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WWE NXT April 15, 2020 Full Results & Report


NXT soldiers on through crisis!

Matt Riddle is without his bro, but he must still defend the NXT Tag Team Championships! Who joins him against The Undisputed Era?


  • Finn Balor VS Fabian Aichner w/ Marcel Barthel; Balor wins.
  • Aliyah VS Xia Li; Li wins.
  • Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, Group B: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Akira Tozawa; Tozawa wins.
  • Tegan Nox VS Raquel Gonzalez w/ Dakota Kai; Nox wins.
  • Dexter Lumis VS Tehuti Miles; Lumis wins.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: Matt Riddle & ??? VS The Undisputed Era; Matt Riddle & Timothy Thatcher win, The Broserweights retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.


Finn Balor VS Fabian Aichner w/ Marcel Barthel!

Just last week, the Prince told the Ring General that it is only a matter of time before he takes the NXT UK Championship. Balor’s war against Imperium continues here tonight, but can he eliminate the Italian tank from the board?

The bell rings and Aichner circles with Balor. They tie up and Balor waistlocks. Balor shifts to a headlock then a takeover. Aichner rolls to a cover, ONE, and Balor squeezes tighter. Aichner fights his way up and pries free to arm-drag Balor down. He drops knees on Balor’s arm but Balor headscissors back. Balor holds on as Aichner flails and kicks. Aichner moves around to pop out and get a headlock of his own. Balor endures as Aichner cranks back. They stand and Balor throws body shots. Balor waistlocks but Aichner standing switches. Aichner lifts but Balor prevents a slam. Aichner lifts again and TOSSES Balor to a corner! Barthel distracts Balor and Aichner attacks! He knees and stomps Balor down in the corner, then clubs him on the back.

Aichner whips but Balor reverses. Aichner sunset flips but Balor slips out to basement dropkick! Balor glares at Barthel before going after Aichner in a corner. Balor CHOPS and throws body shots on Aichner. The ref counts but Balor whips. Aichner reverses but Balor reverses back. Aichner goes up and over but Balor keeps up. Balor leaps, but Aichner catches him for a fireman’s carry! But Balor slips out to elbow drop DDT! Barthel lurks on the apron but the ref has him back off. Balor kicks Aichner while he’s down! Balor stomps away at the ropes but the ref backs him off. Barthel protests and Balor shouts at him. Balor runs and WRECKS Aichner into railing with a dropkick! The Prince aims his finger guns as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Balor cranks on Aichner’s arm. Aichner fights his way up but Balor arm-drags him back down. And again! Aichner gets up and pulls hair to put Balor on the ropes. Balor turns it around to arm-drag a third time! Barthel grabs Balor’s feet but Balor kicks him away! Balor elbows Aichner away then runs. Aichner scoops Balor for a BACKBREAKER! Aichner looms over Balor with the Imperium pose. Balor gets up but Aichner CLUBS him to a corner. Aichner keeps on Balor’s back with stomps but the ref backs him off. Aichner keeps his cool as he clubs Balor more. He whips Balor corner to corner hard! Balor hits buckles then mat, and Aichner talks trash.

Aichner toys with Balor now as he brings him back up. He puts Balor back in the corner to ram his shoulder in. Aichner then whips the other way just as hard! Balor is down but he refuses to quit. Aichner toys with Balor more, and CHOPS him in the corner! Balor turns it around to CHOP and fire off hands! Balor snapmares and Penalty Kicks! He wants another but Aichner blocks! Aichner gets up and CHOPS, to a kick and uppercut, and LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Balor lives but Aichner drags him up and into the bomb position. Balor slips out and trips Aichner to STOMP! Aichner gets up, to get a SLING BLADE! Barthel gets on the apron but Balor DECKS him! Aichner rolls Balor, TWO, to a dead lift POWERBOMB!

The ref checks on Aichner, but Barthel brings Balor out to throw a haymaker! Aichner goes out and runs at Balor, but Balor moves! Aichner knees only steel steps! Balor gives Barthel a SLING BLADE! Balor grits his teeth as he SHOTGUN DROPKICKS Barthel into barriers! That’s a message for Walter! But Aichner throws Balor into the apron! And then into the ring, for the TRIANGLE MOONSAULT FLOP!! Balor gives Aichner the SHOTGUN! Balor goes up top, COUP DE GRACE!! But that isn’t enough for Balor, he gives Aichner the 1916!! Cover, Balor wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

The Prince has taken down Alexander Wolfe and Fabian Aichner, and in a way he already took care of Barthel. Does Balor have a clear path to Walter and the NXT United Kingdom Championship?

