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WWE NXT Feb 5, 2020 Full Results & Report


Charlotte Flair returns to NXT!

The Queen returns to Full Sail! But will she take up NXT Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley, on her WrestleMania championship challenge?



  • Angel Garza VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott; Garza wins.
  • Dominik Dijakovic VS Killian Dain; Dijakovic wins.
  • Mercedes Martinez VS Kacy Catanzaro; Martinez wins.
  • Jordan Devlin VS Tyler Breeze; Devlin wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Tommaso Ciampa & The Broserweights VS The Undisputed Era; Ciampa & The Broserweights win, by disqualification.


NXT is picking up speed towards Portland!


Dominik Dijakovic makes sure “Bootleg Marilyn Manson” took a loss and Candice LeRae made sure Dakota Kai got her comeuppance from Tegan Nox! Daddy’s Home, and that’s Undisputed. A contract was signed in blood, and now we have our match for THE NXT Championship. And last but certainly not least, The Broserweights win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic! Will Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle smoke Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish at TakeOver?

The Broserweights are here!

And they cruise into the arena with the Dusty Cup trophy in the back of their Broserweight Mobile! Riddle and Dunne hit the ring and kick off the flip-flops to pose for the crowd. Dunne and Riddle get mics and greet the crowd with, “Bro…” The Broserweights are the 2020 Dusty Classic champions, and their celebration continues. Just look at that gorgeous trophy set upon the brand new custom golf cart. The Broserweight Mobile is a thing. Dunne says that the last thing he ever thought he’d do is be in a tag team with Riddle. “It was meant to be, bro.” And look at them now? Dusty Cup winners, and the future NXT Tag Team Champions! Fans like the sound of that. Riddle just has one question: How are they going to get there?

The Undisputed Era’s Fish & O’Reilly appear! They will NOT acknowledge “Matthew Riddell and Peter Dune” as a tag team! The only thing they’ve done is disrespecting the legacy of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic! The trophy in a golf cart, can you believe this? Kyle doesn’t want to wait for Portland, and neither does Fish. But Roderick Strong comes out to keep them back. The Undisputed Era claims they would pick a fight tonight, but the “Loserweight Mobile” is blocking the way. And there are much bigger fish to fry than these two jerks. Fans boo, but Riddle chuckles over Fish talking about Fish. That sets Fish off!

To follow Fish’s example, Riddle wants Dunne to “riddle me this.” How much fish could Bobby Fish fry if Bobby Fish could fry fish? Dunne says they shouldn’t worry about how much fish Bobby Fish could fry. “It’s a thing now.” Riddle repeats his tongue twister and fans join in. It’s practically a song. Dunne says what matters is that at TakeOver, the Broserweights smoke the Undisputed Era. Portland better be ready for reDRagon and the Broserweights to light it up in just 11 days!

Angel Garza VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott!

El Latino may no longer be NXT Cruiserweight Champion, but he’s back en la casa to rebound from Worlds Collide. Garza did strike down the lucha legend, Rey Mysterio, on Raw, but will he continue to sharpen that edge in Swerve’s House?

The bell rings and Garza rushes Swerve but Swerve dodges and sends him into the corner! Garza goes up but Swerve yanks him back down. Swerve swings but Garza dodges. Garza swings, Swerve evades, and back again. Garza goes to whip but Swerve stops himself on a dime, and Full Sail loves it! The two stare down for a moment before tying up. Garza waistlocks and slams Swerve down, then flips Swerve over. Swerve stands but Garza slides under to pump handle. Swerve flips through and capoeria but Garza Penalty Kicks him down! Garza puts Swerve in a corner and throws clubbing forearms. Garza CHOPS Swerve and Swerve is stinging!

Fans cheer as Garza goes up and brings Swerve over. Double knuckle locks but Swerve jumps up to SUPER STEINER! Garza is writhing but Full Sail fires up. Swerve builds speed to cartwheel out of Garza’s kick. Garza slides but into a MULE KICK! Swerve builds speed again to handspring, into a SUPERKICK! Garza topples Swerve down and grins as NXT goes picture in picture.

Garza drags Swerve up and throws him into steel steps! Then trips him up, to basement dropkick into the steps! The ref counts but Garza taunts Swerve. Garza drags Swerve up and into the ring, then brings Swerve into a corner. He fires off angry hands and puts Swerve up top, backwards. Garza climbs up to club away then soak up the heat. Garza puts Swerve in the Tree of Woe for a PENALTY KICK! Swerve writhes and flounders but Garza covers, TWO! Garza clamps onto Swerve with a grounded cobra twist. He cranks on Swerve’s neck but Swerve endures. Swerve fights his way up to throw hands and get free. Garza hits back but Swerve shoves to tilt-o-whirl SLAM! To an armbar!

