WWE NXT Results – November 15th, 2017: NXT Takeover: War Games Go-Home Show



Location: Winter Park, FL

Date: November 15th, 2017

Airing on the WWE Network

Results By 411 Mania

Welcome to WWE NXT.

Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli vs. The Street Profits

Dawkins and Tino start things. Dawkins takes him down, but gets elbowed. Dawkins leaps over him, tags in Ford, who flips in and they hit a series of dropkicks. Ford hits a 360 clothesline in the corner. Moss gets tagged and lays into Ford. Impressive back suplex and Moss taunts. Tag to Tino, who hits a body shot. Dawkins gets the hot tag and hits a bulldog. 360 clothesline works on Moss, but Tino avoids it. Tino knocks Ford off the apron, but eats a right hand and loses.

Winners: The Street Profits 

A video package runs to promote the Aleister Black/Velveteen Dream match.

Lars Sullivan vs. Raul Mendoza

Lars charges instantly and Raul avoids him. He fires off a series of kicks and escapes a whip to the apron. He comes off the top and gets headbutted out of the air. Two corner avalanches by Sullivan and a powerslam. He adds vicious crossface punches and the Freak Accident for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Lars Sullivan in 1:46

Lars looks to add a post-match beatdown, but Kassius Ohno runs out. Mendoza rolls to safety as Lars and Kassius have a staredown. Lars laughs and exits without doing anything more.

Johnny Gargano enters William Regal’s office. He says he can turn things around and Regal believes him. He has faith in him. Regal says Pete Dunne issued an open challenge for the UK Championship and he felt Gargano would be the best option. Gargano accepts. It goes down next week!

A really good video package runs on the upcoming War Games match.

Ember Moon vs. Mercedes Martinez

Martinez wins the lock up and goes behind Ember. She clubs her and applies a side headlock. Ember tries sending her off the ropes, but Martinez holds her hair to regain hold. Shoulder block by Mercedes followed by a stomp and headlock takeover. Ember wins their next exchange with a dropkick. She sweeps Mercedes and hits a basement dropkick for two. Ember adds a corner clothesline, but eats a forearm. Uppercut by Ember, who then runs into a spinebuster for two. After a break, Ember gets two on a rollup. A series of knees and kicks connect, but Martinez ducks on and hits a huge chop. Martinez goes for Three Amigos, with the final one being a delayed vertical for a near fall. Ember comes back with a hurricanrana that sends Martinez outside. She follows out with a tope suicida. Inside, Martinez crotches her and hits a Tower of London for two. Ember counters a Fisherman Buster into an inside cradle for two. Martinez misses a knee and gets stuck in the ropes. Roundhouse kick and stomp by Moon. Ember goes up top and wins with the Eclipse.

Winner: Ember Moon in 6:53 

Ember Moon’s celebration is cut short by the arrival of Nikki Cross. She comes in through the crowd and stays at ringside. Peyton Royce’s music hits as she comes down to the ring. Before she gets inside, Kairi Sane marches out onto the stage. Weird segment that feels too similar to last week’s.

Time for the face to face segment between NXT Champion Drew McIntyre and Andrade Almas. Drew’s out first and says Zelina’s plan worked to get a title shot. He says they’re in trouble now, because reality and the pressure will set in at TakeOver. He calls himself the mountain and asks Almas, one last time, to face him like a man. He wants him to do it to prove something to himself. Drew tries goading him by questioning his manhood. Almas’ theme hits, but out comes Vega. Almas eventually joins her and hits the ring, getting right into a brawl with Drew. Drew wins out with a series of right hands. Vega comes off the top with a cross body, but Drew catches her. It opens the door for Almas to chop block him. He hits the Hammerlock DDT and Vega picks up the title, using it to motivate Almas.

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