NXT hears from Charlotte Flair.

“It feels good to call your shot.” A lot of people talk a big game, but The Queen backs it up. She will not apologize to Rhea Ripley for her own greatness. Winning the NXT Women’s Championship solidifies Charlotte’s legacy. Charlotte is going to dominate three different eras of WWE. Charlotte dominated the generation before her, from Natalya to Nikki Bella to Paige to Trish Stratus. The past five years have shown Charlotte is the most dominant woman in this generation, because she made her other Horsewomen tap out. Charlotte’s also beaten Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Carmella, as well as ended Asuka’s undefeated streak and left Ronda Rousey “a broken woman.” And now, the next generation.

For about the last year, all Charlotte has been hearing is how NXT’s current Women’s Division is the best on all three brands. She gives them the credit they deserve in winning Survivor Series. But Charlotte is coming back to run through the best division in the WWE. Rhea will pick up the pieces to come back for another match. Io Shirai is the #1 contender after that incredible ladder match. Candice LeRae is hungry as ever. But Charlotte has her eyes on Mia Yim. Mia was Charlotte’s first opponent in NXT. To see them both evolve since then to be back in NXT at the same time, Charlotte will be “generous.” And after that, William Regal can line them all up. After Charlotte beats them all, it will be fact that Charlotte is the Greatest Of All Time. But will The Queen truly reign over past, present and future?

Aliyah VS Xia Li!

NXT’s bougie and brash superstar took credit for the momentary injury that kept the spicy martial artist from competing a few weeks ago. Now they’ll finally get to settle things eye for an eye, and perhaps nose for a nose.

The bell rings and Xia BOOTS Aliyah down! Xia fires off furious palm strikes from all over, but Aliyah manages to get away. Aliyah flounders around as she complains, but Xia chases her. They go around the ring and back in, then Aliyah uses the ref as a shield! Aliyah then gets to the ropes and the ref keeps Xia back. Aliyah BOOTS Xia down now! Cover, ONE! Aliyah rams Xia into a corner then throws furious forearms from all sides! Aliyah is furious but Xia pushes her down! Xia runs, but into a screaming Thesz Press! Aliyah rains down hands then covers, TWO! Aliyah is losing her cool with the ref but she puts Xia in a chinlock. She digs a knee into Xia’s back but Xia endures. Xia fights her way up but Aliyah wrangles her back down.

Aliyah cranks on Xia more but Xia fights her way up. Xia throws Aliyah off, then rolls her up! ONE, and Aliyah ROCKS Xia with a right! Aliyah scoops but Xia slips out. Aliyah back kicks then whips  Xia to a corner. Xia dodges and Aliyah hits buckles. Xia throws a forearm, then dodges to throw BIG palm strikes and a LARIAT! She BOOTS Aliyah over and over! Xia hits a big forearm smash then runs to shotgun dropkick! Aliyah is in a daze while Xia fires up. Xia runs to falling spin kick Aliyah down! Cover, Xia wins!

Winner: Xia Li, by pinfall

The spice was red hot and Aliyah got burned! Will Xia blaze her own trail to the title?

William Regal has made a decision on the NXT Cruiserweight Championship!

World circumstances are hard on everyone, but it has brought the Jordan Devlin Cruiserweight Championship World Tour to a screeching halt! The Irish Ace is not happy to hear this, but NXT is beginning an Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament tonight! In this round robin tournament, it will be Group A’s Kushida, Drake Maverick, Tony Nese and Jake Atlas, and Group B’s Isaiah “Swerve” Scot, Jack Gallagher, Akira Tozawa and the newest signing to NXT, El Hijo del Fantasma! A new NXT Cruiserweight Champion will be crowned, but who is setting themselves up as Devlin’s first target?

Matt Riddle makes a call.

“Stallion Pete, I don’t think you know how surprises work.” The Undisputed Era is supposed to be surprised, not Riddle. So who did Dunne get as his tag team partner? Bro, really? Wait, who is it? It seems we’ll all be surprised along with Riddle.

Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Akira Tozawa!

Group B is up first for this round robin format! Who gains the very important first win towards the tournament finals and the title?