Garza rolls fast to go for a cover, ONE. Garza stomps away on Swerve’s face! The ref backs Garza off but he comes back to kick Swerve around. Garza is toying with Swerve and drags him up for a snapmare. He kicks Swerve in the back the clubs him while he’s down. Garza goes after the legs but Swerve resists. Garza hits a Jeff Hardy like leg-splitting leg drop! Swerve sits up and Garza slaps him! So Swerve slaps back! It’s a SLAP fight! Garza, Swerve and back again, then it turns to forearms as Garza DECKS Swerve. Garza slicks his hair back as he looms over Swerve. He brings Swerve up to a corner and pulls the arms against ropes. The ref backs Garza off, but he goes after Swerve again with a CHOP!

NXT returns to single picture as Swerve CHOPS Garza back! And throws big forearms! Drop toehold sends Garza into buckles, then Swerve runs in to tilt-o-whirl. But Garza adds his own spin to it to make it a facebuster! Off come the pants!! SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Swerve survives but Garza glares down at him. Garza drags Swerve up in a dragon sleeper, then lifts him at the ropes. Rebound but Swerve lands on his feet! Swerve shoves and hits a rebound GERMAN SUPLEX! Somersault Complete Shot! Cover, TWO!! Garza lives but Swerve scowls. Fans rally up and Swerve stands up. Fans chant “Whose House?” “Swerve’s House!” as Swerve SLAPS Garza and throws body shots.

Swerve puts Garza on the ropes to kick and kick and kick! Then throw haymakers! Swerve catches his breath but Garza puts him on the apron. Swerve enziguris HARD, but steps into another SUPERKICK! Both men are down but fans are fired up! Garza has a bit of blood leaking from his forehead but he focuses on sitting Swerve up. Garza CHOPS but Swerve CHOPS back! The two brawl on the mat then get to their feet. Garza headbutts away on Swerve and then goes up the corner, only for his headscissors to be turned into an IMPLODING DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Garza lives and Swerve is beside himself with frustration! But fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” for this amazing opener.

Swerve drags Garza to a drop zone but Garza crawls away. Swerve stomps Garza down then goes up top from that corner. Garza stops Swerve with an enziguri! Garza drags himself up the ropes to grab Swerve. They both stand up, Swerve shoves Garza but Garza flips through. Swerve leaps but Garza throws the pants at him! It doesn’t do what Garza hoped, and now he pleads for mercy. Swerve just throws the pants back and HOUSE CALL! Cover, TWO!?! Garza shocks himself with surviving! Full Sail knows “This is Awesome!” but not over yet!

Swerve drags Garza up again, half nelsons but Garza resists. Swerve puts him in a corner, clotheslines point blank, then hops up again. But Garza trips him up! Garza drags Swerve up, underhooks, WING CLIPPER!! Cover, Garza wins!!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall

El Latino is back on track! Was his destroying Rey Mysterio on Raw the spark that has reignited him? Garza grabs a mic to say, “Do you see? I just beat Swerve.” And he reminds everyone that he took out both his cousin, Humberto Carrillo, and Rey Mysterio. Everyone knows Garza didn’t lose that Fatal 4 Way, so he wants a rematch for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship! He knows Jordan Devlin is here in the building, so Garza will be watching very closely. El Latino es en la casa, baby.

NXT cuts backstage as something develops.

The Undisputed Era is up to something again. They’re on the hunt for Tommaso Ciampa, and they beat up whoever doesn’t have answers! No one does, and one guy’s just getting a haircut. The Undisputed Era starts to move on, but to add insult to injury, Strong takes that electric razor and cuts a huge swath out of the guy’s bangs! The search for Ciampa continues into the parking lot and around the way. Will Adam Cole and friends come to regret hunting down the Blackheart Psycho Killer?

NXT profiles Mercedes Martinez.

“Nineteen years, I’ve rugged, thugged, hustling, and here I am.” The women of NXT better watch out for the Latina Sensation.

Dominik Dijakovic VS Killian Dain!

The Croatian Colossus wants not only a rematch with the Limitless Keith Lee, but he wants it for the NXT North American Championship. However, that title has a long list of other superstars who want after it, and one in particular is the Beast of Belfast! Will Big Damo make a big impact on the title hunt?

