NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 5

WWE NXT TakeOver: New York Results – Cole vs. Gargano, Dream vs. Riddle


Welcome to the WWE NXT TakeOver: New York! We get an intro video package to hype the matches that will be taking place tonight. Our opening contest is…

WWE NXT Tag Team Title Match: The War Raiders © vs. Aleister Black & Ricochet

Black and Rowan start things out with a lock up. There was a show of respect between the two. That changed once Hanson and Ricochet got the tags as Ricochet hit a series of moves before drop kicking him out of the ring. Black in and tossed Rowan to the floor before faking an outside dive. A brawl broke out until Ricochet and Black hit a double team knee strike and drop kick to Rowan. Hanson took them out with a series of powerslams. Rowan worked over the left shoulder of Black. The champs worked over Black and kept him grounded until Black took out their legs with a kick. Ricochet in and hit a head scissors to Rowan then a head kick followed by a spring board clothesline and a standing shooting star press for 2. Black back in and hit a back elbow and some kicks. Rowan with a knee strike that led to some fresh tags. Hanson with a series of powerslams then a crossbody to Black. Hanson with a series of clotheslines to the challengers. Black was sent to the floor while Ricochet hit a press slam to Hanson. Black and Rowan traded heavy shots. Black with a headkick before being caught with a knee strike but Black fired back with one of his own and then a german suplex for 2. Ricochet and Hanson avoid some moves before Ricochet hit a head kick then Hanson hit a springboard elbow strike for 2. The champs hit a double team move before Ricochet made the save. Rowan took out Black with an outside dive then Ricochet took out Rowan with a dive of his own. Hanson took out everyone with a dive off the top rope. Back in the ring, Ricochet hit a super kick and Black with a big boot to Rowan. Black with Black Mass to Rowan then tagged in Ricochet, who hit shooting star press but Hanson speared Black onto the pinfall to break it up. Ricochet went to the top rope but missed the 630. Black missed an outside moonsault and Hanson took him out on the floor. Ricochet with a big boot to the now legal Hanson. Hanson with a powerslam to Ricochet then an outside dive to Black. The champs hit their finisher for the win.

Winner: The War Raiders ©

War Raiders drop their titles and bow to Aleister Black & Ricochet, in what is Black/Ricochet’s farewell in NXT before taking the titles again and leaving the ring. Crowd giving Black/Ricochet high praise.

WWE NXT North American Title Match: The Velveteen Dream © vs. Matt Riddle

They lock up early and then do some quick roll ups. Dream with a double axe off the top rope a few times. Dream with a spring axe but was caught and Riddle hit a german suplex to the floor. Back in the ring, Riddle hit a back senton for 2. Riddle was working over the body of Dream. Riddle with a knee strike to Dream then a german suplex for 2. Riddle with a series of kicks to the chest of Dream.

This is a one-sided whooping. Dream started to hulk up and landed a series of strikes. Dream with a big boot and a slam then a clothesline to the floor. Dream went to the top rope and hit a double axe off the top rope. Dream with a fameasser for 2. Riddle with a knee strike as Dream was coming off the top rope. Dream with a codebreaker for 2. Riddle reversed a knee strike and locked in the ankle lock to Dream. Dream with a superkick then a DDT then went to the top rope where he missed an elbow drop and Riddle locked in an armbar but Dream got out. Riddle with some big shots from back mount.

Riddle with a german suplex from the middle rope then went to the top rope and hit the floating bro for 2. Dream with a superkick but Riddle hit a powerbomb then a knee strike for 2. Riddle with the bro submission but Dream rolled through and got the win.

Winner: The Velveteen Dream ©

WWE NXT UK Title Match: Pete Dunne © vs. WALTER

They lock up and exchange some grappling moves. WALTER started to toss him around and then slammed him on the apron. Back in the ring, WALTER locked in a boston crab but Dunne got out of it by reaching the bottom rope. Dunne caught a chop from WALTER but WALTER fired back with a big boot. Dunne went off on him with a series of strikes. Dunne with a kick in the corner then flipped out a german suplex.

Dunne with a head kick. Dunne with an outside dive to take out the big man. Dunne with a powerbomb out of the corner for 2. WALTER with a series of german suplex then a powerbomb for 2. They traded a few strikes before WALTER took out the knee of Dunne. WALTER with a series of chops but Dunne fired back with strikes. WALTER with a test of strengh then kicked him in the throat but Dunne connected with a head kick.

Dunne went to the top rope but WALTER knocked him down. WALTER with a german suplex off the top rope for 2. Dunne with a german suplex for 2. Dunne with a series of kicks to the face of WALTER  then locked in his finger submission but WALTER got to the bottom rope. Dunne locked in an arm triangle choke but WALTER got out and stomped his head in. Dunne went for a powerslam but WALTER hit a big clothesline and Dunne fired back with one of his own then Dunne landed the Bitter End for a near fall. They trade chops as this brutal match continues. WALTER with a massive big boot Dunne broke the fingers of WALTER as he knocked him down from the top rope. Dunne with a triangle choke on the top rope but WALTER fought out and hit a powerbomb. WALTER went to the top rope with the splash for the win.

Winner: WALTER – NEW Champion

WWE NXT Women’s Title Fatal 4 Way Match: Shayna Baszler © vs. Kairi Sane vs. Io Shirai vs. Bianca Belair

They start brawling to begin the match and do several quick pinfalls. Io and Sane hit a double drop kick to Baszler then clear the ring of Belair. A showdown between Io and Sane starts until they have a respectful exchange. Baszler cleared the ring of the faces then stomped the arm of Belair, who fired back with a drop kick that sent the champ to the floor. Belair sent Baszler face first into the ring post then covered her in the ring. Sane with a spring board forearm shot to Belair. Sane with a chop to Belair then an axe kick to the back. Io with a spring board drop kick to Belair while Sane took out Baszler with an outside dive. Io with a double knee strike to Belair in the corner then a crossbody but Belair caught her and hit a fall away slam for 2. Baszler with a powerslam to Io then a knee strike to Sane in the corner. Baszler choked Belair in the corner. Sane with a power bomb to Baszler while Baszler suplexed Belair in the corner. Sane took out Baszler and Belair with an outside dive. Back in the ring, Belair went for her finisher on Baszler but Baszler reversed and locked in the rear-naked choke. Belair got out and hit a big slam but the pinfall was broken up by Io. Io hit an X-factor to Belair then a moonsault knee strike to Baszler then a moonsault for 2 as Sane broke it up. Io and Sane started brawling. Sane with an alabama slamma to Sane onto Baszler. Sane with a big elbow drop off the top to Baszler until Io broke it up. Io with a drop kick to Sane then a series of right hands. Sane with a devastating DDT to Io. Belair with a hair whip to Sane then picked up Sane and Io and hit a powerslam until Baszler broke it up. Baszler locked in the rear-naked choke and Baszler wins.

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