The bell rings and the two circle. They approach and feel out the grapple. Tozawa gives a testing kick then a big grin. They tie up and Tozawa waistlocks. Swerve traps an arm to drag Tozawa down to a cover. ONE, but Swerve keeps on Tozawa with a wristlock. Swerve wrenches but Tozawa flips, handsprings and whips to huricanrana! But Swerve handsprings through! Swerve rolls, goes Eddy Gordo and headscissors back! Tozawa backs off and now Swerve grins. Swerve goes after Tozawa’s arm but Tozawa CHOPS! Swerve CHOPS back! Tozawa shakes it off to CHOP again. Swerve CHOPS and Tozawa fakes him out to JAB! Swerve staggers and Tozawa throws haymakers. Tozawa runs, but into Swerve’s uppercut! Swerve runs but into Tozawa’s BOOT!

Swerve tumbles out but Tozawa goes to the apron. Tozawa takes his time as he stomps Swerve from above. Tozawa chokes Swerve on the ropes but lets off at 4. Swerve CHOPS back, so Tozawa throws a forearm. The two men brawl on the edge, but Tozawa throws Swerve down. Swerve stands, and just manages a no-hands STEINER! Tozawa crashes down as NXT goes to break!

NXT returns as Swerve grinds Tozawa down with a forearm to the neck. Swerve also has an arm trapped, but Tozawa fights his way up. Swerve clamps on with a chinlock but Tozawa throws elbows. Tozawa is free, then dumps Swerve out of the ring! He builds speed but Swerve moves. So Tozawa changes course to CANNONBALL into the barriers! Both men are down and writhing from the impact! The ref’s count begins and climbs to 5 before either man sits up. Tozawa puts Swerve in the ring at 7 then climbs up top. Tozawa leaps to missile dropkick Swerve down! Cover, TWO! Swerve grits his teeth but Tozawa drags him up. Swerve resists the fireman’s carry with elbows, then back suplexes. Tozawa lands on his feet, shoves Swerve and runs, to tilt-o-whirl into the IRON OCTOPUS!

Tozawa cranks on Swerve and brings him to a knee. Swerve fights out and pops Tozawa around, but Tozawa makes it a hanging dragon sleeper! Tozawa drags Swerve to the mat and cranks hard! Swerve gets free of the body scissors for only a moment as he turns around. Tozawa has a guillotine but again Swerve powers out with a BRAIN BUSTER! Both men are down but Swerve grits his teeth. Swerve stands first and drags Tozawa up. He begins the full nelson but Tozawa resists. Swerve clubs away on Tozawa’s back then lifts, but Tozawa victory rolls! TWO, and Tozawa kicks, spins, slides under and waistlocks! Swerve breaks free, trips Tozawa and rolls him, to a DEAD LIFT GERMAN of his own! HOUSE CALL!! Cover, TWO!?

Swerve can’t believe Tozawa survives! Swerve drags Tozawa to a corner and hoists him up top. He gets under Tozawa to push him up, but Tozawa kangaroo kicks back! Tozawa OVERHEAD SUPLEXES Swerve into buckles! Swerve staggers into the ROLLING ROUNDHOUSE! Tozawa heads up top with Swerve in the drop zone! He’s up top, for the SUPER SENTON!! Cover, Tozawa wins!!

Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall (improves to 1-0; Swerve drops to 0-1)

Incredible! The Stamina Monster had more than Swerve could give, and now has the first points on the board! Will the former Cruiserweight Champion return to that level now that he’s back in NXT?

On-stage interview with Tozawa.

How does he feel after that first big win? “I must keep fighting, keep winning. I will become Cruiserweight Champion again.” A simple but strong message. Who is up next in the round robin for the Stamina Monster?

NXT hears from El Hijo del Fantasma.

The second generation luchador from Mexico City, Mexico, is the son of THE Fantasma of lucha libre legend. He introduced his son to wrestling from a young age. And for the past 20 years, this Fantasma has been in the biggest companies and the best events all over Mexico. He could not think of a better way to debut in NXT than in the tournament to become the NEW NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Will Fantasma take over the Division from day one?

Tegan Nox VS Raquel Gonzalez w/ Dakota Kai!

Things would have been settled between the former Team Kick, if not for the Daughter of the Desperado interfering. From the Street Fight at TakeOver: Portland to the Steel Cage match months ago, to even just last week’s ladder match, Tegan loses because Dakota has Raquel. But will the devious duo work just as well when Raquel has Dakota in her corner?

