WWE NXT Results – October 25th, 2017: Andrade Almas vs. Roderick Strong



Location: Winter Park, FL

Date: October 25th, 2017

Airing on the WWE Network

Results by 411 Mania

Welcome to WWE NXT. 

Tonight’s episode starts with William Regal speaking from his office. Due to the circumstances of her loss a few weeks back, Nikki Cross will get another shot at joining the Women’s Title match at TakeOver in tonight’s battle royal. Next week, The Authors of Pain will face SAnitY in a Tag Team Title rematch. The member of SAnitY who doesn’t compete is banned from ringside.

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. Riddick Moss and Tino Sabatelli

Moss starts with Oney. Oney chops him and fires off uppercuts before Moss uses his size to send him to the corner. He talks trash before running into a dropkick. Tag to Burch, who clubs away on Moss. Moss takes him to his corner and tags in Tino. Double shots to the rib and axe handles to the back.Big chop by Burch. Tino runs into boots and takes a missile dropkick for one. Uppercuts by Burch until Tino hits a big clothesline. Tag to Moss and they keep the pressure on Burch. They hit a combo involving a corner forearm, corner splash and dropkick for two. Chinlock city by Tino before tagging in Moss again. Burch slips under Tino and past Moss to make the tag. Lorcan lights them up with chops and uppercuts. He hits Tino with the running blockbuster. Moss catches him and delivers a fallaway slam into the turnbuckles. Tag to Tino for a Gory special/bulldog combo that ends it.

Winners: Riddick Moss and Tino Sabatelli in 4:02

NXT Women’s Championship Qualifying Battle Royal

The participants are Vanessa Borne, Biana Belair, Sage Beckett, Mercedes Martinez, Zeda, Dakota Kai, Aliyah, Lacey Evans, Sarah Logan, Santana Garrett, Taynara Conti, Rhea Ripley, Abbey Laith, Candace LeRae, Billie Kay and Nikki Cross. Nikki comes out through the crowd. She goes right after Conti, knocking Logan over in the process. I’m only gonna note eliminations and key moments, since most of a battle royal is just people holding each other by the ropes. Nikki eliminates Conti, but gets pulled outside under the bottom rope by her. Conti throws her into the guardrail before leaving. Peyton gets in a shove into the stairs. It takes four people to get Ripley on the apron and then Belair swings Zeda into her to get rid of her. Belair then shoulder blocks Zeda out as well. Following a break, Beckett sadly eliminates Dakota Kai. NO MORE BIG DOG. Beckett also kicks out Aliyah. Garrett apparently eliminates someone off camera. No word on who. Cross returns with a plancha that takes almost everyone out. She starts decking everything moving. She throws out Borne, ducks down to send Beckett out, and clotheslines Garrett over and out. She then gets rid of Laith before Billie stops her momentum. I guess Garrett didn’t eliminate anyone. Martinez knocks Logan off the top and to the outside. Candace gets Evans on the apron but is swept up. She returns the sweep favor and Evans falls outside. Nikki battles Martinez, while Belair fights Candace on the top. Belair pulls Candace off and press slams her outside. Impressive. We’re down to Belair, Kay, Cross and Martinez. Belair kicks away on Kay in the corner and wants to slam her outside. Peyton frantically watches behind Billie. Billie nearly gets eliminated, but holds onto Belairs long braid to save herself. The crowd and Iconic Duo love it. Back inside, Belair whips her with the hair a bunch. Martinez interrupts, while Cross and Billie fight to the outside, through the middle ropes. Belair spears Martinez, who bumps like a champ for her. Belair ties her braid up into a bun and tries slamming Martinez over the top. Mercedes fights free and chops her up. She sets Belair up top and big boots her off. Belair falls to the apron. Martinez misses a spear and gets puled to the apron. They trade shots there until Nikki returns and knocks them out. Billie sneaks up to eliminate Nikki, but Nikki holds on. Billie tries a big boot but Nikki ducks. Billie’s leg gets caught on the top rope and Nikki sends her out to win.

Winner: Nikki Cross in 11:48

William Regal brings the NXT Women’s Title out. Cross and Royce bicker over it, which brings out Ember Moon. Kairi Sane joins the fun and they all stand around while Regal holds the title.

Earlier this week, Drew McIntyre was interviewed as he headed on an international tour. Zelina Vega interrupted to say that her and Andrade Almas never got the contract for a title shot. Drew told her that Almas needs to man up and personally come to him for a shot. He ended it by telling Vega, “Adios.”

Aleister Black is supposed to be in action. However, Velveteen Dream pops up behind him during his entrance and sends him into the steel steps. He ties Black up in the ropes like Andre the Giant and they come face to face. Dream wants him to say his name. When Black doesn’t respond, Dream slaps him a few times. Dream charges but eats a boot. Black gets free and tries the Black Mask, but Dream avoids it and escapes. He smiles as he leaves. I don’t want to neglect the moment, but the camerawork for Dream popping up behind Black was expert work.

Zelina Vega cuts a promo about Drew McIntyre, saying that it becomes harder to breathe as you climb higher on the mountain. She knows Drew is ducking Almas because he’s not man enough to breathe the rarified air of a champion.

Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega vs. Roderick Strong

They lock up and exchange some stuff on the mat. Chop from Strong, forearm from Almas. He shoulder blocks Strong, who trips him and goes to a front face lock. They both block hip tosses until Strong hits a pendulum backbreaker. Chop by Strong. He gets sent to the apron and Almas tries to suplex him in. Strong blocks and they end up on the apron. Almas hits a modified backbreaker into a reverse DDT on the apron. After a break, Almas sends Strong to the corner and clotheslines him before following with a loud chop. Almas applies the triangle armbar over the ropes, breaking at the count of four. He wears Strong down with an arm wrench. Strong comes back with a step up enziguri. They trade forearms until Roddy leap frogs him and delivers a leaping lariat. Chop and forearm in the corner. Almas runs into a popup gutbuster. He tries another triangle armbar, but Strong counters with a Boston Crab with Almas hanging on the ropes. More fighting on the apron as strong hits another enziguri. he delivers a modified back suplex on the apron for two. Almas gets set up on the top, but kicks Strong off and hits a reverse tornado DDT for two. Almas avoids a Gibson Driver and elbows Strong to the corner. The running double knees connect for a near fall. More trading of forearms, with Almas winning out by doubling up. Another back elbow knocks Strong to the corner but he pops up wth a running knee of his own. Olympic Slam connects, followed by another running knee. He clotheslines Almas to the outside, following with a wrecking ball dropkick. As he sends Almas inside, Vega leaps off the apron with an awesome flying headscissors that the crowd eats up. Almas slides Strong in and nails the Hammerlock DDT to win.

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