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WWE NXT UK Results: February 13, 2020


Will the One Two get the one-two-three on the NXT UK Tag Team Champions?

In a non-title match, NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Mark Coffey & Wolfgang, take on Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch! Will Gallus Boys still be on top?


  • Aoife Valkyrie VS Amale; Valkyrie wins.
  • Dave Mastiff VS Saxon Huxley; Mastiff wins.
  • Joe Coffey VS Amir Jordan; Coffey wins.
  • Gallus VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch; Gallus wins.


Aoife Valkyrie VS Amale!

The wait is over. Witness the newest force of nature to join NXT UK! Will the #RealValkyrie live up to that creed as she lands in the NXT UK Women’s battlefield?


The bell rings and the two tie up. Valkyrie drags Amale into a facelock and keeps hold as they roll around. Fans rally, Amale back drops but Valkyrie sunset flips! TWO, but Valkyrie is right on Amale with a headlock. Amale powers up but can’t power out. Amale lifts Valkyrie but Valkyrie turns it into a takedown! But Amale headscissors back, and fans rally up as Valkyrie pops out. Valkyrie runs, comes back and wheelbarrows to a victory roll! TWO but a close one!

Amale knees Valkyrie low and then drags her up. Amale whips corner to corner and runs in. Valkyrie goes up and over and handsprings, but Amale comes up behind to waistlock. Valkyrie pries free and rocks Amale with an elbow! Amale staggers but hurries after Valkyrie as she runs, but Valkyrie goes up and leaps back for a flying elbow! Cover, TWO! Valkyrie grows frustrated but fans rally back up. Valkyrie stalks Amale to ropes then whips. Amale reverses but Valkyrie slides under. Valkyrie swings a heel kick but Amale ducks it, only for Valkyrie to sweep the legs! Valkyrie powers up to standing moonsault! Cover, TWO!

Valkyrie keeps on Amale with an armlock. Fans rally as Amale powers up and pulls hair. The ref reprimands but Amale throws Valkyrie down! Valkyrie catches herself before hitting the mat, and Amale argues with the ref as Valkyrie stands. Amale turns around, Valkyrie blocks her punches to fire off kick after kick! Rolling sobat! PELE! Amale is down and York fires up as Valkyrie takes aim. Amale slowly stands up, to get a HEEL KICK! Valkyrie isn’t done there, she heads up top. Amale stirs as Valkyrie leaps, FLYING AX KICK! Cover, Valkyrie wins!

Winner: Aoife Valkyrie, by pinfall

The flight of the Valkyrie is a successful debut! Will Valkyrie ride on the wings of a pegasus towards the top of the NXT UK Women’s Division?

Backstage interview with Travis Banks.

NXT UK’s Kiwi Buzzsaw failed to take the NXT Cruiserweight Championship at Worlds Collide, but it was an unforgettable match all the same. That is true, but Banks says tomorrow is a new day. But then Imperium’s Alexander Wolfe walks in. Speaking about unforgettable matches from Worlds Collide, fans are talking about Imperium’s victory, not Banks being a failure to the brand. Well sure, but how about this? What is it like for Wolfe to ride Walter’s coattails? Wolfe warns Banks to watch himself, but will Wolfe have to be the one worried about walking into a buzzsaw?

Dave Mastiff VS Saxon Huxley!

The Bomber wants after Walter! But for now, will the “unleashed beast of the astral plane” suffice?

The bell rings and Mastiff ties up with Huxley right away. They break then grapple again, and Huxley knees low to then boot. Mastiff scoops and slams Huxley! Huxley gets to a corner and boots again,t hen hops up to leap. Mastiff CHOPS Huxley out of the air! A not so subtle message as Mastiff CHOPS Huxley again! Mastiff drags Huxley up to dead lift suplex! Fans sing as Mastiff drops Huxley down! Mastiff drags Huxley up and traps the arms to drive elbow after elbow into Huxley’s head and shoulders! The ref counts and Mastiff lets up, to then bring Huxley up again.

Fans rally for Huxley but Mastiff CHOPS him off his feet again. Mastiff drags Huxley up but Huxley hits back then kicks. Mastiff catches the kick but gets a dropkick! Huxley runs and knees Mastiff against the ropes! Huxley rams his knees in then whips Mastiff to a corner! Mastiff hits buckles and Huxley rams in more knees! Huxley runs but into a body check! Mastiff drops a MASSIVE senton! Mastiff shouts for Walter, before he uses the same FLYING SIT DOWN senton! Huxley sputters for air as Mastiff dead lift GERMAN SUPLEXES him away! Huxley ends up in a corner, Mastiff runs, INTO THE VOID! Cover, Mastiff wins!

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by pinfall

The message has been sent to the NXT UK Champion, but how will it be received?

