WWE NXT TakeOver: Toronto II Results – Cole vs. Gargano, Baszler vs. Yim


Welcome to the WWE NXT TakeOver: Toronto II pre-show, and we are live on the WWE Network. 

Welcome to the NXT TakeOver: Toronto II! We get an intro video package to hype the matches that will be taking place tonight. Our opening contest is…

NXT Tag Team Title Match: The Street Profits © vs. Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly)

The crowd is split for this one. Dawkins manhandled O’Reilly in the early going. Ford got the tag and hit a major league drop kick to Fish for 1. The champs worked over Fish in the early going. Ford with a series of arm drags the challengers. Ford with a leapfrog back attack then a double flap jack to Fish. O’Reilly used the top rope to his advantage to Dawkins. Fish took out Dawkins with an apron attack. Dawkins took out O’Reilly with an uppercut then a splash in the corner. Fish took him out with an elbow strike. O’Reilly with a series of kicks to Dawkins to continue the beat down. Moments later, Ford got the hot tag and hit a big clothesline to Fish then a head kick to O’Reilly. Ford reversed a suplex and hit one of his own then hit a standing moonsault to Fish. Ford with a spinebuster to Fish then went for a People’s Elbow but O’Reilly stopped him. Ford sent the two challengers to the floor then hit a kick to O’Reilly. Ford with the Rock Bottom to Fish for 2. O’Reilly knocked Dawkins off the apron and Fish took out the knee of Ford. The challengers hit a tag team suplex for 2 on Ford. Fish with a suplex off the top rope and O’Reilly with the knee bar to Ford. Fish with an elbow drop off the top rope during it. Dawkins came in and slammed Fish onto O’Reilly. Fish hit a bull dog to Dawkins. Ford hit a frog splash off the top rope to Kyle for the win. 

Winner: The Street Profits ©

Singles Match: Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai

Io jumped LeRae and attacked her on the floor. She suplexed LeRae on the announce table. Once LeRae managed to get back into the ring to break the count, Io landed a series of strikes then a drop kick. Io reversed a head scissors and hit a drop kick. Io locked in the camel clutch but LeRae got out of it. Io spiked her on her head for a near fall. Io went to the top rope and missed a drop kick. LeRae fought back with a series of chops and strikes. LeRae with an arm lock submission but Io got to the bottom rope. Io went for a 619 but LeRae blocked it and hit a neck breaker. Io hit a reversed 619 to LeRae. Candice knocked to the floor then hit a diving DDT to the floor. We got back into the ring with LeRae a foot stomp off the top rope for 2. Io with the crossface but LeRae got out. Io with a running punch then a german suplex. LeRae fired back with one of her own. LeRae went for a spring board move but Io caught her with a suplex for 2. LeRae with a big time suplex then a neck breaker off the second rope for 2. LeRae went to the top rope but Io stopped her. Io with a spannish fly off the second rope for 2. LeRae with a quick pin attempt for 2. Io with a back breaker then a moonsault off the top rope for the near fall. Io with a crucifix submission hold and LeRae passed out. 

Winner: Io Shirai

NXT North American Title Triple Threat Match: The Velveteen Dream © vs. Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong

They all start brawling to begin the match. Strong dropped Dune with a series of chops. Dunne fired back with a big clothesline. Strong drove Pete into the apron. Dream landed a series of right hands to Strong in the corner then a double axe out of it. Dream went for a sharpshooter but Strong got out of it. Dream with a big drop kick to Strong. Dunne sent him to the floor. Pete with a flying armbar but Dream got out of it. Dream blocked Bitter End. Strong sent Dream groin first into the turnbuckle. Strong with a back suplex to both men on the floor and barricade. Strong with a big back suplex to Pete. Strong clotheslines Dream to the floor then continues his attack on Pete. Strong with a back breaker to Pete. Dream with a neck breaker to Strong for 2. Dream with a punch off the top rope then locked in the sharpshooter to Strong. Pete broke it up with a drop kick off the middle rope. Pete hit a moonsault off the top rope taking out both men on the floor. Pete with a series of german suplex. Pete with a series of kicks to both men, who then jumped him. Pete went for a suplex off the top rope but Dream fought out. Strong with a suplex to Pete, who dragged Dream along with him. Pete went for an arm triangle on Strong, who got to the bottom rope. Dream with coast to coast to Dune to break it up. Strong with a knee strike to both men. Strong with a front face suplex to Dream and one to Pete on Dream. Strong went for a double submission but it didn’t work. Dream with a super kick to Strong. Strong with a knee strike to Dream then Pete worked over their fingers. Pete hit his finisher but Dream stopped the referee from counting three. Pete with a series of kicks to Dream a surfboard submission. Pete with a head kick to Strong. Dream sent him to the floor then hit his finisher to Pete. Strong dumped him to the floor and hit a back breaker to Pete but Dream knocked him off and pinned Dune. 

Winner: The Velveteen Dream ©

NXT Women’s Title Match: Shayna Baszler © vs. Mia Yim

They brawl to begin the match and go out to the floor where Yim pinned her arm in between the steel steps then kicked it. Baszler sold her right arm but managed to get in some offense with kicks. Shayna worked over the left arm of Yim. Yim pulled her down by her hair but Shayna hit a clothesline. Yim poked at the eye of the champ and hit a back suplex. The slow pace started to loose the crowd. Yim hit an outside dive then a tornado DDT in the ring for 2. Baszler fired back with a knee strike. Yim hit a big sunset flip powerbomb off the top rope for 2. Yim with a series of kicks but Shayna locked in the rear-naked choke out of where. Yim headbutted her way out of it. Yim locked in an armbar on Shayna but the champ got out of it and locked in the rear-naked choke. Shayna with a triangle choke for the win. 

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