WWE NXT Results for July 20, 2021


Tonight’s episode of WWE NXT is presented from the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida.

Quick Results for WWE NXT:

  • Bobby Fish and Kushida defeat Diamond Mine (Roderick Strong and Tyler Rust) via submission
  • Franky Monet defeats Jacy Hayne via pinfall
  • Kyle O’Reilly defeats Austin Theory via submission
  • Odyssey Jones defeats Andre Chase via pinfall
  • Drake Maverick defeats L.A Knight via pinfall
  • Raquel Gonzalez defeats Xia Li via pinfall

The show starts with a quick recap of what went down between Karrion Kross and Samoa Joe last week. Following this, Joe makes his entrance to kick off the show. There’s no suit for Samoa Joe tonight, business is clearly picking up. “Tick-tock, tick-tock, guess who’s come to smash your clock.” William Regal confronts Joe, arguing that this was not their agreement when he returned to NXT. Joe argues that Regal has no control over Karrion Kross, Regal makes it clear that the issue will be solved peacefully or else, Joe says he can’t guarantee that it’ll end peacefully, but that his issues with Kross will end tonight.

Raquel Gonzalez vs Xia Li for the NXT Women’s Championship is confirmed to be tonight’s main event.

Bobby Fish and Kushida vs Diamond Mine (Roderick Strong and Tyler Rust w/ Malcolm Bivens and Hideki Suzuki)

Before the match started. Fish/Kushida jumped the members of Diamond Mine, and we go into an ad break. Once we return, the match has started and Kushida and Fish are isolating Strong. Rust gets tagged in and is quickly on the end of some stiff shots from Fish, before he makes yet another tag to Kushida. Rust takes Kushida to his corner and Strong’s back in, a big backbreaker from Strong and it all starts to go Diamond Mine’s way. Quick tags between Rust and Strong as they keep the NXT Cruiserweight Champion away from Bobby Fish. Kushida manages to create himself enough space, taking out both members and finally getting over to tag Fish back in. Despite Fish coming in with a head of steam, Diamond Mine would start to target the lower body of Fish working him down over and over again. Fish would edge closer to Kushida, only for Strong to deny him the tag. Rust came in and began to stretch out a visibly exhausted Fish, he looked set to keep Kushida out of the contest but took his eyes off Fish. Both men would tag in their partners after a big spinebuster from Fish on Rust. It was Kushida who seemed to have the better of Strong, and Strong seemed to know it, tagging Rust back in almost immediately. Rust would come very close to getting the win, drawing a two-count before Fish made the save. After that, it was all Kushida who quickly locked in the Hoverboard Lock to secure the submission victory after Rust immediately tapped out. Diamond Mine’s first loss in NXT.

Winners: Kushida and Bobby Fish

We see a vignette from earlier in the day starring Cameron Grimes, Drake Maverick and LA Knight.

Odyssey Jones has a short backstage vignette hyping his next match in the NXT Breakout Tournament.

The date for the next WWE NXT TakeOver is revealed as 8/22/21. Which will be a Sunday the day after SummerSlam 2021.

Franky Monet (w/ Jessi Kamea) vs Jacy Jayne

Monet is noticeably joined by Robert Stone’s associate Jessi Kamea, and as the match starts Stone also makes his way to ringside. Monet sends Jayne into the corner and charges her sending her knees into Jayne’s face. Mandy Rose also appears and begins to lay across the commentary desk. Jayne briefly gets the better of Monet, getting a two-count after a neckbreaker. Her moment of glory was quickly cut short after Monet plants her with the Glam Slam. Both Stone and Kamea celebrate with Monet after the match.

Winner: Franky Monet

A backstage interaction airs, where Kyle O’Reilly challenges Austin Theory to a match tonight. Gargano makes it clear he won’t be at Theory’s side for the match.

Commentary confirmed NXT is set to air on SyFy for the next two weeks.

Wade Barrett has a sit-down interview with Bronson Reed. Reed talks about he has to push forward, and fight harder than ever. He says he will finish the job he started when he fights Adam Cole next week.

Kyle O’Reilly vs Austin Theory

O’Reilly’s first match since losing to Adam Cole at the Great American Bash, and it starts off cagey. Both men trade blows and holds, as they try to one-up each other. This continues going forward, as neither man seems to be able to string multiple moves together without a response from their opponent. Theory brings O’Reilly to the ground with a headlock and proceeds to trash-talk him. O’Reilly finally gets out and sits Theory down, before mocking him with a slap. He sends an infused Theory to the outside, and then begins to work over him once he’s back inside. O’Reilly begins to twist and strain Theory’s arm, who escapes picking up a two-count. He picks up yet another near fall shortly after as a result of a float-over neckbreaker. O’Reilly locks in a heel hook, but Theory makes it to the ropes. Back on his feet and Theory suplexes O’Reilly for yet another two count. O’Reilly offers some serious offence for the first time in a while, with a series of stiff kicks and knees. Theory manages to stop an armbar attempt from O’Reilly but Kyle rolls through and locks in a heel hook near the centre of the ring. Theory makes it to the ropes, and suckers in O’Reilly getting his fourth and fifth two counts, with O’Reilly kicking out later and later. Theory looks like he’s had enough and goes to grab the ringsteps, he doesn’t use them but it incenses O’Reilly. O’Reilly follows him back into the ring and he’s snapped, kicking and stomping away at Theory. He heads to the top rope and launches a knee onto Theory’s leg. O’Reilly then put Theory in a leglock for the submission victory. He refuses to let the hold go after the bell.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

Backstage, Raquel Gonzales makes it clear that Xia Li does not scare her ahead of their WWE NXT Women’s Championship match tonight.

After we return from an ad break, Legado Del Fantasma look set to have their “Mariachi Musical Madness”. Instead, Santos Escobar sends away his band, says he isn’t going to do the Hit Row thing. Instead, he says he’s going to take the WWE NXT North American Championship. Hit Row arrive, and talk down to the members of Legado Del Fantasma. Swerve references his match against Escobar back in 2020, and says he will make Santos his b*tch. Hit Row head to the ring, and it looks like we’re set for a brawl. The members of both factions fight each other as the ring clears except Swerve and Escobar. Escobar looks set to break a guitar over Swerve’s back before Ashante Adonis stops him. Swerve gets the guitar and swings for Escobar who gets out of the ring, but as a result, it’s one of the other members of Legado Del Fantasma who takes the hit.

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