The bell rings and Damo tackles Dijakovic to the corner! He rams his shoulders in over and over but backs off at the ref’s count. Dijakovic throws big elbows but Dain knees low. Dain throws body shots and whips corner to corner. Dijakovic dodges as Dain runs in, and then rams in elbows and clubs with forearms. Dijakovic hops up and leaps for ax handles! He throws big forearms on the behemoth, but Dain picks Dijakovic up to hotshot on the ropes! Dain clotheslines Dijakovic out as fans boo. Fans troll with “Shave Your Back!” but Dain scoops Dijakovic.

Dijakovic slips out to shove Dain into steel steps! Then uses those same steps to CANNONBALL the beast man down! Dijakovic puts Dain in as fans cheer. Dain crawls and Dijakovic aims. The cyclone kick get the DIVIDE crossbody! NXT goes to break as Dain loom over the colossus.

NXT returns as Dijakovic throws body shots on Dain. Dain knees low and fans boo, but Dain drags Dijakovic back up to back suplex. But Dijakovic lands on his feet! Dijakovic mule kicks and elbows Dain before he says, “Time to Fly!” And he manages to THROW Dain across the way! Dijakovic clamps on with a choke grip, CHOKE BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Dain survives but Dijakovic keeps focused. Dijakovic climbs up as fans cheer, but Dain stops him with a forearm. Dain climbs up and hits a fisherman SUPERPLEX! Dain can’t cover, the landing took a lot out of them both. Dijakovic stands and boots Dain, but Dain BOOTS back! Dain runs but into a BOOT! Cover, TWO!

Dijakovic stumbles to a corner and climbs up. Dijakovic MOONSAULTS but FLOPS! Dain hits a SHOTGUN dropkick! Dijakovic hits buckles, then Dain back sentons down onto him! Dain climbs up now, but Dijakovic anchors a foot. Dijakovic stands and BOOTS Dain again! Dijakovic manages the torture rack, FEAST YOUR EYES! Cover, Dijakovic wins!

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic, by pinfall

Another huge win in every sense of the word! The Colossus conquers the towering Archer of Infamy and the bulky Beast of Belfast. And word comes down that it’s happening! Keith Lee VS Dominik Dijakovic will happen for the title at TakeOver: Portland! Lee comes out to congratulate his challenger and let him know about the match personally. Dijakovic is ready to bring his best and to bring that title home with him. The two shake hands to show there is respect, but will that be thrown out the window when these two throw down in just under two weeks?

NXT catches up with the Undisputed Era.

Cole and friends question Kushida about Ciampa. Does he understand English? Kushida just starts throwing hands! But that 4v1 doesn’t go his way, and Cole uses Ushigoroshi to put Kushida in the rash! But Bronson Reed storms over to defend the Super Junior, only to get a STRONG KNEE! “Apparently you don’t know where Ciampa is, either.” The search continues, but are the Undisputed boys just making more enemies as they go?

The cryptic message keeps flashing on screens.

2-5-20. Today is 2-5-20! What does it mean!?

NXT commentary interviews Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor simultaneously.

These two come via video because we can’t afford a fight breaking out. The Prince takes offense to Mauro Ranallo asking Gargano something first. “Let’s be honest here. This match was supposed to happen back at WarGames. But Johnny hasn’t been cleared since I dropped him on his head three months ago!” Gargano says he was waiting those three months to finally meet The Prince. Oh has he? Balor has been counting for four years to get this match! All Balor keeps hearing is “Johnny Wrestling, Johnny TakeOver, Johnny Blah Blah Blah!” Now it’s time to back up all that. But in Portland, Finn will show Gargano is NOT the next Balor!

Gargano agrees! He is NOT the next Balor, he is the first and only Johnny Freakin’ Wrestling! The first NXT Triple Crown winner! More TakeOver main events than even Balor. But yes, Gargano needs this match, to prove he is better than the longest-reigning champion in NXT, Finn Balor. To be honest, Balor needs this match just as badly. No he doesn’t. What does Gargano event want this match for? Match of the Year candidate? Balor doesn’t care if it takes him 20 minutes or 20 seconds, he doesn’t get paid by the hour. See? Right there! That is the Balor that Gargano needs to beat. That is NXT’s Balor. Not Raw or SmackDown Balor, who lost to Bobby Lashley like 17 weeks in a row or something. Gargano would eat that guy alive!

Balor warns Gargano that he wishes he’d get Raw/SmackDown Balor. But that guy’s dead. The Prince isn’t here for MOTY, he’s here for the last match of Gargano’s career. Say what you want, just be ready. Gargano is going to pick up the NXT banner and drive it through Balor’s heart! Interview down. Balor says he has no heart. But will Balor break the rebel heart of NXT in Portland?

