WWE NXT Results – November 1st, 2017: NXT Tag Team Title Match



Location: Winter Park, FL

Date: November 1st, 2017

Airing on the WWE Network

Welcome to WWE NXT. Commentary discusses a tweet from Drew McIntyre, who says he will confront Andrade Almas this week. William Regal tweeted that they can meet, but it’ll be for the NXT Title at TakeOver: Houston. Tonight is the contract signing.

Nikki Cross vs. Taynara Conti

The NXT Women’s Title is on a stand on the stage. Nikki stops to stare at it for a while during her entrance. Nikki charges at Conti with a cross body and they brawl on the mat. Conti escapes outside and Nikki gives chase. Conti kicks her away, but gets trapped in the apron. Nikki wails on her with forearms.Inside, Conti gets her hand kicked off the ropes, before kicking Nikki in the head. She slams Nikki down by the hair and stomps away. Leg drop on the arm gets a near fall. Nikki laughs at the pain, as Conti fires off kicks to the arm. She grabs it and kicks away, but Nikki gets free. She clotheslines Conti a few times and sets her in the tree of woe. Nikki stomps away and hits a hanging reverse DDT. Swinging fisherman neckbreaker ends it.

Winner: Nikki Cross in 2:32

Last week, Mercedes Martinez was interviewed about not winning the battle royal. She was disappointed that she couldn’t make it to TakeOver. When asked to speculate on who would win, she said she didn’t know, but knew it wouldn’t be Ember Moon, because Ember can’t win big matches. The delivery was awful during this.

Fabian Aichner vs. Johnny Gargano

They lock up and Aichner goes to the arm. Gargano fights free and they roll around in a front face lock. Gargano ends up on the apron, where he ducks a shot and rolls Aichner up for two. Arm wringer and flying headscissors by Gargano. Standing dropkick gets one. Gargano leas over Aichner a few times, until getting caught in a powerslam. Gargano chops him and sends him outside. His plancha attempt is caught and he gets dropped on the barricade. After a break, Aichner works a bearhug. He uppercuts Gargano in the back, but then eats an elbow. Gargano hits the roll through kick and goes into strikes. He ends up on the apron, but comes back in with the slingshot spear for a near fall. Aichner sets Gargano up for an apron suplex to the outside, but drops him inside. He misses a double jump moonsault. Gargano quickly hits a huge slingshot DDT for another near fall. Johnny has the Lawn Dart countered. He gets a boot up and leaps into a backbreaker Aichner adds a viciously stiff powerbomb for two. They go back to trading blows until Aichner delivers a huge popup backbreaker. Gargano gets his knees up on a moonsault and hits a high kick in the corner. He  has the Gargano Escape blocked and is pulled into a pinning combination for the upset.

Winner: Fabian Aichner in 6:42

A video package runs, chronicling the Aleister Black/Velveteen Dream feud. Black says Dream wanted his attention and now he’s got it. Black vs. Dream goes down at TakeOver: Houston.

Earlier today, the Street Profits were admiring someone’s car outside of Full Sail. They say rides like that are earned after hard work. It turns out to belong to Tino Sabbateli and Riddick Moss. Wait, they share a car? They trade bars until Tino and Riddick leave.

t’s contract signing time. Drew McIntyre makes his way out to the stage, but Andrade Almas attacks him. Zelina Vega shouts instructions as Almas stomps on the NXT Champion. Vega opens the contract and Almas signs on the dotted line. He uses Vega’s gum to stick the contract to Drew’s shirt.

Earlier today, cameras caught up with the Iconic Duo. They’re still pissed about Billie not being in the TakeOver match. They say it was stolen from them. They poke fun at Kairi for being a pirate and say Halloween was yesterday. Kairi casually comes up to them, points and then shows off her elbow pad. She scares Billie and walks off, leaving a confused Peyton to wonder why she showed Billie her elbow pad. Next week, Kairi faces Billie.

NXT Tag Team Championship: SAnitY [c] vs. The Authors of Pain

and hits one of hi sown. He can’t whip Rezar and get staken to the AOP corner. Akam enters with clubs to the back. EY escapes his grasp and tags to Wolfe. Wolfe fires off rights and lefts, tags out and they work a tandem flying forearm. EY with a shoulder thrust in the corner and he holds him there for Wolfe to hit an uppercut. Wolfe goes after Rezar, allowing Akam to drive him into the turnbuckle with a DVD. Tag to Rezar, who wails on Wolfe. AOP work some quick tags, keeping the pressure on Wolfe. He remains in trouble through a commercial break. I guess I’ve had AOP mixed up this entire match. Commentary did too. Anyway, Rezar holds Wolfe for a sidewalk slam as Akam comes off the middle rope with a leg drop for two. Wolfe finally gets his foot up for a big boot, at the same time Rezar does, and both are down. Dual tags are made. EY fires off rights and lefts, before hitting a flying forearm. He dropkicks Rezar to the outside, leaps over Akam and nails a jumping neckbreaker. Wolfe takes out Rezar with an impressive German suplex. EY hits a diving elbow drop on Akam for two. Wolfe gets a blind tag and hits a huge diving clothesline off the top. He ska dances and tags back out. They hit a back suplex/neckbreaker combo, but the pin is broken up. Wolfe gets taken out by a huge Rezar clothesline. EY hits him but then eats a big boot. AOP call for the Super Collider and nail it. They hit the Last Chapter, but the Undisputed Era hit the ring for the DQ.

Winners via DQ: The Authors of Pain in 7:26 

The Undisputed Era beat on AOP and SAnitY. Out came Killian Dain to start throwing them around. The numbers game is too much and they send him into the ring post. Out comes Roderick Strong. He says he’s here to do the right thing. He shows off the armband they gave him last week and puts it on. Undisputed Era hold Rezar for Strong to hit him. Instead, he nails Cole. The crowd boos a bit and reDRagon beat him into the corner. AOP get up and help Roddy send Fish and O’Reilly packing. Cole can’t believe it. Strong launches the armbar over at them. William Regal comes out to announce that SAnitY will face the Undisputed Era and the team of AOP & Roderick Strong in a Triple Threat match. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! There’s only one match that can contain this war. A match that hasn’t been seen in 20 years. At TakeOver: Houston, these teams will be in two rings, in one cage, in WAR GAMES.

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