WWE NXT Results – October 11th, 2017: Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas



Location: Winter Park, FL

Date: October 11th, 2017

Airing on the WWE Network

Welcome to WWE NXT. There was a recap video package of William Regal announcing the vacant NXT Women’s Title Fatal 4-Way match at NXT Takeover: War Games shown.

NXT Women’s Title Qualifier Match: Peyton Royce vs. Liv Morgan vs. Nikki Cross

Morgan tossed Cross to the floor kicked Royce in the head. Cross attacked Morgan and tossed her into the corner. Cross jumped on her back and then locked in a chin lock. Morgan was able to get out of it. Royce and Morgan caught Cross and slammed her down to the mat. Morgan and Royce started aruging about a pin attempt on Cross. They then started throwing strikes. Royce pulled her down by her hair and sent her to the apron and followed up with a knee strike. Cross pulled Royce down to the floor. Cross hit a drop kick to Morgan then a series of strikes to Royce. Cross landed a series of strikes. Royce rolled her Cross for 2. Cross hit a neck breaker to Royce for 2 as Morgan broke it up. Cross hit swinging neck breaker to Morgan. The Undisputed Era come out with Taynara Conti and Cole sends her to the ring. Nikki has Liv pinned when Conti pulls her from the ring. Nikki chases her around the ring. Peyton hits a suplex to Cross for the win.

Winner: Royce

Singles Match: Velveteen Dream vs. Lio Rush

Some back and forth action early on. Dream mounted some offense and hit his Purple Rain Maker finisher for the win.

Winner: Dream

Singles Match: Lars Sullivan vs. Danny Burch

Sullivan beat him down in the early going with a series of right hands. Sullivan tossed him into the corner and hit a big splash. Branch tried to mount a comeback by landing a series of strikes but Sullivan cut him off with a big clothesline. Sullivan hit his finisher for the win.

Winner: Sullivan.

Tag Team Match: Street Profits vs. two jobbers

The Profits mock their opponents, and then take control as they celebrate and make fun of their poor opponents. The pop up spinebuster and frog splash finish it.

Winner: Street Profits

Singles Match: Andrade Cien Almas vs. Johnny Gargano

They lockup and work to the ropes, Gargano takes Almas down and looks for an advantage. Almas escapes with a crucifix. Gargano picks up the pace, but eats a shoulder block. Gargano fights back, locking in the Gargano escape, but Almas makes the ropes. Gargano follows up with chops, and hits a RANA and dropkick, covering for 1. Gargano slaps him around in the corner, they work to the apron and Almas looks for a suplex, but Gargano escapes; Almas hits a big boot and slams Gargano to the apron. Post break, and Almas works the hanging arm bar in the ropes. Back in and Almas covers for 2. Almas then starts to work the arm, knee strikes follow but Gargano fires back with strikes and a divorce court. They trade strikes, Gargano hits an enziguri and heads up top, Almas cuts him off but Gargano rebounds with a tornado flatliner. Almas cuts off the slingshot spear, but Gargano tosses him to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. Back in and Almas hits the big boot, and looks for a tornado DDT, but Gargano cuts him off with an iconoclasm for a near fall. Almas cuts off the lawn dart and gets a cradle with the tights for 2. The German by Almas gets 2. Gargano fights off the hammerlock DDT, and then fights off the hanging arm bar in the ropes and hits an apron superkick. Back in and they trade strikes, they trade clotheslines and Gargano hits a super kick for a good near fall. Gargano heads up top, Almas uses the ref and shoves him into the ropes, crotching Gargano. Almas works chops, heads up top with Gargano, but Gargano fights him off but Almas back flips out of the sunset bomb. Gargano decapitates him with a lariat, the lawn dart follows and now Gargano lays in the Gargano escape. Vega reveals she’s wearing a DIY shirt, and Almas makes the ropes. She tries to distract Gargano, and Almas rolls him up for 2. Gargano then counters a powerbomb into a sunset flip, SUPERKICK by Gargano but Almas sends him to the buckles, the double knees follow! He hits it again and finishes Gargano with the hammerlock DDT.


Winner: Gargano

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