Mercedes Martinez VS Kacy Catanzaro!

The Latina Sensation is in action! Will she make good on that warning to the Women’s Division? Or will the American Ninja Warrior surprise her tonight?

The bell rings and fans cheer as Mercedes and KC circle. KC waistlocks but Mercedes standing switches to shove KC away. KC comes back to get a SPINE BUSTER and match book cover! TWO and KC gets to a corner. Mercedes throws forearms and a CHOP! KC drops to the mat but Mercedes drags her up for a suplex. She holds KC up for a count of 10, but then KC slips out! KC trips Mercedes and runs to basement dropkick! KC keeps moving to huricanrana! Mercedes is in a corner and KC hits an A-List Lariat a la Miz. KC tumbles and handsprings but Mercedes shoves her down. Mercedes drags KC up right away, to get a RANA! Cover, TWO!!

KC gets to the apron and waits for Mercedes to rise. KC slingshots but Mercedes DECKS her with a right! Mercedes grins as she heads out to club away on KC’s back. Mercedes throws KC into the post! KC bounces off and Mercedes rams her into the apron. The ring count climbs but Mercedes throws KC into railing! Mercedes is just getting meaner as she throws KC into railings again! They go into the ring, Mercedes drags KC up, fisherman BUSTER! Cover, Mercedes wins!

Winner: Mercedes Martinez, by pinfall

Mean Mercedes ran over little KC, but she’s still got a long road ahead of her. Will Mercedes carve a path to the top of NXT?

Backstage interview with Rhea Ripley.

The NXT Women’s Champion is putting a lot on her plate daring Charlotte Flair to challenge her for the title at WrestleMania, yet still having Bianca Belair in Portland. Charlotte is heading here as we speak, so what are Rhea’s thoughts? Rhea says she is focused on Bianca, but it is nice of the Queen to show up. Will Rhea make sure both challengers know what’s what on the Road to WrestleMania?

NXT keeps with The Undisputed Era.

As Cole, Fish, Strong and O’Reilly head down a corridor with movie posters, Tommaso Ciampa attacks from behind! He takes the fight to them, throwing Kyle into the production truck, and then swinging the door into Fish! Cole throws hands with Ciampa and they leave the others behind. Cole knees low and hurries away but Ciampa pursues. They are coming up behind the bleachers! Fans fire up as Ciampa throws more hands on Cole. They end up by commentary as Cole kicks low. Ciampa elbows back then bounces Cole off the announce desk! And again! And again! Ciampa doesn’t stop dribbling Cole!

Fans fire up and Ciampa pats himself on the back. Ciampa drags Cole up but the Undisputed Era return to save their leader! Fans boo as the 4v1 brings things into the ring! But here come the Broserweights! They go after reDRagon but this is still 4v3! Strong moves around to help who he can but security floods the ring. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but the Undisputed Era is sent out of the ring! William Regal shouts as he comes out. If they want to fight, then get dressed! This ends tonight! But the sides don’t stop, they just fight in the ring again! Security floods back in to try and sort things out! Fans are loving the chaos but the Undisputed Era decides to retreat. Only for Ciampa and The Broserweights to pursue!

Fish and Riddle crash through railing while Ciampa and Dunne chase the rest up the ramp! There’s brawling on the stage as Riddle throws hands on Fish around the way. Riddle then storms up to join the cluster and he starts pulling people away to get at Kyle. Fish returns and the pile topples over! Finally, the sides separate and everyone is allowed to regroup. After that huge fight, which three men of the Undisputed Era will step up against the Blackheart and his new bros?

Jordan Devlin VS Tyler Breeze!

The NEW NXT Cruiserweight Champion and Irish Ace of NXT UK is here in Full Sail and heads to the ring. But will he still be looking good in a match with Prince Pretty?

But even before Breeze gets in the ring, Devlin dropkicks him off the apron! Breeze crashes to the floor and Devlin hurries after him to kick and stomp! The ref pulls Devlin off but Devlin clubs away on Breeze’s back. Devlin goes into the ring to dust his hands off and hold up the belt. Will Breeze still be in shape to wrestle? We find out after the break.

But even before Breeze gets in the ring, Devlin dropkicks him off the apron! Breeze crashes to the floor and Devlin hurries after him to kick and stomp! The ref pulls Devlin off but Devlin clubs away on Breeze’s back. Devlin goes into the ring to dust his hands off and hold up the belt. Will Breeze still be in shape to wrestle? We find out after the break.

