WWE NXT Results – November 8th, 2017: Adam Cole vs. Roderick Strong



Location: Winter Park, FL

Date: November 8th, 2017

Airing on the WWE Network

Welcome to WWE NXT.

Heavy Machinery vs. Chris Payne and Sean Maluta

Payne gets taken down quickly and Maluta doesn’t fare better. Payne eats a body slam from Otis, who then taunts and busts out the worm. He finishes with an elbow. Tag to Knight and they double shoulder tackle Maluta. Payne gets sandwiched. Knight squashes Payne with an avalanche and then adds a springboard elbow. Tag to Otis, who hold sPayne for a slam. Maluta runs in to get flattened. Heavy Machiney hit the Compactor to win.

Winners: Heavy Machinery in 2:21

Christy St. Cloud interviews Ember Moon about Mercedes Martinez’s comments last week. Ember tells Mercedes that she can meet her in the ring next week to find out why she’s the biggest threat at TakeOver.

Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce vs. Kairi Sane

Peyton looks incredible. They have a comedic exchange to start, followed by string of quick offense. Sane hits a head scissors and kick. Peyton reaches in to help Billie, so Sane kicks her hands away. Billie takes advantage, working some ground and pound. She takes it to a Argentine backbreaker rack for a bit. Billie talks more smack but gets hit a strange looking spear. Sane chops Billie a few times, before hitting the Sliding D in the corner. Peyton gets back on the apron, so Sane kicks her to the outside. Billie pulls Sane into a pin for two. Spinning back fist from Sane, who then points to the elbow. She goes up and wins with the Insane Elbow.

Winner: Kairi Sane in 3:52

Kassius Ohno enters William Regal’s office. Ohno admits to ups and downs, but has been rolling since beating Hideo Itami. He wants to throw his name back in the NXT Title picture. He wants Lars Sullivan at TakeOver, because the first win over him would put him in contention. Regal’s unsure, but agrees. Side note, Ohno was wearing a Cesaro shirt.

A video package runs to hype War Games. I shows clips of the teams involved, as well as the history of War Games, with words from guys like Arn Anderson and Goldust.

Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega are interviewed about his title shot at TakeOver. They want to know his strategy. Vega wisely says the only person who knows her strategy is Almas. They did what Drew wanted, he just wasn’t ready. The off camera interviewer asked about the nature of their relationship. Vega says it’s not their business, but they have a past and she’s known him for seven years. The new Almas is head and shoulders above everyone else. Almas promised to be the next champion.

The Velveteen Dream vs. Cezar Bononi

Dream hits some uppercuts before running into a back elbow. More elbows and shots from Bononi. Dream kicks free and hits a big clothesline. He fires off right hands. The female ref yells at Dream to stop his corner attack and he gets in her face. Dream wins with a cartwheel DVD.

Winner: The Velveteen Dream in 1:11

Velveteen Dream gets on the microphone after the match to say he gave Aleister Black what he needed and now he’s on his mind. He will get what he wants at TakeOver, when Aleister says his name.

THREE WEEKS AGO ~ Ember earning her spot in the TakeOver Women’s Title match was shown. Ruby Riot hurt her leg during the match. Earlier today, she was at the PC and was told she needs 1-2 more weeks of rest. Sonya Deville interrupted to say it could’ve been avoided had she tapped out. She took the coward’s way out by trying to reach for the ropes. Sonya blames Ruby for not being in the match at TakeOver. Ruby says Sonya should’ve broken it and challenged her once she’s cleared to compete. Sonya agreed, so she can indeed break her ankle.

Backstage, the Street Profits are at Full Sail Live to give people swag. A dude in a suit walks by and they give him one of their solo cups. Another guy walks in with dry cleaning. It’s for Tino Sabbatelli. Montez Ford tells the guy that he’s Tino and takes the dry cleaning. Tino and Riddick Moss appear, to tell the Street Profits they can’t afford this kind of stuff. They believe the Profits want to be like them. Dawkins challenges them for next week and it’s accepted.

Adam Cole vs. Roderick Strong

Is this ROH? They lock up and jockey for position, breaking in the corner. Their next lock up lead to Strong applying a quick submission on the mat. They exchange hammerlocks and headlocks. Cole gets sent outside with a dropkick and then Strong leaps off the apron to take him down. Strong eats a superkick on his way back in, heading to commercial. Returning, Cole’s in control. He drops a forearm on Strong for one and then moves to a chin lock. Strong fights out with a backbreaker to buy some time. Strong goes into a flurry including a corner forearm. His Olympic Slam is countered, but he catches Cole in another backbreaker variation. They escape each other’s grasp and Cole nails an enziguri for two. Cole wants  asuplex, Strong slips free and fires off kicks. He catches a Cole kick but eats a knee. Superkick from Cole and he hits the suplex onto the knee for a near fall. Strong hits a jumping knee and sets Cole up top. They fight there until Strong hits a backbreaker onto the top turnbuckle. It looked especially brutal. Out comes Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish to pull Strong out for the DQ.

Winner via disqualification: Roderick Strong in 8:35 

The Authors of Pain show up to even the odds, before SAnitY runs in through the crowd. The tree teams stay separate for a moment, before breaking into a big brawl. Ey sends reDRagon outside and wants a dive, but gets pulled out. Alexander Wolfe signals for a dive and takes out all three. Inside, Strong and Cole continue their issue. Everyone brawls outside as Strong delivers a huge superplex to Cole onto the crowd below to close the show.

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