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WWE NXT UK Results: March 12, 2020


NXT UK is about to get RRRREEEEAL!

Make way for Prince Balor! For he has come to NXT UK to settle scores and put Imperium on notice! Will he get eyes on the prize that is WALTER’s United Kingdom Championship?


  • Pretty Deadly VS Dan Moloney & Dereiss Gordon; Pretty Deadly wins.
  • El Ligero VS Noam Dar; Dar wins.
  • Amale VS Dani Luna; Luna wins, by disqualification.
  • Alexander Wolfe VS Finn Balor; Balor wins.


Andy Shepherd joins NXT UK commentary!

The premier ring announcer for this fast growing brand is honored to join Nigel McGuinness at the desk to call the action! But before he can say more…

Finn Balor appears!!

The Prince told the world that he was on his way, and he’s arrived in Coventry! Fans go wild as Balor walks out on stage and down the ramp to the ring. Chants of “Finn! Finn!” echo out as Balor grabs a mic. “I am Finn Balor! And I didn’t come here to boost the ratings. I came here for Walter!” That is, if he has the BALLS to face The Prince! Fans now chant for “WAL~TER!” and he appears! The NXT United Kingdom Champion goes down the ramp, but of course the Ring General brings his solders.

Alexander Wolfe says hello to Balor and welcomes him to NXT UK. “This is the domain of Imperium. And Prince, please let us give you a proper welcome.” Imperium surrounds the ring but fans rally behind him. Marcel Barthel gets in but Balor stomps him down! Fabian Aichner tries next but he gets a big back elbow! Wolfe is third and he gets the waistlock but Balor fights out to SLINGBLADE! Balor dodges Walter’s chop and leaves Imperium in the ring. Balor aims those guns at the Austrian Anomaly, but will he be able to hit his mark?

NXT UK Media interviews Piper Niven.

Why did she get involved with the I Quit match of Kay Lee Ray VS Toni Storm? “Me and Toni, we’re like sisters.” And being sisters, sometimes they fight, but in the end, what was Piper going to do? Just let KLR cripple Toni? No! Piper couldn’t stop the match, because then Toni would never talk to her again. But she had to talk sense into Toni. As for KLR, she’s a different matter. When Piper was comforting Toni, KLR was laughing. KLR is evil, but Piper vows to do something about her. Will the Scottish Viper become the hero the NXT UK Women’s Division needs?

Tyler Bate speaks.

The Big Strong Boy became the first-ever United Kingdom Champion through the inaugural tournament. “If that’s not earning your position, then I don’t know what is.” From Pete Dunne to Walter to Jordan Devlin and beyond, “When it comes to Tyler Bate, there are only steps forward.” Is this Bate’s message to Joseph Conners and the argument of being TakeOver Worthy?

Pretty Deadly VS Dan Moloney & Dereiss Gordon!

Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley are always looking good, just not in their win-loss record. Can they change that here tonight? Or will things only get ugly in Coventry?

Fans taunt Pretty Deadly as they take off their lacy shirts. This upsets Stoker and Howley, so they throw the shirts at Dan and Dereiss before attacking! Stoker knees Dereiss and throws him out while Howley stomps Dan. Stoker goes over to stomp Dan then drag him up to the Pretty corner. He throws big European Uppercuts and clotheslines Dan against the ropes. Tag to Howley and Pretty Deadly double whips Dan to double elbow him down! Cover, ONE, but Howley keeps on Dan with clubbing forearms. Howley throws EuroUppers but Dan blocks the whip. Howley knees and punches Dan, but Dan reverses the whip. Dan prepares a back drop but Howley kicks that away. Dan gets mad but Howley dodges the punch to headlock.

Fans rally and Dan powers out to run Howley over! Dan suplexes and drops Howley hard, cover, TWO! Dan wrenches Howley and tags Dereiss in. Dereiss climbs to drop ax handles! Dereiss wrenches Howley’s arm to a wristlock but Howley body shots. Howley wrings Deriess’ arm but he handsprings through on one hand! Dereiss ducks and throws big forearms! He ROCKS Howley then whips, but Howley reverses. Dereiss redirects to tilt-o-whirl headscissor and dropkick! Cover, TWO! Dereiss drags Howley up but Howley puts Dereiss in a corner. The ref calls for the break but Dereiss goes up the ropes to push Howley away. Stoker distracts Dereiss and Howley clubs him from behind! Tag and Pretty Deadly stomp a mudhole! Fans troll with “Pretty Awful!” and “You’re Not Ziggler!” but Stoker clobbers Dereiss with a EuroUpper to the back! Cover, TWO!