NXT returns and Devlin toys with Breeze. Devlin stomps Breeze down but fans rally up. Devlin bumps Breeze off buckles then rams his shoulder in. The ref counts and Devlin lets up to stalk Breeze to another corner. Devlin elbows then whips, but Breeze goes up and over to mule kick! And again as Devlin sits down! Cover, TWO, but Breeze is on Devlin and brings him to a corner. Devlin blocks a buckle bump to give one then he clubs and snapmares Breeze. Devlin clubs Breeze in the face then stalks him to ropes. The Irish Ace underhooks but Breeze resists! Breeze pries free and trips Devlin to drop elbows on the knee! Then drop a knee on the knee!

Breeze drags Devlin to a corner and to the post to throw the leg into the steel! The ref reprimands Breeze but Devlin is clutching the leg. Breeze hears the fans and does it “One More Time!” Devlin crawls out of the corner as Breeze gets in. Breeze drags Devlin up to then put the leg on the rope and pull. The ref counts, but Breeze drops a knee on the leg! Fans fire up for the aggressive and gorgeous toehold. Devlin grabs at Breeze and drags his way to the ropebreak. Breeze lets up but walks into a boot from the mat! Devlin gets up, back suplex for the atomic backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Devlin grits his teeth as he works on getting the bad leg working.

Devlin throws forearms on Breeze and taunts him. He gives toying kicks and mean haymakers. Devlin SLAPS Breeze, so Breeze CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Breeze unloads and then whips to dropkick Devlin down! Fans are fired up as Breeze drops a leg! Cover, TWO, but Breeze sticks close. Breeze drags Devlin up to snapmare and drive elbows into shoulders. Breeze cranks Devlin’s neck but Devlin endures. Devlin works his way up and throws body shots to get free. Devlin rocks Breeze with the European Uppercut, then whips. Breeze reverses to back drop Devlin high and hard! Devlin flounders up but Breeze clotheslines him out of the ring!

Breeze goes out to fetch Devlin but Devlin runs in. Breeze puts Devlin on the apron to get a Penalty Kick! And then a SUPER MOONSAULT! Direct hit and both men crash down! The ring count begins and Devlin sits up at 5. Breeze follows at 6, and both men stand at 8. They’re in at 9, and fans cheer as this match continues. Breeze drags himself up on the ropes as Devlin stands. Devlin hobbles over to throw hands and CHOPS! Breeze staggers and stumbles but Devlin is on him with more forearms. Breeze hits back with body shots, but Devlin gets him for the URENAGE! Standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Prince Pretty survives and NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Devlin looms over Breeze. Devlin has the arm and stands on Breeze’s chest as he pulls. The fans boo but Devlin drops down to tweak the arm. Breeze crawls to ropes but Devlin is on him. Devlin wants the ripcord but Breeze resists and punches back. Devlin runs in at the corner but gets a BOOT! Breeze rallies with forearms and a mule kick! Then a dropkick! Devlin flounders but fans fire up for Breeze as he hits a running forearm! Breeze whips but Devlin reverses, only for Breeze to kick him away! Breeze LARIATS Devlin down! Cover, TWO!! Devlin survives but fans still rally behind Breeze.

Breeze stalks after Devlin to a corner and brings him to the top rope. Devlin throws hands to fight him off, and leaps over Breeze. The bad leg slows Devlin down but he runs back in. Breeze puts him on the apron but Devlin shoulders back. Devlin climbs up and leaps, crossbody hits! But Breeze rolls it over, TWO!! Breeze waistlocks but Devlin bucks him off, SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Breeze still lives and Devlin is losing his cool! Devlin calm down and grits his teeth as Breeze stirs. Devlin hobbles over, puts Breeze in a drop zone and then heads up top. MOONSAULT gets boots! Breeze gets a takedown to a HALF CRAB! Devlin endures and crawls, but Breeze pulls him away! Devlin turns over to cradle counter, TWO!!

Breeze SUPER MODEL KICKS! Cover, TWO!?! Devlin lives and Full Sail is as shocked as Breeze! Breeze stalks behind Devlin to double chicken wing. Devlin back suplexes out but gets a big knee! Breeze runs into the corner but only gets buckles as Devlin jumps out. Slingshot CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Devlin is throwing a tantrum as Breeze still lives! “This is Awesome!” as Devlin and Breeze get up. Devlin throws body shots and jabs, but Breeze enziguris! Devlin HEADBUTTS!! Then he grabs the wrist, DEVLINSIDE!! Cover, Devlin wins!!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

Tyler Breeze gave the Irish Ace a run for his money in a non-title match, but it wasn’t enough. Who else will Devlin trump as he travels between the US and the UK with the Cruiserweight title?

Charlotte Flair arrives!

