WWE NXT – Results (4/19/2017)


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Hideo Itami confronts Bobby Roode

The show starts off with Roode coming out to the ring in street clothes, prepared to address the NXT crowd. Roode says he made WrestleMania weekend glorious, and single handedly sold out the AmWay Center. He also claims 15,000 people came solely for him. Roode says he made Nakamura look foolish. Roode says he wasn’t willing to stick around and listen to Nakamura’s lies. He further states that he beat Nakamura for the second time and embarrassed him so bad that he got the hell out of NXT. Roode then says everyone will have to get used to Roode’s NXT.

Hideo Itami comes out in a suit and faces down Roode. Roode looks confused. Hideo Itami slaps the taste out of Roode’s mouth. Roode starts to talk smack and says Hideo can’t slap the champion. Roode comes after Itami but his seemingly future opponent locks him into a GTS and hits it, laying Roode out cold. Itami stands tall in the ring as his music hits.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs Danny Burch

Almas comes out first followed by Burch. Almas establishes control early in the match, cornering Burch in a turnbuckle. Almas uses both feet to leverage weight after slapping his British challenger. Burch fights back with an uppercut but Almas immediately responds with a big boot followed by a running double knee strike in another turnbuckle. Almas hits the Hammerlock DDT for the full pinfall and victory.

Winner via Pinfall – Andrade “Cien” Almas

Peyton Royce & Billie Kay vs Liv Morgan & Aliyah

Aliyah gets the shock victory in a quick match with a Sunset Flip rollup pinfall (technical issues here with WordPress).

Winners via Pinfall – Liv Morgan & Aliyah

Steel Cage Match – Eric Young vs Tye Dillinger

Both competitors make their entrances to enter the steel cage. Dillinger gets early momentum in the match and keeps Eric Young grounded with some quick offense. After the commercial break, Eric Young is found getting back into the match, showing off his strength by hanging Dillinger from the turnbuckle in a sleeper hold. Young attempts to drag up Dillinger but Dillinger fights back with some blows aimed at Young’s kidneys. Dillinger and Young both fight up the nearest turnbuckle in an attempt to escape. However, Dillinger gets dragged off for a power bomb. Young attempts the pin but Dillinger kicks out at two. Dillinger gets some momentum back after the commercial break as he grounds Young on the floor against the cage and stomps on him. Dillinger follows up with a superkick, which leaves Young a little bloodied on the face. Dillinger attempts to climb the cage to escape, but Young manages to catch him. After a brief struggle, Dillinger gets knocked down to the canvas. Young climbs to the top of the cage and hits a flying elbow drop. Young attempts the pinfall but Dillinger manages to kick out at two.

Young drags up Dillinger after both men recover, but Dillinger picks up Young for the Tyebreaker. Unable to cover, Dillinger goes after the exit but Sanity interferes, shutting the cage door. No Way Jose and Roderick Strong attempt to help Dillinger but Sanity quickly deals with them. Dillinger attempts to escape again but Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain both block his way. Dillinger instead decides to go for the cross body off the cage. Dillinger finally gets an opening to escape the cage for the victory.

Winner via cage escape – Tye Dillinger

After the match, Dillinger and friends celebrate and retreat up the ramp while Sanity looks on in confusion from inside the cage.



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