WWE NXT – Results (8/16/2017)


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Asuka and Ember Moon contract signing

Asuka and Moon come out to the ring with William Regal and stand at opposite ends of a table. Moon takes the microphone first and says Asuka was one of the most dominant champions in WWE history. Moon says that Asuka beat her at Orlando, and then jumped her from behind when he was working for another chance. Asuka then cuts a promo in Japanese. They both sign the contract and the two face off with Asuka holding the title up in the air.

 The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) vs Lars Sullivan & Chris Silvio

The Street Profits quickly dispatch Sullivan and Silvio with some quick offense, ending with a Frog Splash.

Winners via Pinfall – The Street Profits

Billie Kay vs Ruby Riot

Riot and Kay make their entrances, with Kay coming out first. Kay starts off the match strong, keeping Riot grounded and cornered. Kay lays some strikes on Riot in the turnbuckle, but Riot fights out and starts giving elbows into Kay’s chest. Riot kicks Kay in the face and goes for the pin, but Riot kicks out. Kay and Riot exchange some more moves, but Riot comes back to finish the match with a back press followed by an overhead kick. Riot gets the pinfall and three count for the victory.

Winner via Pinfall – Ruby Riot

After the match, Peyton Royce cuts a promo and calls Riot a gross, tattered loser. Royce says Ruby will never iconic.

Roderick Strong vs Drew McIntyre

Strong comes out first, followed by the Scotsman. McIntyre shows his strength early in the match. Strong recovers quickly and hits McIntyre with a dropkick, sending his opponent to the outside. Strong and McIntyre exchange some elbows outside of the ring. Strong, sensing an advantage, runs towards McIntyre but McIntyre ducks and sends Strong against the ring apron. McIntyre renews his assault against Strong.

After the commercial break, Strong gains some ground against McIntyre in the ring, cornering him with strikes near a turnbuckle, and then grounding him with an arm-based abdominal stretch. McIntyre fights out but is cornered against by Strong, who knocks him down with a running kick. Strong keeps McIntyre grounded on the canvas and locks in a chinlock stretch, but McIntyre fights out and sends his opponent reeling with a lariat. Strong recovers and attempts a renewed assault but McIntyre sends him back with a belly-to-belly suplex.

McIntyre and Strong exchange some strikes after both recover, but the Scotsman manages to corner and punish Strong again. McIntyre jumps off the top rope and gives Strong a jumping clothesline. Strong manages to get back up on his feet quickly. McIntyre has different ideas though and gives Strong a reverse Alabama Slam.

McIntyre warms up the claymore and launches for the attempt, but Strong counters with a high kick of his own and goes for a backbreaker and pin, but the former “chosen one” kicks out. Strong gets in a tough knee strike on McIntyre while mounted on a turnbuckle, but McIntyre knocks the wind out of him. Strong still struggles and gets McIntyre to crash his groin on the turnbuckle. Bobby Roode comes in to interfere and attacks McIntyre. The referee calls for the bell and the match ends in a no contest.

No Contest

Bobby Roode continues his assault on McIntyre, and also goes after Strong. Roode gets in the ring and stands over his future Takeover opponent, who struggles to get himself up at the expense of Roode’s clothes. Roode responds with his Glorious DDT and looks down n the fallen Scotsman. The crowd jeers Roode but Roode gets up on the turnbuckle to blow Strong a kiss. Roode holds up his title and talks trash to McIntyre as the show closes. 

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