The bell rings and Raquel rushes Tegan. Tegan gets around to waistlock but Raquel is too much to lift. Raquel breaks free and lifts Tegan with one arm! Then she runs Tegan over with a shoulder! Raquel drags Tegan up to again lift with one arm! And again run her over with a shoulder. Raquel whips and scoops Tegan for a backbreaker, then dumps her off to push around. Dakota and Raquel both taunt Tegan, but Tegan ducks a clothesline, only to get CLOBBERED! Raquel wants Tegan to show the world what it’s like to give up. She pulls on Tegan’s hair and hooks her face! She counts along with the ref to let go at 4. Tegan pushes Raquel but Raquel drags her up to hold up with body hands! But Tegan victory rolls, only for Raquel to dead lift and CLOBBER!

Raquel drags Tegan up to throw into the corner. Raquel stomps away, then whips Tegan to the other corner! Tegan hits buckles hard and flops to the mat. Raquel stalks over but Tegan SLAPS her! Tegan bobs ‘n’ weaves to CHOP and throw forearms! Raquel blocks and reverse the whip to send Tegan into buckles again. Then back the other way! Raquel runs in, blocks the boots, and clubs away on Tegan on the top rope! The ref reprimands as Raquel pulls hair. He backs Raquel off, but Dakota BOOTS Tegan down! Cover, TWO!! But wait, Shotzi Blackheart his here?! And she takes Dakota down! Raquel grabs Shotzi and drags her up to choke grip. But Tegan rolls Raquel up, and wins!!

Winner: Tegan Nox, by pinfall

Dakota has a sidekick, and now so does Tegan! The wild child helps the girl with the Shiniest Wizard get even! Will they both give Dakota and Raquel what they deserve?

NXT takes a closer look at Keith Lee.

At just 20 years old, he made the decision to pursue pro-wrestling. His family didn’t want that, and even kicked him out of the house. We’ll hear more of this story and #BaskInHisGlory after the break.

NXT returns as Lee looks back on his journey to becoming Limitless. This started 30 years ago, “at the oh so tender age of 5.” His grandmother introduced him to the sport. The von Erichs, the Freebirds, Macho Man and more. Then when he turned 20, the decision was made. Lee’s father despised the idea of Lee having to start from the bottom, especially when Lee had such a promising football career. But Lee left that behind, stole his own car to drive five hours to work with Mick Foley. Lee was homeless for a time after that. He has sacrificed everything to make this work. For the next 13 years, Lee was told “No” here and there, was criticized for how he looked and how he wrestled. And yet, look where he is now. Lee is where the world’s best are, and he is a standout!

Lee opened the eyes of the WWE Universe, and now there is something in the air about the Limitless One. The year of 2020 began with Lee’s first championship win! Things have come full circle. This could’ve gone completely the other direction. You either give up, or get on the grind. That is what it means to be Limitless. And you ain’t seen nothing yet! What more will Keith Lee accomplish in NXT?

Dexter Lumis VS Tehuti Miles!

The eerie eyes of Lumis have returned to leer and peer into our souls. What will he see when his thousand yard stare fixates upon Miles?

The bell rings and Tehuti wonders if anyone’s home inside Lumis’ head. They tie up and Lumis CLUBS Tehuti right down! And again! Lumis looms over Tehuti then drags him around by his hair to BOUNCE off the mat. Lumis clamps on with a chinlock then throws a clubbing crossface forearm! He pulls Tehuti up but Tehuti fights Lumis off! Tehuti dropkicks Lumis, and again! Lumis flounders on ropes and Tehuti goes after him. He throws a big uppercut, but runs into a SPINE BUSTER! Lumis slithers and stalks Tehuti to then drag him up by his hair again. Lumis stands Tehuti up to then lift for the SIT-OUT URENAGE! And the arm-triangle! Tehuti taps, Lumis wins!

Winner: Dexter Lumis, by submission

The Anaconda Vice has been reborn through the dangerous Dexter Lumis! Will he swallow up the entire NXT roster, one target at a time?

Adam Cole speaks.

