Zayn hits a face first move that leads into the Koji clutch for the win.  

Winner: Zayn in 12:10.

After the match, Tyson Kidd beat down Zayn until Adrian Neville came out to make the save. The four men stare down to end the show.

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.

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