WWE NXT – Results (7/12/2017)


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Aleister Black vs Bobby Fish

Aleister Black makes his entrance first, followed by Bobby Fish. Fish and Black exchange some strikes as both try to gain an advantage, neither do. Black gets some quick Muay Thai strikes in on Fish’s lower body and forces his opponent to retreat. After the commercial break, Fish gets back in the ring and catches Black off guard with a dragon screw. Fish continues to work on Black’s legs with a ankle hold into a single leg Boston Crab. Black manages to fight out and gets in a series of hard hitting strikes to set up the Black Mass. Black gets the pinfall and victory.

Winner via Pinfall – Aleister Black

Jayme Hachey vs Vanessa Borne

Hachey starts off the match strong but keeping Borne grounded on the canvas with a grappling and submission approach. Borne comes back with some chops and elbows, and knocks down Hachey with a dropkick. Borne hits Hachey with a side powerslam and gets the pinfall for the victory.

Winner via Pinall – Vanessa Borne

Johnny Gargano returns from injury

Gargano comes out to the ring to new music as the fans welcome him with some applause. The crowd chants “Johnny Wrestling” after his music cuts and then they quiet down as Gargano begins to speak. Gargano thanks the fans and says that chant and the ring were inseparable. Gargano also says he missed the fans and missed being in the wrong. Gargano then finishes by saying he wants to be at Takeover and needs to be Johnny Wrestling again.

NXT Tag Team Championship – Heavy Machinery (Otis Dozovic & Tucker Night) vs Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) (c)

Heavy Machinery comes out first, followed by the champions. Akam and Knight start off the match and are unable to gain any advantages. Rezar and Dozovic get tagged in and both exchange some strikes as they test each other’s strength. Rezar attempts to knock down Dozovic but Dozovic does the honor for Rezar instead, sending the other AOP member down to the canvas. After the commercial break, Rezar has Tucker Knight in a chinlock. Knight struggles to get up but Rezar knocks him back down with a chop to the back. Rezar launches some closed fits on the downed Knight as the crowd jeers. Dozovic comes in and gets some momentum for his team after Akam and Rezar dominate for a bit. Tucker and Dozovic clear out Rezar and attempt to get a pinfall on Akam, but Akam kicks out of an assisted bodyslam. Akam and Rezar fight back and get a double Russian Leg Sweep on Dozovic. Rezar gets the pinfall and victory.

Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions – Authors of Pain

Rezar and Akam celebrate with Ellering in the ring. Sanity come out and stare down AOP as the show closes. 


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