NXT UK Media catches up with Toni Storm.

Kay Lee Ray put forward the challenge: an NXT UK Women’s Championship rematch, in an I Quit match, and if Toni loses, she can never challenge KLR for the title again. But Toni hasn’t given her response, so what is it? Toni is actually heading for Johnny Saint’s office to give it. She knows the NXT UK GM and Assistant GM are aware of KLR’s stipulations. “Let’s do it.” Sid Scala knew this was coming. And he knows an I Quit match can potentially be a very devastating match, so he hopes she is thinking this through. Toni tells Sid to make the match.

Sid and Saint go back into the office to discuss. When they return, the contract has already been printed up. KLR signed her part as champion, but Sid still wants Toni to understand the consequences of the match. Toni just takes the contract and signs on the dotted line. It’s official, but when and where will these friends-turned-enemies fight until one gives up the gold?

The Grizzled Young Veterans are here!

Zack Gibson and James Drake head to the ring, but York is already taking off their shoes. The fans also boo as Gibson gets a mic, and troll with, “Who Are Ya? Who Are Ya?” He is Liverpool’s Number one! And with him is Mr. Mayhem. Together, they are Grizzled Young Veterans, SOON to be recognized as the World’s Number One! Since day one in NXT UK, the mission is to be recognized as the very best tag team in their generation. Fans still troll with their signing. Gibson ignores them to say that at the original TakeOver: Blackpool, the GYV made history by becoming the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Management lined up team after team, both domestic and abroad, and GYV won!

Until Johnny Saint, “in the interest of entertainment,” stuck GYV in a Triple Threat in Cardiff, and they lost! Fans cheer that but Drake keeps Gibson calm. The big rematch was in TakeOver: Blackpool II, in a Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match! “At this rate, our next tag title opportunity is in a five, six, seven-team, ‘Circus Rules’ match, special guest referee, ‘The Ringmaster,’ Johnny Saint himself!” Fans like the sound of that. But Gibson points out the huge overseas impact they’ve had in NXT prime! William Regal is a man who recognizes talent! Regal knows this has nothing to do with Forgotten Sons, sexy police, or the Undisptued Era. William Regal knows what the GYV know: they are SOON to be recognized as the World’s Number One!

Regal can relate to GYV because he is from Blackpool, the town that gave us James Drake! Fans boo, they’re not impressed. Gibson is from Liverpool, the town that gave the world the Beatles, the championship level Liverpool Football Club, and Gibson! “And now, here we are in… York. A town world-famous for absolutely NOTHING.” Gibson and Drake tune out the fans chanting for “Yorkshire~! Yorkshire~!” as Drake tries to think of something special about York. He can’t think of anything. “Geographically, you are to the UK what The Hunt are to tag team wrestling. You exist, you’re here, but if you didn’t exist, nobody would even notice.”

That’s not to rag on York, it’s just from seeing the faces in the crowd. GYV know their value, and the world is recognizing that value. So what fans need to do is stand up, get your phones out, take some pictures, because GYV is worth the price of admission alone! Fans boo instead. Gibson says fans should rejoice, for GYV has conquered Europe, and will never stop! But how soon is “SOON” for the Grizzled Young Veterans?

NXT UK’s Radzi has breaking news!

If you like watching NXT UK, then get ready for NXT UK live events! Get a ticket, get a shirt, get a program! Joseph Conners comes by and wants to see where he is in the program. There’s Trent Seven, Tyler Bate… But no Conners. Speaking of Bate, what happened when Conners faced Bate’s protege, A-Kid? Conners won! So when Conners finally takes on Bate, what will happen? Conners will win! So Conners will show everyone who makes the merch, the matches, the decisions, that he IS worthy.

Joe Coffey w/ Gallus VS Amir Jordan!

The Iron King didn’t defeat the Ring General, and he wants the Moscow Madman to pay for his role in that. But before Ilja Dragunov, will Coffey warm up against the Bhangra Bad Boy?

The bell rings and Jordan avoids jabs from Coffey. The two tie up and Coffey hip tosses Jordan down hard! Coffey dares Jordan to fight and York are behind him as he ties up with Coffey again. Coffey whips, Jordan comes back with a headlock, but Coffey back suplexes out! Jordan lands on his feet to get the headlock back, but Coffey powers out. Coffey goes perpendicular to run Jordan over! “Gallus Boys on top!” Things speed up, Jordan hurdles and dropkicks Coffey back! Coffey whips Jordan away but Jordan leaps over. Jordan ducks and leaps, but the crossbody is caught! Coffey pops Jordan around for an OVERHEAD suplex!