“Aww, Velveteen. You didn’t actually think I was going to show up there tonight, did you?” Cole will explain this again: Dream does NOT deserve a shot at the NXT Championship. Things have been twisted, but the fact is, Cole is very nice. Cole wants to protect reality. He isn’t worried about “unimportant, childish dreams of other people.” Cole is focused on taking care of things. And the reality is, there is NOBODY in NXT or even the WWE that deserves a shot at Cole’s NXT Championship. There are more important things to focus on, such as regaining the NXT Tag Team Championships. Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish WILL take back those titles, and then The Undisputed Era will be that much closer to being whole. And that is, well, you know the rest.

The Velveteen Dream goes on stage!

The Experience surely wants to respond to everything Cole just said, so he walks out and grabs a mic. “Typical Adam Cole.” No showing Dream, leaving him all alone in this big building, and for what? To play more video games? Cole is obviously “busy” with video messages. Does Cole believe the worlds that come out of his own mouth? Dream thinks highly of Cole. Dream knows Cole sees himself as a mastermind, as a leader. But Dream knows Cole is just the last remaining champion of the Undisputed Era. Cole is arguably the greatest NXT Champion, because he is the longest reigning champion. But in the end, Dream wants Cole to remember this, “Baybay.” #DreamOver.

But wait, Balor walks up behind Dream! Dream is admittedly shocked. Balor says he doesn’t know Dream, but he doesn’t like Dream. And up to this point, Balor hadn’t bothered to speak to Dream. So when Dream talks about the greatest NXT Champion of all time, you’re looking at him. “So be careful. Because ignorant comments will get you a date with The Prince.” Dream actually likes the sound of that. Maybe Balor can pick Dream up next Wednesday. The champion stays home, but Dream and Balor are going to work! Will Dream earn his shot at Cole after taking out the other greatest NXT Champion ever?

NXT hears from Bivens Enterprises.

Malcolm Bivens quotes Johnny Gill, “My, my, my my my.” Riddle has a new tag team partner tonight? And tonight’s NXT Tag Team Championship match will have great interest to him and Indus Sher. That’s because the 1.3 billion people of India are supporting the two most dangerous men to come from their country. Whoever wins tonight, congratulations. Those belts will just go from your waists, to their shoulders. Rinku and Suarav add on in Hindu that they will dominate and succeed in taking over NXT.

Big matches are set for next week!

The Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament continues, with Group B having Jack Gallagher take on El Hijo del Fantasma in the luchador’s NXT debut! Plus, Group A is in full effect as Tony Nese takes on Kushida, and Drake Maverick takes on Jake Atlas! Then, after the confrontation from earlier tonight, Shotzi and Tegan team up against Dakota and Raquel! Who wins now that the Team Kick Civil War escalates?

NXT Tag Team Championships: Matt Riddle & ??? VS The Undisputed Era!

The Savior of the Backbreaker and the Infamous One represent the team in an effort to reclaim what they lost. But what big surprise did the Bruiserweight arrange for his Bro? Dunne has a video message sharing how badly he wishes he could be stateside to defend these titles. But world circumstances make that impossible right now. So Dunne found another “True stallion,” and one of the toughest men he’s ever faced. Introducing… TIMOTHY THATCHER!! Riddle wants a bro fist but that’s not how “the meanest SOB” does things. Thatcher and Riddle hit the ring and the Undisputed Era bails out! Is resurrecting the prophecy going to be anything but undisputed now?

The teams sort out and Fish starts against Riddle. Riddle and Fish circle and test out the grapple. Fish talks trash about Thatcher already but Riddle brings up the old tongue twister. Fish rushes Riddle but Riddle drops him down! Riddle then drags Fish into a cover, but Fish scrambles around. Riddle waistlocks and has a short arm scissor. Fish moves around and sits up, but Riddle reels him into body scissors. Fish gets the ropebreak and Riddle lets him free. Riddle backs off and Fish gets to his feet. Fish and Riddle circle, Strong distracts and Fish rolls Riddle! Fish facelocks but Riddle pops out to a half nelson. Riddle uses that to roll Fish to an armlock. Fish rolls back to a cover, ONE! Riddle has the arm still, but Fish headscissors. Riddle moves around, handstands to a jackknife, TWO!

Fish keeps hold of Riddle but Riddle powers up to dump Fish down. Riddle has the waistlock but Fish breaks free, only to swing into a BROSPLODER! Fish bails out in frustration and regroups with Strong while NXT goes to break.