Stoker drags Dereiss over with a cravat and crank. Stoker knees Dereiss into the corner then tags Howley. Howley stomps Dereiss hard, then gives him a EuroUpper. Howley suplexes then covers, TWO! Dereiss reaches but Howley brings him away from Dan. Tag to Stoker and Pretty Deadly double whip. Pop-Up EuroUpper! Cover, TWO! Pretty Deadly grows frustrated as Stoker throws more EuroUppers on Dereiss. Fans rally as Howley tags in and hits Dereiss with another EuroUpper. Tag back to Stoker, Howley feeds Dereiss to the hip toss! The ref tells Howley to go to the corner while Stoker taunts Dereiss. Dereiss kicks back but gets clubbed and clobbered for it. Tag to Howley and he stomps Dereiss down. Cover, ONE, but Howley is on him with a thrashing chinlock.

Fans rally up as Dereiss pries free! Dereiss is up but Howley knees low. Howley shoves but Dereiss sunset flips! Howley flails to stay up and Stoker reaches out! The tag is made, Howley punches but Dereiss dodges! Howley punches the mat and Dereiss tags in Dan! Dan rocks Howley then throws haymakers on stoker! Dan clotheslines Howley out and CLOBBERS Stoker! Stoker is in a corner, Dan clotheslines, CHOPS and CHOPS! Stoker shoves but Dan boots back to ripcord swinging side slam! Dan drags Stoker up, whips him to a corner, and Stoker bounces off buckles into a back drop! Stoker bails out but Dan pursues. They go around and back in, Howley tags in. Dan clobbers Stoker but Howley BOOTS Dan! Howley fireman’s carry and tosses Dan up, Deadly Pretty gutbuster! Cover, Stoker boots Dereiss out, Pretty Deadly win!

Winners: Pretty Deadly, by pinfall

Stoker and Howley are finally feeling pretty good after a match because they got a win! Will these fashion-forward superstars be heading for a golden opportunity in Dublin?

Alexander Wolfe goes to NXT UK General Manager and Assistant GM backstage.

He demands Johnny Saint and Sid Scala give him a match with Finn Balor tonight! Well, sure! But then NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin walks over. He congratulates Saint on having his Irish Ace back, and tells Sid to stop blowing up the phone. The Devlin Championship Tour finally returns home. That’s good, because in two weeks, Devlin will have his first defense of that title on NXT UK. Against who? A familiar foe in Travis Banks. Devlin laughs it off and says he’ll be ready. Will the Kiwi Buzzsaw be able to cash in on this golden opportunity?

NXT UK Media spots an encounter at the WWE UK PC.

South Wales Subculture talks with Dave Mastiff about his match with Walter, but Gallus comes over. “Oh there he is!” Joe Coffey asks the Bomber if he remembers that time the Iron King won the Last Man Standing match. Mastiff asks Coffey if he remembers getting his ribs hit for six. For Americans, that’s a cricket score reference. And SWSC points out that was the same night in Cardiff that Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster won the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

Mark Coffey counters with how they took those titles from them right after. But if these six want to throw down, they can do it right now. No, better yet, next week. The NXT UK fans deserve to see Gallus topple these three again. Tensions run high but they leave it at this. Mastiff is ready for him and SWSC to put Gallus Boys on bottom this time.

El Ligero VS Noam Dar!

The Luchador of Leeds is fed up with people running their mouths about him when he’s nowhere to be found. He confronts the Scottish Supernova in the ring, but will he show Mr. 11 the light? Or just get another ear full of Dar’s ego?

The bell rings and Ligero rushes at Dar but Dar stays away. They circle and Dar grins as he toys with Ligero. They tie up and Ligero spins Dar but Dar gets clear of the punch. “Settle down, boy.” Ligero and Dar circle and tie up again. Dar wrenches to a wristlock but Ligero rolls. Dar grabs at the horns on Ligero’s mask! Ligero goes after Dar but Dar backs up to a corner. The ref warns Ligero but he still goes after Dar! Dar gets mad now but Ligero dodges his angry kick. Ligero runs, Dar side steps, but Ligero knows the table top is coming and holds onto ropes! Ligero stomps Dar on the back then throws big forearms! Dar flounders up and Ligero runs in, but Dar dodges. Dar comes back but Ligero slips out and ducks the punch, only for the leg sweep to hit!

Ligero is down on the apron but Dar dropkicks him off! Dar double guns as fans rally and duel. Ligero stirs as the ring count begins, but Dar goes out to fetch him. Dar drags Ligero up for EuroUppers, then sends him into the ring. Cover, ONE, but Dar stomps Ligero down. Dar rains down punches, then mocks Ligero with a pretend matador cape. Dar stomps Ligero’s limbs, from legs to arms, then drags LIgeor up. Back suplex TOSS and a cover, TWO! Ligero grits his teeth but Dar is after the mask. Dar cranks Ligero’s head and grinds forearms into the eye holes of the mask. The ref reprimands but Ligero throws body shots. Dar keeps on the mask and kicks. Ligero kicks back but Dar sweeps the legs again.