The Queen is back, but will she take the NXT Women’s Champion up on her challenge?

Bianca Belair heads to the ring first!

The EST and #1 Contender to Rhea Ripley’s title is first to grab a mic to address the NXT Universe. “So in a little bit over a week, I’ll be heading to TakeOver: Portland to become your next NXT women’s Champion.” But it seems Rhea forgot about all that, because she’s getting in Charlotte’s business. So Bianca will say this here and now. She don’t care about no queen, she wants Rhea. But instead, she gets the Queen! Charlotte heads to the ring now and Full Sail lets out a chorus of “WOO~!” Bianca is in no mood as Charlotte struts into the ring and grabs a mic for herself. Fans cheer, “Welcome Home!” and Charlotte loves how Full Sail “WOO~!”

But to Bianca Belair. Charlotte has a lot of respect for her. The EST is an amazing athlete. But she is not on Charlotte’s level. Charlotte is “tickled” having her and Rhea talk about the Queen. But Rhea is overlooking Bianca. Bianca makes this about herself, so while she’s running her mouth- Here comes Rhea! The Nightmare got Charlotte to show up, and now confronts her again. Rhea and Charlotte stare down, but Bianca steps in the middle. So Charlotte brushes her aside!? Bianca wants to go off but Rhea speaks first. If Charlotte’s come here for a purpose, then just spit it out. Rhea is “all about dropping The Queen at WrestleMania.” Bianca waits to see what happens next, and Charlotte glances at the belt.

“Hold up, hold up, uh-uh.” Bianca can’t believe Charlotte is standing in this ring, “and you don’ even go here!” Fans cheer for that Mean Girls reference, but Bianca says Rhea isn’t going to run through her at Portland. “Girl, uh-uh.” WrestleMania will end up the Queen VS The EST, and Charlotte can’t whoop Bianca. Charlotte says this is a conversation of champions, so please, Bianca. Stand over there, “and fix your braid.” Whoa! Even Rhea is shocked by that one. Rhea didn’t disrespect Charlotte, so she can’t come in here disrespecting them. Don’t get it wrong, Bianca and Rhea will rip each other apart in Portland, but there’s a saying here that Charlotte might’ve forgotten. “We Are NXT.” And Bianca DECKS Charlotte!

Bianca and Rhea work together to double Electric Chair SLAM Charlotte down!! Full Sail is thunderous as the two NXT alpha females stand tall over the Queen. But Rhea makes sure it’s clear, she is the one to face Charlotte at Mania. The Portland logo is a buzzsaw, but who is the one getting cut down?

Six Man Tag: Tommaso Ciampa & The Broserweights VS The Undisputed Era!

Regal’s decree brings us this huge main event! And stepping up for the foursome is reDRagon and Adam Cole BAYBAY! But will they be the right combination to take down the Dusty Cup winners and the Psycho Killer?

But before a bell or even their entrances, Ciampa, Riddle and Dunne continue where things left off! They get all four Undisputed Era members from behind and on stage! The brawl goes down to ringside as Cole is sent into steel steps and Fish throws hands on Riddle! Ciampa knocks Strong down while Dunne stomps Kyle. Dunne kicks Fish and CHOPS him against the apron. The Bruiserweight tortures Fish’s fingers but Fish throws a right hands. Dunne mule kicks while Ciampa has Strong on the ramp. Dunne grabs Fish to apron X-PLEX! Kyle leaps at Dunne but gets a KNEE from Ciampa! The referee works to restore order as Strong finds himself all alone. The 3v1 is now in Ciampa’s favor as he and the Broserweights stomp Strong down!

Ciampa throws Strong off the ramp and hurries after Cole. He puts Cole in the ring and this match finally begins, only for Kyle to clobber Ciampa from behind! Cole gets to safety as Kyle runs and throws hands with Ciampa! Kyle gets Ciampa down for some ground ‘n’ pound and big knees all around. He runs, but into Ciampa’s elbow! Ciampa throws more forearms then whips. Kyle reverses but Ciampa comes back with a clothesline! Tag to Riddle and Riddle gives Kyle some Bro Kicks! Kyle blocks one to kick back and tag in Fish. Fish goes after Riddle but gets forearms. They brawl but Riddle gets the edge. Fish knees low and then more strikes. Fans troll with the tongue twister as Riddle gets Fish down with an armbar!

