WWE NXT – Full Results (1/11/2017)


Welcome to this week’s edition of live play-by-play coverage for NXT!

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce vs. Macey Estrella & Sarah Bridges

Kay and Royce start the match with the upper hand, but Estrella tags in Sarah Bridges who tries to start a comeback with a drop kick to Royce, and pins Kay after throwing her into the ropes. However, Royce comes in and breaks it up. Kay hits Bridges face first with her knee, and Royce covers for the pin as this one is over.

Winners – Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

Kay and Royce cut a promo inside the ring. Royce says that Asuka’s title belongs to them. Asuka comes out and is attempted to be restrained by officials. Asuka fights her way to the ring, but gets stomped on by Royce and Kay. Nikki Cross comes in and breaks up the beatdown on Asuka. Cross pounds Kay on the canvas and then chases both Royce and Kay out of the ring. Kay and Royce retreat as Nikki Cross goes after Asuka after the NXT Women’s champion gets up. Nikki Cross expresses anger and struts round in the ring as her music plays.

Backstage, Nikki Cross threatens to take Asuka’s championship as Sanity escorts her.

Elias Samson vs. Jonathan Cruz

Elias Samson comes out after a acoustic performance vignette. Cruz gets the jobber entrance as he looks to the despised guitar player. Cruz and Samson lock up but both break off after a brief struggle. Samson handles Cruz with a wristlock and Cruz tries to fight back, but Samson hits some chops. Cruz attempts two schoolboy pins to no avail. Cruz attempts a Hurricurana and sends Cruz flying to the canvas. Samson quickly responds with a vicious clothesline and which knocks out Cruz cold. Cruz is forced to get back up by Samson. Samson tosses Cruz around and stretches him out against the ring post. Samson hits a jumping knee outside before getting back in the ring with his opponent. Cruz hits a big boot to the face of Cruz and follows it up with a neckbreaker. Samson goes for the pin and gets it as Cruz is seeing stars.

Winner – Elias Samson

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs.  Oney Lorcan

Lorcan and Almas come out with their respective entrances. The commentators recap Lorcan’s upset victory over Almas that took place at Osaka before tonight. Lorcan and Almas face off. Lorcan attempts to gain the upper hand but Almas goes Tranquilo on Lorcan and taunts him by posing on the canvas. The two find their way outside as Lorcan hits a neckbreaker after jumping off the edge of the ring. Back inside, Lorcan attempts a pin but only gets a two count. Almas begins to fight back and corners Lorcan against the turnbuckle as he stomps into him. Almas hits a drop kick and tries for a pin on Lorcan. The ref gets to two before Lorcan kicks out. Almas follows up with a armbar but Lorcan manages to fight out. Lorcan hits a Alabama Slam on Almas against the turnbuckle. Lorcan and the referee somehow get into a argument, which allows Almas hit a drop kick to Lorcan’s knee. Almas quickly executes his finishing move and gets the three count after he pins Lorcan.

Winner – Andrade “Cien” Almas

After the match, Almas cuts a promo inside the ring in Spanish. Almas expresses his Tranquilo attitude as the crowd appears to be upset by his preferred language.

Backstage, Nakamura is interviewed. Nakamura is asked about how he feels to have Samoa Joe behind him. Nakamura says the matches against Joe were tough, and he is proud to be NXT champion. Nakamura is then asked about Roode being the #1 contender. Nakamura says Roode is good looking, well dressed, and a good wrestler. Nakamura says Roode can’t beat him though. Nakamura is given a ticket from NXT Takeover Dallas. Nakamura says “He kept this?” The interview concludes.

NXT Tag Team Title Match – D.I.Y (Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa) (C) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)

After their respective entrances and introductions, the match starts and The Revival build up some early momentum. Wilder does a low knee tackle on Gargano and continues to work on his knee with targeted elbow drops. Dawson is tagged in and carries out further attacks on Gargano’s knee. Gargano crawls out of the ring but is tossed back in by Wilder, who then tags back in Dawson. Dawson twists Gargano’s knee after locking it in as Wilder is tagged back in. Gargano rolls up Wilder in a schoolboy pin but the referee is distracted by Dawson. The ref turns around and counts, but is too late as Wilder kicks out at two. Dawson gets back in and stomps away on Gargano. Gargano gets pushed out of the ring again and the referee begins to count him out. Dawson and Wilder get him back inside as Dawson is identified as the legal man. Ciampa is held back by the referee as Wilder hits a leg drop from the top turnbuckle. Dawson attempts the pin, but Gargano fights out at two.

Dawson locks in a standing single leg Boston Crab on Gargano. Wilder gets tagged in and teases Gargano with some baby slaps. Gargano manages to tag in Ciampa as the other half of D.I.Y goes to work on The Revival. Ciampa hits a shoulder block on Dawson and hits a knee on him in the turnbuckle. Ciampa hits a series of three German Suplexes on Dawson and comes back at him with a running knee. He attempts the pin but only gets the two count again. Dawson is able to tag in Wilder as Wilder and Dawson team up on Ciampa. Dawson hits a clothesline and attempts another pin, but Ciampa kicks out. Gargano superkicks Dawson out of the ring as Ciampa locks in a armbar on Wilder. Wilder is about to tap but Dawson breaks it up by kicking Gargano onto Ciampa. Dawson and Wilder team up on Ciampa but Gargano gets back in and kicks Dawson in the face. With some chaos going on, Dawson rolls up Gargano. Gargano kicks out at two again. Gargano does a suicide dive to the outside as Ciampa holds the ropes open for him. Dawson, Wilder, and Gargano appear to be reeling outside. Gargano tosses Dawson back in the ring.

Wilder distracts Gargano as Ciampa and Dawson struggle. Dawson hits a DDT on Ciampa but Ciampa kicks out at two again after another pinfall attempt! Gargano knocks off Wilder off the top rope as Ciampa recovers and fight back against both members of The Revival. After a double knee strike by both Gargano and Ciampa, both men do a double pinfall on Dawson and Wilder. The referee counts to three and this one is over! D.I.Y retains!

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