WWE NXT – Results (2/15/2017)


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Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) vs Two Random Jobbers

Akam and Rezar make quick work of their jobber opponents, slamming them into turnbuckles and then hitting their finisher on one of the jobbers for a quick pinfall and victory.

Winners – Authors of Pain

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce vs Liv Morgan & Ember Moon

Both teams make their respective entrances, with Billie Kay and Peyton Royce coming out first. Ember Moon starts the match working on Billie Kay with some kicks, but Peyton Royce distracts Moon and enables Kay to try for a pin, but Moon kicks out. Royce gets tagged in continues to work on Ember Moon before tagging in Kay again. Ember Moon is able to even the score with Kay, and is able to tag in Liv Morgan while Kay tags in Royce. Liv Morgan hits the STO on Royce and tries for the pin, but Kay comes in and breaks it up. Royce hits a knee on Morgan and Kay goes for the pinfall and victory.

Winners – Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

D.I.Y comes out to the ring. Ciampa says they traveled the world together and no team was tougher than the Authors of Pain. Gargano says they saw strong doubt in their eyes, and they know they will come back and beat them. Gargano says they are ready for a fight. Paul Ellering comes out with Authors of Pain and says that if they are so hellbent on self-desruction, they can have their rematch in two weeks for the NXT Tag Team titles. From behind, The Revival storms the ring and attack D.I.Y. Authors of Pain come in and clear the ring and leave visibly angry and frustrated. Outside, D.I.Y reel in pain.

WWE United Kingdom Championship Title – Tyler Bate (c) vs Trent Seven

Tyler Bate and Trent Seven start off the bout evenly matched. Tyler Bate begins to toy with Seven, but Seven comes back and knocks him down with a clothesline. Seven pushes Bate into a corner and hits a running slap, and follows up with a suplex. Seven goes for the cover but Bate kicks out quickly. Bate knocks down Seven with a dropkick and taunts him using his Mustache taunt. Seven rolls outside but Bate gets him back inside. Bate drops a elbow to the side of Seven’s neck. Bate and Seven exchange some strikes as Bate corners Seven into a corner. Bate delivers a few sharp elbows. Seven asks for more as Bate keeps delivering them. Seven tries for a backslide and pin but Bate kicks out at two. Seven goes outside and Bate chases after him with a suicide dive. Both men are outside as the referee begins his count. Bate and Seven get back in quickly.

Seven goes for a reverse power bomb and tries for the cover, but Bate kicks out. Bate gets Seven up for a Helicopter Spin, doing it twice. Seven gets dropped as both men are visibly dizzy. Bate stalks Seven and establishes back control to attempt a German suplex. Seven counters with a snap Dragon suplex and locks in Bate with a single leg Boston crab. Bate struggles to get to the ropes but manages to reverse it, kicking Seven away. Bate gives Seven a big boot and both men exchange some strikes in the middle of the ring. Seven establishes back control and tries for the RAAAINMMAA….Seven Star Lariat! Seven pins but Bate kicks out at two!

Seven is on the top rope as Bate meets him at the same height. Seven throws some elbows to get him off, but Bate tries to establish front control on Seven. Bate hits a Exploder suplex off the top rope and tries for the pin, but Seven kicks out at two. Bate tries to lock in for the Tiger Driver ’97 but Seven counters. Bate hits a rolling kick instead and successfully locks in and hits the Tiger Driver ’97. Bate covers and gets the full pinfall and victory.

Winner and STILL WWE United Kingdom Champion – Tyler Bate

After the match, Tyler Bate celebrates in the ring and shakes hands with Seven before hugging as the show closes.

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