WWE NXT Results – January 24, 2018: Johnny Gargano vs. The Velveteen Dream


Welcome to WWE NXT. The lights go out and Velveteen Dream wants ambiance and atmosphere.  He then wants illumination.  Dream says we all dream of being NXT champion one day.  Johnny Gargano, you dream of one day becoming NXT Champion.  Dream says he does not doubt that he is a top superstar, but when you have the choice between Gargano and Velveteen Dream, your life is tainted in doubt while Dream is pure.  No matter how the pieces fall, a dream will be over.

We are in Atlanta, Georgia and your announcers are Percy Watson, Mauro Ranallo, and Nigel McGuinness.

No Way Jose versus Cezar Bononi

They lock up and Jose with a side head lock.  Bononi grabs the hair to apply a side head lock and he follows with a shoulder tackle.  Jose with a leap frog and running shoulder tackle.  Jose with a reverse atomic drop to counter a leap frog.  Jose with an arm drag into an arm bar.  Jose maintains the arm bar but Bononi gets to his feet.  Bononi sends Jose to the mat by the hair and hits a drop kick.  Bononi kicks Jose in the corner.

Bononi with punches to Jose in the corner and follows with a pump handle power slam for a near fall.  Bononi with a knee to the back and he applies a reverse chin lock on the mat.  Jose with a swinging neck breaker and both men are down.  Bononi gets to his feet first but Jose with a series of jabs and double chops.  Jose with a power slam and then he pulls off the forearm pad for a pop up forearm for the three count.

Winner:  No Way Jose

We have a video package for the Black/Cole match on Saturday.

Bianca Belair versus Latoya Alsop

Belair with a waist lock take down and then they lock up and Belair backs Latoya into the corner.  Latoya goes for a rollup but Belair holds on to the turnbuckles and then connects with a running shoulder tackle.  Belair with kicks in the corner and then she connects with shoulders in the corner.  Belair goes for a slam but Latoya escapes.  Belair with a back breaker to counter a head scissors take down.  Belair pie faces Latoya.

Belair with a forearm to the back followed by a forearm and then she applies a double overhook and then she picks up Latoya and sends her to the mat.  Belair misses a splash into the cornr and Latoya with a kick but she goes to the turnbuckles and is met with a punch and hair whip to the midsection.  Belair with a fallaway power bomb for the three count.

Winner:  Bianca Belair

Percy Watson did an interview with Ember Moon and Shayna Baszler.

Percy congratulates Ember on her victory and the obstacles she had to overcome.  Percy asks why did she call out Shayna.  Ember says that Shayna tries for shortcuts and she tried to injure Dakota Kai.  Ember asks if Shayna is compensating for something.

Percy asks Shayna about her actions in NXT.  Shayna says it was not about them.  You have to stir up the water to catch fish.  Ember is the big fish in this pond.

Ember asks if Shayna didn’t think she knew what Shayna is doing.  Ember talks about the code that the women in NXT follow and Shayna has avoided them.  If you ever become NXT Women’s Champion, you might get a small glimpse of things.  Ember says it will not happen at Takeover.

Percy asks Shayna about the match on Saturday.  Shayna says Ember is right.  You achieved your dreams.  You started at the bottom and beat the odds.  You achieved your dreams.  The difference between you and me is that she does not care about what the people think about the path she had to take.  In Philadelphia, you will wake up and see her walking away with the title and you know that is Shayna walking away with your dreams.

Percy asks Shayna if there is one thing the NXT Universe needs to know about her.  Shayna says they will have to get used to her and she does not care what they think about how she got to this point.

We go to commercial.

We are back with part two with TM61 .  Shane says TM61 is a missile, but everyone mentions it is a Pokemon thing.  Shane mentions his match with Roderick Strong and he mentions his injury.  Nick says he knew something was wrong.  They made it to the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Classic.  We see footage of the match from Takeover in Toronto.  He talks about what the Revival did to his leg and he knew he needed to get surgery.  Nick talks about Shane coming back better and stronger than ever.

We see Shane coming out of the hospital.  He thanks the Revival for putting him through that pain because it showed some weakness.  Nick says people do not know what they can do.  The Mighty Don’t Kneel is more than a name.  They will not kneel to anyone.  Nick says they will prove that TM61 are everything they said they are.  The Tag Titles is what brought them to NXT.

Harley Race says they are on their way to being the very best.

They will return to the ring next week.

Akam and Rezar versus Damien Smith and Chase Brown

They attack Brown and Smith before the bell and then hit running Death Valley Drivers into the turnbuckles.

Akam asks Undisputed Era if they see this.  This is you.  Rezar says at Takeover it is your day.

Akam and Rezar with Super Collider.

We go to commercial.

Next week, Lacey Evans will face Nikki Cross.

Johnny Gargano versus Velveteen Dream for the Title Match at Takeover

They lock up and Dream with a wrist lock.  Gargano with a drop toe hold into a front face lock.  Dream tries to escape but Gargano holds on to the front face lock.  Dream escapes and he applies a front face lock.  Gargano tries to escape and Dream holds on.  Gargano gets to his feet and Dream with a snap mare and he poses.  Dream says something to Gargano about not being ready and Gargano applies the GargaNo Escape.  Dream gets to the ropes and goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dream with a back elbow that staggers Gargano into the ropes.  Dream goes to the apron and he poses but Gargano drop kicks Dream off the apron onto the announce table.  Gargano with a cannonball off the apron onto Dream.  Gargano goes for the slingshot spear but Dream catches Gargano and hangs Gargano on the middle rope and hits a swinging neck breaker.  Dream with forearms to Gargano followed by a reverse chin lock and he gets a near fall.

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