Fish rolls around but Riddle rolls him back. Fish makes it a cover, TWO, but knees low. Tag to Cole but Riddle ROUNDHOUSES Cole down! Tag to Dunne and he helps Riddle with a corkscrew senton, to then add a basement dropkick! Cole flounders to a ring and Dunne runs in. Cole elbows back but Dunne goes up and over. Dunne enziguris Cole in the corner! And then pump handles, but no Bitter End! Cole is in a corner, he puts Dunne outside but Dunne punches back. Fish anchors Dunne but Dunne kicks him away to MOONSAULT! But Strong gives Dunne an apron backbreaker! The numbers game continues to work as Cole gets Dunne in. Cole rains down rights but fans rally for Dunne.

Cole drags Dunne over, Fish tags in, and Fish stomps Dunne down. Fish drags Dunne up to snapmare and slingshot for the senton! Fans do have to cheer that agility as Fish drags Dunne to the Undisputed corner. Tag to Kyle and reDRagon mugs Dunne in the corner. Kyle fires off fists but the ref backs him off. Kyle returns to tag Fish, and reDRagon throw more knees. They double whip Dunne but Dunne elbows Kyle away. Dunne puts fish on the apron then leaps to dropkick Kyle’s legs out! Fans fire up as Dunne heads for his corner. Fish gets in to drag Dunne away. Dunne kicks but Fish ducks and the enziguri gets Kyle! Hot tag to Riddle!

The Bro rallies with kicks on reDRagon, and then super forearms and a PELE! Riddle kips up to forearm smash Fish in the corner, and throw him with a BROSPLODER! Then he does the same to Kyle! Broton for Fish! Broton for Kyle! Fish is up, Riddle German Suplexes! Bridge cover, TWO! The Undisputed Era regroups and fans boo as NXT goes picture in picture.

Riddle glares as the Undisputed Era flank the ring. Riddle sees Fish coming but he still gets caught to a fireman’s carry. He escapes to fireman’s carry Fish in return, but Fish fights out. Fish spins Riddle into big forearms and kicks. Riddle gut wrench suplexes in return! And holds on to bring Fish up! Cole runs in but Riddle back drops him while again giving Fish a gut wrench suplex! Riddle still holds Fish but Kyle runs in! Riddle lets Fish go to block the takedown! Kyle is caught and Riddle drags him up for another gut wrench! But then Fish CLOBBERS Riddle with the elbow!

Fish drags Riddle up and to the Undisputed corner. Cole tags in to stomp away on Riddle, then bring him up for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Cole grows annoyed with Riddle as he drags him up again. Cole feeds Riddle to Fish’s boot but tags in Kyle. Kyle kicks away on Riddle in the corner then rams in a knee! Kyle runs side to side to BOOT Riddle down! Tag to Fish and reDRagon mugs Riddle more. Fish throws body shots and kicks to then elbow Riddle down. Fish clamps on with a facelock as NXT returns to single picture.

Riddle endures and fans rally up. Riddle fights to his feet and throws body shots. Fish knees back but Riddle brawls with him. Fish drop toeholds and then tags Cole in. Cole drops elbows on Riddle then rams knees into Riddle’s back! Cole clamps on with a chinlock and grinds Riddle down. Fans rally again and Riddle fights his way back up. Riddle throws body shots but Cole knees low. Tag to Kyle, and Team Future Shock gives Riddle a combination Ushigoroshi Backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Kyle clamps on with a facelock to grind Riddle down again. Fans rally and duel as Riddle fights his way up. Riddle powers Kyle back but Kyle throws strikes. The two brawl but Riddle fires off CHOPS! Kyle kicks a leg then hops on with a guillotine!

Riddle stays standing as Kyle body scissors. Riddle powers out to a suplex, Kyle waistlocks, but Riddle standing switches. Wristlock and ripcord, but Kyle blocks the knee to a GERMAN! But Riddle is back up!? To give Kyle a GERMAN! Kyle stands on wobbly legs to ROCK Riddle with a right! Riddle rebounds to PENALTY KICK! Both men are down and Full Sail fires up! Strong distracts Ciampa and Fish trips Dunne off the apron! Then Fish trips up Ciampa! Kyle hits Riddle with a big forearm, but Riddle dodges a boot. Both men block kicks to get DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSE! Tags to Dunne and Cole! The Bruiserweight rallies on the Undisputed Era, and gets Cole for a GERMAN!

Dunne stomps both hands, then BUZZSAWS! Kyle runs in but Dunne gets him for a X-Plex onto Cole! Dunne BUZZSAWS Cole again! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up as Dunne goes to a corner and climbs up top. Dunne MOONSAULTS, but Cole evades! Dunne rolls through to his feet, to get the LAST SHOT SHINING WIZARD! Cole hops up top, but his Sunset gets a FOREARM! Dunne drags Cole up, but Cole hits LAST SHOT BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Dunne survives and this match continues! Cole and Dunne crawl, Fish tags in then tags in Kyle. The NXT Tag Team Champions stand Dunne up, but he fights off their high-low attack! Kyle German suplexes but Dunne lands on his feet! Dunne dodges to tag in Ciampa!