Coffey throws big body shots in the corner then whips Jordan out then back into the same corner. And again! Coffey wants another but Jordan holds the ropes. Jordan ROCKS Coffey with a right, then wheelbarrows, but Coffey makes it a facebuster! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Jordan fights up. Jordan throws body shots but Coffey wrings out the bad arm! Coffey drags Jordan up as fans duel, and Coffey fires off more punches and even stomps! The ref counts but Coffey backs off. Jordan works to get the bad arm moving, but Coffey is on him again. Coffey wrenches, blocks the punch and arm-drags Jordan by that arm!

Coffey cranks on the good arm and clamps a claw onto Jordan’s ribs. Jordan hits back so Coffey cranks harder. Fans rally and duel as Jordan works his way up and around. Jordan throws body shots but Coffey throws him down again! Coffey adds a leg for a modified Bow ‘n’ Arrow, “Gallus Boys on top, son!” Jordan hits back but Coffey keeps on the arm. Jordan gets up, goes around, but Coffey keeps hooked on. Coffey arm-drags a third time and Jordan is back to square one on the mat. Fans rally as Coffey punches Jordan and cranks harder. Jordan works his way up but Coffey clubs him down. Fans rally more and Jordan gets up, to SPIKE-RANA!

Coffey flounders but he headbutts Jordan back. Coffey whips JOrdan toa corner, but Jordan elbows back! Jordan hops up top, leaps, crossbody hits! Coffey bails out and Jordan builds speed, to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp! York is fired up but Mark Coffey keeps Wolfgang back. Jordan puts Joe Coffey in, then climbs up top. Jordan SWANTONS onto knees! Coffey gives him the Glasgow Sendoff Spear! Coffey reels Jordan in, ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS! Cover, Coffey wins!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall

York applauds that gritty fight, and the Iron King makes sure Jordan understands what happens when you step to Gallus. “Tip top, Gallus Boys on top.” But Coffey wonders where Ilja went since Worlds Collide. Because Ilja’s world is gonna get smashed up! The Mad Russian owes a debt to Coffey, and payment’s due. Ilja should’ve gotten square with the Gallus Firm sooner. But it’s alright, because the Gallus lads are gonna square things up with “that mug” Burch, and “ET’s finger,” Oney. Gallus boys do what they do best: take care of business! Will that be the case when the BritAm Brawlers hit the ring after the break?

Gallus VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

Joe Coffey said his piece on behalf of the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, but now it’s time to back up words with actions! Will Marcus and Wolfie “speak louder” than the One Two? Or will The Govenah and The Yank make sure the Gallus Boys aren’t on top?

The teams sort out and York is already fired up for the “One, Two!” Burch and Mark Coffey start with the bell. They tie up and go around, and Coffey puts Burch in a corner. The ref backs Coffey off but Coffey still gives Burch a push. Burch and Coffey tie up again, Burch waistlocks to a headlock. Fans rally up as Coffey powers Burch to the Gallus corner. Tag to Wolfgang and Wolfgang throws body shots. Wolfgang headlocks Burch and throws him down. Burch grinds his forearm back at Wolfgang’s face. The two stand up, Wolfgang shifts to a cravat and neck crank.

Fans rally as Wolfgang puts Burch back in the Gallus corner. Mark tags back in and Gallus mugs Burch in the corner. Mark wrenches the arm and mounts Burch for the armlock. Fans boo Gallus but join Oney in the chant. Burch powers up, reverses the hold, and tags in Oney! Oney CHOPS Mark then double whips with Burch. Oney hits an atomic drop and then CHOPS Mark! Tag to Burch, they double atomic drop! Then split the wishbone! Oney exits and Burch throws European Uppercuts into Mark. Burch whips corner to corner, but Coffey slides out and Wolfgang gets in. Wolfgang distracts Burch long enough for Mark to get back in. Mark waistlocks but Burch bucks the roll off. Burch turns around, into a BIG leaping EuroUpper!

Mark stomps Burch then drags him up into the Gallus corner. Tag to Wolfgang and Gallus mugs Burch more. Wolfgang snapmares to a half nelson chinbar. Fans rally up and Burch fights his way up, only for Wolfgang to wrangle him back down. Burch endures and fans continue to rally. Burch stands but Wolfgang knees low. Wolfgang whips Burch to a corner, Burch goes up and under, to tag Oney! Oney fires off hands on Wolfgang, but Mark comes in. Oney EuroUppers Mark first! Then hits Wolgang with one! Then goes corner to corner to hit Mark! But Mark grabs Oney and keeps him trapped, as Wolfgang runs in and corner CROSSBODIES! Oney falls and Wolfgang hits Burch off the corner.