NXT returns, and Riddle rams Strong into the corner Thatcher tags in to wrench Strong and throw hands on the shoulder. Thatcher shovels Strong up and over then clamps on. Thatcher pulls hard on the arm and fingers, then shifts to an arm scissor. Strong kicks and flails to get free, then has the legs. Thatcher resists the Strong Hold to get a kneebar! Strong gets the ropebreak but Thatcher pulls him away! Thatcher puts Strong in the Bow ‘n’ Arrow stretch! Then a cover, TWO! Strong gets to ropes and the ref keeps Thatcher back. Thatcher wants after Strong like a badger but Strong kicks him away. Strong drags Thatcher to the corner and tags in Fish. The Undisputed Era mug Thatcher, then Fish snapmares for the slingshot senton! Cover, ONE!

Fish keeps on Thatcher’s leg but Thatcher fights back. Fish stomps the foot then rams a knee in. Thatcher still trips Fish up, but Fish goes for a triangle hold. Thatcher slips out and clinches with Fish on the mat. Fish grabs a leg and drags Thatcher down to a half hatch type hold. Thatcher pops free while kneeing Fish down! He drags Fish up but Fish rams him into the corner! Tag to Strong and Strong knees Thatcher down. Strong goes to lift but Thatcher fights it off. Thatcher throws a BIG European Uppercut! Tag to Riddle and Riddle hits a forearm smash! Riddle feeds Strong to Thatcher’s Butterfly Suplex! Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Riddle keeps on Strong with kicks! And a Broton! Riddle pushes Strong around to gut wrench and lift. Gut wrench suplex!

Riddle holds on and gut wrench suplexes again! Fish says Riddle is supposed to let go, but Riddle doesn’t so he doesn’t. Fish runs in but Thatcher intercepts! Thatcher reels Fish in, and both stallions GUT WRENCH! Fish bails out and Riddle has Thatcher give him the assist, for the CORKSCREW! Cover, TWO! Fish trips up Thatcher on the outside! The ref reprimands but Strong clobbers Riddle! Strong stomps away then drags Riddle up for a butterfly suplex of his own! Tag to Fish and the Undisputed Era mug Riddle. Fish drags Riddle up and wrenches to a back suplex! Cover, TWO! Tag to Strong and they mug Riddle more with kicks and CHOPS! Strong drags Riddle up for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Strong drags Riddle up to throw him out. Tag to Fish and Strong sucker punches Thatcher. Riddle fights Fish off then fights both Undisputed Era men. But they shove him into steel steps! Strong and Fish see… Dexter Lumis?! What is Lumis doing lurking in the shadows? The Undisputed Era put Riddle in the ring and Fish stomps Riddle down. Fish hits another slingshot senton! Fish drags Riddle up and over and tags Strong. Riddle fights back with palm strikes and big kicks! But Fish catches a kick, and feeds Riddle to the OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Riddle still lives and Strong is furious as NXT goes to break!

NXT returns and Fish drags Riddle up. Fish throws forearms but Riddle throws forearms back! Riddle backs Fish up but Fish kicks low! Fish digs a knee into Riddle’s neck, but lets up at the ref’s count. Fish snap suplexes Riddle down! Cover, ONE, so Fish rains down more punches. Fish keeps Riddle from Thatcher by pulling on his ear! The ref reprimands but Fish clubs Riddle with a forearm. Fish drags Riddle up but Riddle CHOPS back. Fish knees Riddle down in return! He digs his knee in again but lets up. Fish throws big knees into Riddle then more forearms. The ref counts but Fish lets up. Riddle keeps fighting but Fish grinds him down with a chinlock. Fish throws in knees but Riddle endures. Riddle reaches but Fish snap suplexes Riddle down! And then again! That’s dos amigos, but Riddle powers up to FISHERMAN BUSTER!

Both men are down but crawling. Fish tags in Strong, and Strong grabs Riddle. Riddle kicks Strong away, tag to Thatcher! Thatcher THROWS Strong! Then he throws hands and throws Fish! Thatcher throws Strong again! And then another for Fish! Strong comes back for more, but gets a BIG EuroUpper! Thatcher throws hands and forearms all over Strong, then more EuroUppers! Thatcher CLUBS Strong against the ropes until the ref backs him off. Strong CHOPS but Thatcher enziguris! Thatcher clamps onto the arm! Strong resists the Fujiwara and gets the ropebreak! Thatcher lets Strong go, but goes after a leg. Strong still holds ropes but Thatcher lets him go. Strong kicks back then throws elbows from all angles! Thatcher clamps onto Strong’s face and CHOPS!