Ciampa rallies on the Undisputed Era and fans cheer “Daddy’s Home!” Ciampa throws Fish out, dodges Kyle to boot Fish down, then throws Kyle overhead! Fans fire up as Ciampa KNEES Kyle into ropes! Is that spit or a tooth that goes flying?! Ciampa underhooks Kyle but Strong sticks his head into the ring! So Ciampa gives Strong WILLOW’S BELL! Ciampa gets Cole but Cole gets away. Kyle kicks, but no ax or smash as Ciampa ROCKS Kyle! Powerbomb lift, PROJECT CIAMPA! Cover, but Fish breaks it! Riddle gives Fish a SPEAR! Kyle and Ciampa crawl but Ciampa is up. He drags Kyle away from Cole, but then realizes, he wants Cole! Kyle tags Cole and Cole gets in. Cole and Ciampa stare down, and they brawl!

Ciampa shoves and BOOTS Cole but Cole PELES! Dunne runs in to DECK Fish! And enziguri Kyle! Kyle yo-yos but into the fireman’s carry from Riddle! BROSERWEIGHT TO SLEEP! Cole SUPERKICKS Dunne! Then SUPERKICKS Riddle! Ciampa blocks the third to LARIAT Cole! And then the underhooks, but Strong KNEES Ciampa down!

Winners: Tommaso Ciampa & The Broserweights, by disqualification

The Undisputed Era just couldn’t help themselves, and now Strong stomps Ciampa in a corner! Fans boo as Cole joins in. The ref reprimands them but they won’t stop. Meanwhile, reDRagon has Dunne, for CHASING THE DRAGON onto the floor!! Riddle drags himself up but he gets TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Strong gives Ciampa END OF HEARTACHE! The Undisputed Era regroups in the ring to loom over Ciampa, even as the ref tells them to get out. Instead of leaving, Strong gives Cole a can of spray paint! Cole shakes it up while the others hold Ciampa in place. Cole says they’re going to make an example out of Ciampa, as they spray a big yellow X on his back. X marks the spot as they all stomp him down again!

The ref keeps trying to stop this but the Undisputed Era are in control. Cole tells Ciampa, “Your story with the NXT Championship, it’s over! You are a joke!” Cole brings down the knee pad, aiming for that X, but wait! The numbers! The three circles! They were three eyes all along! VELVETEEN DREAM RETURNS! ANd he’s already on the top rope?! BIG ax handles and fast hands! Full Sail is electric as Dream just thrashes and wrecks the Undisputed Era! Dream wants revenge for the backbreaking he got, and he SUPERKICKS Cole! Then gives Strong the Dream Valley Driver! Dream rips his tights away to reveal he has Strong’s wife and son on the pair beneath!! Dream then rains down angry rights on Strong until the Undisputed Era drag Strong to safety!

Full Sail is still at a fever pitch for Dream as they chant, “Welcome Back!” Dream is ready to take over again! Will there be a #StrongDreamREMATCH awaiting us all in Portland?

My Thoughts:

What an episode! It is great to see that though the Undisputed Era, we get a great blending of stories and a GREAT main event. The Broserweight Mobile was great but could still use some more upgrades, as the bulbs weren’t really that bright. Not even sure they were working the entire time. Again, the Six Man Tag was an amazing match, and the return of Velveteen Dream was amazing! Clearly we’re getting Dream VS Strong again, and surely at TakeOver as the other grudge match given we’ve also got Dakota Kai VS Tegan Nox in a Street Fight on the card. I think TakeOver’s big enough to have more than five matches now.

For that matter, I wonder if there’ll be an NXT Cruiserweight Championship match. Garza VS Swerve and Devlin VS Breeze were both amazing matches, so seeing those two work to out-Heel the other would be incredible. Mercedes VS KC was a fun match, but clearly it was going to be Mercedes’ win since she’s getting a push now that she’s dedicated to NXT. Dijakovic VS Dain was a really good match, and it’s great to know we’ll get Lee VS Dijakovic for the title at TakeOver. I don’t see the title changing but that is going to be yet another awesome match. The interview segment with Balor and Gargano was heated and the Charlotte-Rhea-Bianca segment was a lot of fun. TakeOver: Portland is just shaping up to be perfect, honestly.

My Score: 9.3/10

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