WWE NXT Results – September 12, 2018: Nikki Cross vs. Bianca Belair


Welcome to WWE NXT.

Match Number One:  Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan versus Adrian Jaoude and Cezar Bonini

Burch and Bononi start things off and they lock up.  Burch with a hammer lock and Bononi with an elbow.  Burch with a European uppercut followed by a head butt to the chest and then he hits a clothesline into the corner.  Burch with an enzuigiri and he goes to the turnbuckles for a missile drop kick.  Lorcan tags in and they hit a double suplex.  Lorcan challenges Adrian when he tries to get involved but the referee sends him back into the corner.

Burch tags in and they chop Bononi.  Burch with an arm bar.  Adrian tags in and he punches Burch and applies an arm bar.  Burch with a forearm and cravate.  Adrian with a double wrist lock and then he tosses Burch into the corner.  Bononi tags in and he kicks Burch.  Adrian tags back in and Bononi with a backbreaker and Adrian with a running knee for a near fall.  Adrian with a top wrist lock.  Adrian with a knee and Irish whip but Burch makes the tag and Lorcan with slaps.

Lorcan with a running European uppercut and then he hits one in the corner.  Lorcan with a double blockbuster.  Burch tags in and they set up Adrian for an elevated Implant DDT for the three count.

Winners:  Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan

We go to commercial.

We are back and NXT Men’s Champion Tommaso Ciampa makes his way to the ring.

Ciampa tells the title belt he loves it and then he listened to what it has to say.

Ciampa says that music is a personal message from the champ to each and every one of you.  That music is his way of saying to you in the most polite way, he knows how.  He has heard the whispers and he has seen the people pointing their finger.  They know who took out Aleister Black.  It was Ciampa.  Ciampa asks what do you base this on.  Your imagination?  He does not live in make believe, he is in the real world and he bases it on facts.  When he confronts someone he does it in front of an audience.  When he wants to do anything, he will do it in front of the biggest stage because he wants everyone to see their master work.

Ciampa says he will not stand in the ring and lie to you because the champ never lies.  Ciampa says he had all of the intentions in the world of taking out Aleister Black before Takeover, but someone beat him to the punch.  Ciampa says he wants to know who that somebody might be.  If he knew who it was, he would pat him or her on the back and tell them ‘job well done’.   Do not confuse things for one second.  Even if Aleister Black had made it to Takeover Brooklyn, the result would have been the same.  Gargano loses.  Black loses.  He wins.

Ciampa says the title has something it would him to tell all of you.  It thanks Tommaso and says it felt good to be back in the main event of Takeover.  Ciampa says he is the champion and he talks the talk and walks the walk.  When he says he will do something, he does it.  That is what makes Tommaso Ciampa the greatest success story in NXT.  That is what makes Tommaso Ciampa YOUR NXT Champion.

Ciampa says he has one final thing he would like to address and he wants everybody to listen.  The fact is that you want to be a success.  If you want to be a winner.  If you want to be a champion.  Follow the lead of Tommaso Ciampa.

Ciampa leaves the ring and he takes a Gargano sign from a fan in the front row.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Two:  Shayna Baszler versus Violet Payne

Baszler with a take down and she punches Payne.  Baszler with a round kick to the chest and then she works on the wrist and manipulates it into unnatural positions.  Baszler stands on the hand and then stomps on the elbow.  Baszler with the Kirifuda Clutch and Payne taps out.

Winner:  Shayna Baszler

After the match, Baszler refuses to release the hold until she can apply more damage to Payne.

Baszler tries to get Payne to get up by slapping her to wake her up and then Baszler leaves the ring.

Baszler returns to the ring and reapplies the Kirifuda Clutch.  More officials come to the ring to point for Shayna to leave but that is not going to work and Baszler applies the Kirifuda Clutch one more time.

Baszler throws Payne to the floor and then goes to the back.

We have some footage of a confrontation outside Full Sail where Heavy Machinery were talking about their top suspect.  They talk about Tommaso Ciampa and they say they don’t believe him.

Ciampa shows up and says if you mention his name, say it with respect.  Otis tells Ciampa if he wants to get it on, they can get it on.

William Regal tells them this is not happening now.  William tells Ciampa he wants to see him in his office.  If they want to fight, they can do it another time.

Nikki Cross plays with some scaffolding while Bianca Belair does some push upsto get ready for their match.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Roderick Strong says he has to get something off his chest.  The War Raiders say that they can run but they cannot hide.  Strong says they are too famous to hide from anyone.  Kyle calls them the Sneak Attack Raiders and says that they are a few hundred years late making a fashion statement.  Fish wants to know where it is in the Viking papers that you hide before you attack.

Adam Cole mentions the match between Pete Dunne and RIcochet and calls it the Adam Cole Invitational because the winner will face him and lose the titles.  Adam says it is a review session next week.  None of them are on the level of the Undisputed Era.

Match Number Three:  Raul Mendoza versus Lars Sullivan

Raul avoids Lars on the initial lock up attempt.  Lars sends Raul into the turnbuckles but Raul escapes and hits a drop kick followed by kicks to the leg and chest.  Mendoza with a springboard round kick but Lars sends Raul to the apron.  Raul with an enzuigiri from the apron but Lars with a biel sending Raul back into the ring.  Lars biels Raul across the ring.  Lars with another biel as he sends Raul across the ring again.

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