Thatcher drags Strong up, butterfly underhooks but Strong resists. Fish runs in but Thatcher easily kicks him back out. Thatcher walks into the boot! And the enziguri! Strong tags Fish and Fish runs, to body check Thatcher down! Cover, TWO! Tag back to Strong and the Undisputed Era bring Thatcher up. Gutbuster drop to flying knee! Cover, TWO!! Thatcher survives but the Undisputed Era adds strikes. Riddle SPEARS Fish before the next double team! Strong KNEES Riddle but Thatcher EuroUppers Strong! Strong KNEES Thatcher then reels him in. But Thatcher drags Strong down, FUJIWARA! Strong taps, Riddle and Thatcher win!!

Winners: Matt Riddle & Timothy Thatcher, by submission (The Broserweights are still NXT Tag Team Champions)

Pete Dunne did make the perfect choice in Riddle’s back-up partner! The Bro wants Thatcher to enjoy the moment, but dancing isn’t his style. Will the honorary Broserweight help Riddle hold onto these titles until the world is right again?

Tommaso Ciampa speaks.

“I’m done with this. I’m done with you, Johnny.” He’s done with Candice and “all of this.” It was agreed, that when it is over, it’s over. Whoever wins wins, and that’s that. Gargano won, with Candice’s help. They showed the world. “So congratulations, Johnny Gargano. You are the better man.” But then someone attacks Ciampa from behind!! We can’t even see what is happening because the camera falls over! But then, he comes into picture. Killer Kross looms over Ciampa as he says, “Tick-tock.” It seems time is up for the Blackheart. Has someone darker appeared to fill the void?

My Thoughts:

Despite the insane news of releases, tonight’s NXT was still incredible. The huge number of releases will affect more of what we’re seeing next week. If Drake Maverick was released, he can’t be scheduled for a match in a very big night for the Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. I’m sure the WWE can easily sub in another Cruiserweight but it just seems a shame all these roster cuts have to come now, or at all. But the cuts are a different issue for a different article. What we got out of Swerve VS Tozawa tonight was a great start to this round robin story. I am happily surprised that Tozawa wins the opening match. He’s basically back in NXT despite being “signed” to Raw, and I do hope he is a major force for Group B.

Swerve’s opening loss makes me think he might not go to the finals now, and that it could be El Hijo del Fantasma. Fantasma had a really good vignette promo, so he might come out of the gate a contender. I also like the shift in attention for Dream and Balor. Balor wins against Aichner, with Barthel being very active, but Balor can’t progress with NXT UK while traveling is barred. Dream wants after Cole, but if Kyle O’Reilly is unable to compete, Dream can’t complete the Undisputed sweep. Balor VS Dream is a great match regardless of motivation, but I feel that Balor has to win to stay strong towards his eventual match with Walter. At some point, I’m thinking we could get NXT Champion VS NXT UK Champion, Cole VS Balor, to decide the undisputed best.

Charlotte has a good promo with a great video package to frame her already storied legacy. I totally forgot about Charlotte VS Yim all those years ago, so I like that Charlotte remembered. Charlotte VS Yim 2020 sounds great, but I’m also waiting for Io Shirai’s response. Xia Li had a real scrappy match with Aliyah, and it was great for her to win. Nox getting Shotzi as an ally is great for both of them, and next week’s tag match will be really good. Lumis’ appearance during the NXT Tag Team Championship match was curious. Will he oddly be a Face who goes against the Undisputed Era? And Thatcher had a great debut, though he and Riddle didn’t really do a lot of tag combination. That just takes time. But obviously Riddle retains with his help. Riddle & Thatcher VS Indus Sher already sounds like a great match.

But of course, the craziest thing was Ciampa fitting in a promo at the end. Ciampa was perfectly reluctant to say that Gargano, who still found a way to cheat in a No Disqualification match, was the better man. Heel Gargano and Candice are going to be great when we get to see more of that. But the best thing was that Killer Kross attacked like a slasher movie villain! Scarlet Bordeaux technically has a cameo as she stands in front of the camera with those boots, so expect her to actually show her face next week. I had a feeling Kross would attack the loser of One Last Beat, and it seems I was right. I can’t wait to see how Kross VS Ciampa unfolds, and if it involves Gargano somehow.

My Score: 9.1/10

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