WWE NXT Results – December 5, 2018: Shayna Baszler vs. Dakota Kai


Winner: Shayna Baszler

After the match, Shafir and Duke kick Kai and Baszler joins in the attack.

Io Shirai makes her way to the ring to help Kai and she sends Baszler to the floor and then she hits a double drop kick on Duke and Shafir. Shirai with an uppercut to Baszler and Kai sets for the facewash from second base but Baszler is pulled to safety.

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We have a video package for Dominik Dijakovic.

Next week Bobby Fish will face EC3. Ricochet will also defend the North American Championship next week.

NXT Men’s Champion Tommaso Ciampa makes his way to the ring with Goldie.

Tommaso says another Takeover is in the books and Tommaso Ciampa is NXT’s MVP. Time and time again, he has proved to be a man of his word. He ended the fairy tale, he exposed the mystique, and turned the Dream into a nightmare. Still, you people refuse to accept him as your NXT Champion. Still, you refuse to believe in him. You don’t believe in him. Ciampa says the voice of NXT does not believe in him, but MAMA MIA, here he stands.

When everything is said and done, this title reign will go down as the single greatest title reign in the history of NXT. Children will grow up and study his work. You must understand that he is not the flavor of the week or flavor of the month. He is 2018’s Sports Entertainer of the Year. He will be 2019’s . . .

Aleister Black’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Black says he stood toe to toe with Johnny Gargano and he absolved him from his sins. Sins that you created, puppetmaster. You are not really the NXT Champion? He says he sees original sin, sin that he will absolve. Black invokes his right to challenge Ciampa for the NXT Title. At Takeover Phoenix . . .

Johnny Gargano’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Gargano says Al is getting ahead of himself because they are not finished. Thank you for absolving him of his sins. This is over when he says it is over.

Ciampa says he loves when you leave Johnny Wrestling in the back and become Johnny Badass. Ciampa says Aleister hears that and the people and champ know that when Johnny gets fixated on something, he does not let it go. Johnny Gargano is fixated on you. The champ gets it and he saw both of you fight at War Games. You nearly tore each other’s heads off. It should have been the two of you in that steel structure. There is some unfinished business. Ciampa says this is just his opinion, but if it were him, he would want to finish this the right way. He would want to finish this inside of a steel cage.

Ciampa says he is looking at Aleister and he knows that he likes how that sounds. He knows Johnny likes how that sounds. Full Sail wants to see you two fight inside a steel cage.

Johnny asks if that is what the people want. Johnny says let’s do it inside a steel cage. Johnny says he is not afraid of Black.

Black says Johnny Wrestling is dead and he showed Johnny mercy. He will fight Johnny in the parking lot.

Johnny asks how did the parking lot work the last time. He was out of action for three months. What will he do to Black inside a steel cage.

Black tries for Black Mass on Gargano but Gargano gets out of the ring and to safety. Black gives Ciampa Black Mass.

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Credit: PWinsider.com

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