Dar waistlocks but Ligero throws him at the ropes! Dar hops back up but Ligero kicks him back down. Ligero slingshots for the PESCADO! Ligero puts Dar in and shoulders into Dar. Dar staggers away, Ligero throws forearms and chops. A mule kick and a boot then a lariat! Fans fire up with Ligero as he brings Dar up. Dragon sleeper, inverted DDT! Cover, TWO! Ligero keeps his cool as fans rally and duel. A chant of “SI! SI!” begins as Ligero looms over Dar. Ligero rains down rights on Dar, then stomps him, too. Dar sits up, ducks the Penalty Kick and again sweeps the legs! But Ligero cradle counters, TWO! Things speed up, Ligero handsprings, into a takedown! FUJIWARA ARMBAR!

Ligero endures, powers up and rolls to a cover, TWO! Dar’s uppercut is caught into a backslide, but Dar rolls off to grab the horns again! Ligero breaks free and whips Dar to pop up and ROCK with the forearm! Ligero runs but gets caught up on ropes! Dar sweeps the legs yet again, then goes side to side to KNEE! Another leg sweep! Dar puts pinkies out as fans boo and jeer. Ligero rises and Dar runs at him, NOVA ROLLA!! Cover, Dar wins!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall

Mr. Supernova 11 gets the 1-2-3 without very little trash talk needed this time. Will Dar find himself on course for an NXT Cruiserweight title match?

Backstage interview with Travis Banks.

Josiah Williams is in NXT UK and is excited to talk with the Kiwi Buzzsaw ahead of his NXT Cruiserweight Championship match. How does he feel? How good would it be to beat Devlin for that title? Banks and Devlin have history, and Banks even threw himself off a balcony to take Devlin down. There is one thing that Devlin needs to remember: Devlin didn’t pin Banks’ shoulders at Worlds Collide to win that title. So Banks makes a promise that when that match happens, he will be the first New Zealander champion in NXT history.

Amale VS Dani Luna!

With Toni Storm no longer able to challenge for the title until Kay Lee Ray loses it, there is a power vacuum that must be filled! Which of these rising stars makes a big impression on NXT UK management as we head for Dublin?

The bell rings and Coventry is strongly behind Luna. Luna and Amale circle and tie up, and Amale gets the wristlock. She slips through to a headlock but Luna tosses her off! Luna smirks as Amale gets up and they circle again. They tie up, Luna waistlocks and slams Amale down. Luna shifts to a facelock but Amale slips out to wristlock back. Amale reels Luna into a facelock of her own, but Luna slips out to a waistlock and dead lifts! Amale elbows out then hammerlocks. Luna reaches back to wrench and wristlock. Amale spins and brings Luna to a knee to then lace a leg over. Amale shows off by striking a pose, but Luna lifts and throws her off again! Luna dodges Amale’s forearm to throw one of her own! Luna scoops Amale for a Fall Away Slam, and a kip up! But KLR attacks!?

Winner: Dani Luna, by disqualification

The Scary Queen of Scots throws Luna out, then stomps Amale down before throwing her out! The NXT UK Women’s Champion grabs a mic to say, “Now that I have successfully gotten rid of Toni Storm, I am here to let every girl in NXT UK know that it doesn’t matter if you were here from the beginning, or you just got your foot in the door. This division belongs to me!” But then Luna hits back!! Luna clubs away but KLR mule kicks then SUPERKICKS! Gory Especial, KILLER BOMB! Fans boo but KLR makes sure Luna understands this. NXT UK belongs to Kay Lee Ray!!

Aoife Valkyrie speaks.

“Every feather I wear represents a battle to become who I am.” She is the chooser of the slain. NXT UK will witness the rise of the Valkyrie.

Alexander Wolfe VS Finn Balor!

Imperium was the welcome wagon to start the night, but the German Hatchet Man wants to give The Prince a fight as his welcoming gift. Will Wolfe show Balor a sample of the absolute power that rules over NXT UK? Or will Balor show everyone the rrrreeeality of his arrival?

The bell rings and Balor circles with Wolfe. They tie up, Balor gets around to forearm Wolfe in the back then drag him down. Balor wrenches the arm to a hammerlock then tweaks it. Wolfe endures as Balor cranks the arm again. Wolfe sits up and stands up to elbow free. He throws more forearms then whips but Balor reverses. Wolfe sunset flips but Balor slips out to dropkick! Fans are strongly behind Balor as he snapmares Wolfe to a seated cobra clutch. Wolfe endures as Balor leans on him, but works his way up. Wolfe puts Balor in a corner but Balor turns it around. The ref calls for the break but Wolfe slips between the ropes, then gives Balor a cheap shot kick! Balor kicks back! And stomps away!