Wolfgang drops an elbow on Oney, then tags in Mark. Gallus mugs Oney now while fans troll with “ET Finger!” Mark drops knees on Oney’s back. Oney throws body shots back but Mark shoves and kitchen sink knees! Tag to Wolfgang, who runs and drops the basement senton! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang keeps on Oney with a half nelson chinbar. Oney endures as fans rally and duel. Oney fights his way up but now Wolfgang gets him in a full nelson. Wolfgang thrashes Oney around, Oney arm-drags free! Oney runs but Wolfgang intercepts to ram him into the Gallus corner! Tag to Mark and they mug Oney more.

Mark knees Oney to the apron, then hotshots the arm off the bottom rope! Wolfgang lurks nearby but the ref keeps him back. Oney gets in the ring but Mark stomps Oney down. Mark throws forearms then tags Wolfgang. Gallus mugs Oney more as fans duel. Wolfgang toys with Oney but Oney grits his teeth. Oney CHOPS Wolfgang but Wolfgang forearms back. Oney gets back up and CHOPS again! Wolfgang throws another forearm but Oney just powers up again. The Boston Bulldog just powers up from every forearm! And then he CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! Wolfgang fireman’s carries for the Wasteland slam! Wolfgang MOONSAULTS, but FLOPS!

Oney crawls but so does Wolfgang, hot tags to Burch and Mark! Burch dropkicks Wolfgang down then comes back to throw hands on Mark! Forearm after forearm and then EUroUpper! Burhc whips and elbows Mark down! And again! Burch spins Mark for another EuroUpper! Burch runs into the corner, clothesline, enziguri and German Suplex! He holds on, reels Mark out, for a HEADBUTT! Tag to Oney and the One Two work together. Burch lifts Mark but Wolfgang saves him from London Tower! Oney CHOPS and Burch HEADBUTTS Wolfgang down for it! Mark Polish HAMMERS Burch! Oney CHOPS Mark but Mark CHOPS back! We have a CHOP fight!

Oney gets the edge but Mark whips, only to get a BLOCKBUSTER! Tag to Burch, and Oney brings Mark up. Mark fights back, boots Burch then throws Oney out. Burch boots back and hops up, but Mark YANKS him down! Tag to Wolfgang, and Wolfgang tags Mark back in. WOlfgang catapults Burch into Mark’s fireman’s carry. Burch fights out and wrangles Mark down toa CROSSFACE! Oney tackles Wolfgang, for the BOSTON CRAB! Double submissions and York is thunderous! Joe Coffey coaches the Gallus Boys, and Wolfgang manages to turn over. Wolfgang shoves Oney onto Burch!

All four men are down but the teams regroup. Wolfgang SPEARS Oney out of the ring! Mark grabs Burch for a half nelson SLAM! Wolfgang hustles back to tag in. Fans rally as Gallus works together, enziguri powerslam! Cover, Gallus wins!

Winners: Gallus, by pinfall

The NXT UK Tag Team Champions got a championship level match out of the Govenah and the Yank, but as they always love to say: Gallus Boys on top! The Iron King celebrates with the lads and they stand tall. Is it only a matter of time before NXT UK is truly Gallus’ Kingdom? But wait, here comes Dragunov! Joe Coffey dares Ilja to get in and pay his debts. Ilja gets in, and the brawl is on! Mark keeps Wolfgang back, even as Ilja KNEES Joe! Joe rebounds, to give Ilja ALL THE BEST! Then Wolfgang is unleashed to attack! Gallus mugs the Mad Russian, then gives him the catapult to SAMOAN DROP! “Payment’s due, mate!” The Iron King comes to collect, but what will it cost Dragunov?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode of NXT UK as their Spring and Summer programs sort out separate of NXT Prime. For one, it is great to know we are getting the I Quit match of KLR VS Storm. That will be an incredible match, and I hope it dominates an episode. Like, 20 to 30 minutes. And honestly, I’m thinking because it is an I Quit match, wouldn’t Toni have to win? Even with KLR being as mean as she is, I can’t be sure she could do something so brutal that it makes Toni quit. Aoife (which is apparently pronounced like Eva with an F) had a great debut, and Amale looked decent in it, too. I am not that familiar with Aoife’s work but I’m sure she’ll really impress us soon enough.

Mastiff squashing Huxley using a lot of Walter’s signature moves was great. I still don’t see Mastiff winning the NXT UK Championship but it will still mean a lot if he can push Walter to his limits like Tyler Bate and Joe Coffey did. Conners does a good job in the promo and we all know Conners VS Bate will be great. Again I say, where is the Midcard Title for this branch? And honestly, Coffey VS Jordan made a good case for both men in that title scene. Coffey’s promo calling out Ilja was good, Gallus VS Lorcan & Burch was really good, and it was a pretty good move for Ilja to fight Gallus, even if he was going to get beat down. Coffey VS Ilja will also be a midcard title worthy match. I hope whatever the Summer UK TakeOver is, it debuts such a title.

My Score: 8.2/10

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