The ref counts and Balor lets off at 4, but comes back to CHOP Wolfe! Wolfe goes to an open corner but Balor is after his arm, then CHOPS again! Balor whips Wolfe corner to corner and runs to CHOP! And then the other way! And back this way! Balor rolls Wolfe to a cover, TWO! Wolfe is stinging but fans are cheering as Balor glares at Wolfe. Balor walks into a drop toehold but keeps himself from hitting ropes. Wolfe kicks Balor low but Balor headlocks. Wolfe scoops for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Balor goes to a corner but Wolfe is on him with body shots. Wolfe rams knees into Balor then cranks him around for a EuroUpper into Balor’s back! Wolfe brings Balor down to his knees to throw more forearms. He wraps Balor up in a rear bearhug but Balor endures the squeeze.

Fans rally up and Balor fights, but the rest of Imperium finally returns to ringside. Balor stands, but Wolfe grabs him in a cobra clutch for another backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Balor sputters but Wolfe looms over him. Wolfe brings Balor up to bump him off buckles. Fans rally even as Wolfe rams into Balor, then hauls him up for a standing bearhug. Balor endures as Wolfe thrashes him about. Balor throws forearms and elbows and is free of the hold, but Wolfe shoves him to a corner. Wolfe walks into a forearm, but he gives one back. Wolfe stomps Balor in another corner then whips him corner to corner. Balor boots back then runs out to rally with forearms!

Fans fire up as Wolfe gets to ropes. Balor runs and basement dropkicks Wolfe into the ropes! Balor glares at Walter as he stomps Wolfe down. “You want some, Walter?!” Balor springboard stomps over and over, and says they’re all for Walter! The ref backs Balor off and Wolfe slowly rises. Fans are thunderous as Balor hits Wolfe with a SLINGBLADE! Fans troll Imperium with “Walter is a baby~!” Balor aims from a corner but Aichner and Barthel go after Balor! He fights them off but Wolfe LARIATS Balor down! The referee EJECTS Imperium! Imperium protests but fans sing, “Hey hey hey~! Good bye!” Balor and Wolfe rise, and Balor glares as he throws forearms. Wolfe gives them back and we have a brawl!

Balor runs into a EuroUpper and enziguri! Wolfe reels Balor in, but Balor slips out of the bomb to trip up and DOUBLE STOMP Wolfe! Fans fire up as Balor is in the corner. Wolfe denies the Slingblade to roll Balor up, TWO!! BOOT and GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO! Wolfe drags Balor up to a fireman’s carry but Balor slips around to a sleeper! Dragon sleeper, elbow drop DDT! Balor aims from a corner again, SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Wolfe bounces off buckles and Balor heads up top! COUP DE GRACE!! But Balor won’t end it there, he gives Wolfe 1916! Cover, Balor wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

Wolfe went at Balor, but he missed and got taken down instead! Will Balor take his shot at Walter when NXT UK takes over Dublin?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode for NXT UK, and it works to build some momentum for TakeOver: Dublin. I like that we got a match for Balor immediately, and he had a pretty good match with Wolfe. Walter VS Balor is definitely being set up for Dublin, but I’m expecting Imperium to actually beat him down next week or the week after that. Unless Balor gets allies in this fight, it just makes sense that the 4v1 eventually catches up to him. I’m surprised there wasn’t even a moment of Devlin being annoyed by Balor showing up, but he’s too busy being high on himself.

Devlin VS Banks in a couple weeks will be a great match, but I’m thinking Devlin wins to keep his reign strong. Dublin should be the big thing for Devlin, win or lose. Dar VS Ligero was good but I was a bit surprised Dar won. Maybe this feud continues for a few more weeks to work on a Dublin challenger for Devlin. But I knew a Heel was busting up Luna VS Amale. Both women are still solidly lower midcard, so it just seemed perfect for KLR to attack. Kudos to Luna for standing up, and Piper is also poised for a match, so I’m thinking KLR beats Luna to try and make a point that being stronger doesn’t beat her, but then Piper is the one too strong for even her.

Pretty Deadly gets a good match and good win out of Dereiss and Dan, but I don’t see them getting the NXT UK Tag titles or a match. The Six Man of Gallus VS Mastiff & SWSC will be really good, and could be indicative of where the tag titles are going for Dublin. Still hoping for something huge like in Cardiff or Blackpool.

My Score: 8.3/10

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