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WWE NXT UK Results: March 5, 2020


A truly MASSIVE match for the NXT UK Championship!

Imperium wants to completely take over, but the Bomber stands in their way! Will Dave Mastiff be too much for WALTER to stay NXT UK Champion?


  • Travis Banks VS Alexander Wolfe; Wolfe wins.
  • Ridge Holland VS Saxon Huxley; Holland wins.
  • Aoife Valkyrie VS Isla Dawn; Valkyrie wins.
  • NXT UK Championship: WALTER VS Dave Mastiff; WALTER wins and retains the NXT UK Championship.


Tonight, NXT UK will be colossal!

“Tonight, I know what I’m up against. The unbeatable, the unbreakable, the undeniable.” Dave Mastiff knows Walter, but Walter does not know Dave Mastiff. Mastiff is the most powerful man Walter will ever face, and is a “proper British Heavyweight. And I’ve got no quit in me.” Mastiff doesn’t want the title, he needs it! “Walter, tonight, your reign is over!”

Travis Banks VS Alexander Wolfe!

The Kiwi Buzzsaw didn’t take too kindly to Imperium’s mockery, so he’s ready to sink his teeth into the German Hatchet Man! Who cuts the other down as NXT UK heads for Dublin?

The bell rings and Wolfe rushes Banks! Banks dodges the boot to give a flying knee! Wolfe bails out but Banks builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp! Banks puts Wolfe in the ring and runs up the corner to leap, DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO! Wolfe survives this opening salvo but fans are fired up for the Buzzsaw. Banks leaps again, into a European Uppercut! Wolfe hits the BOOT and down goes Banks! Wolfe finally takes off his jacket and throws it at Banks. Then Wolfe rains down rights and puts Banks in the corner. Wolfe throws heavy hands then brings Banks out for a standing chinlock. He EuroUppers Banks in the back, then claws at Banks’ face! The ref counts and Wolfe lets up at 4 to elbow Banks down.

Fans rally for Banks and he kicks from the mat. Wolfe grabs the leg to yank it, then scrapes his boots on Banks’ face. Basement dropkick and cover, TWO! Wolfe clamps onto Banks with a chinlock and grinds Banks down. Fans build to a rally and Banks pries against the hold. Banks powers up, throws body shots, but Wolfe scoops and slams Banks hard! Cover, TWO! Wolfe keeps on Banks with another chinlock and he grinds Banks down harder. Banks endures as Wolfe cranks back and fans rally up again. Banks fights up, throws more body shots, but Wolfe shoves him to a corner for a quick splash. Wolfe throws forearms and whips Banks out to send him back in! Then Wolfe whips Banks corner to corner before dusting off his hands.

Wolfe runs in but Banks dodges! Wolfe just stops himself from hitting buckles but Banks throws body shots again! Banks fires off from all sides and gets an edge with forearms. Wolfe shoves but the rolling elbow comes back! Wolfe staggers and runs over, but Banks sweeps the legs! Banks goes side to side, shotgun dropkick! Then Banks goes side to side the other way, for a basement shotgun! Wolfe is down and Banks jumps up, DOUBLE STOMPS! Fans cheer as Wolfe bails out and Banks is on the apron. Banks Penalty Kicks Wolfe down! Banks puts Wolfe back in then heads up top. Fans rally as he reaches the top and leaps, ANOTHER DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO!! Wolfe survives but Banks keeps his focus.

Banks kicks Wolfe hard in the back over and over, and Wolfe keeps sitting up to take them. Fans fire up with Banks as he prepares, but Wolfe blocks the Buzzsaw’s buzzsaw! Wolfe EuroUppers and runs but Banks trips him up! Banks mule kicks Wolfe then drags him back up. But Wolfe gets the ANARCHY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Banks survives but both men are down. Fans rally up as Banks and Wolfe stir. Wolfe is up first and he brings Banks to his feet to talk trash in German. Banks throws a big forearm! Wolfe EuroUppers but Banks boots! Banks bobs ‘n’ weaves and kicks away on Wolfe’s leg. Wolfe clamps on both hands but Banks breaks free to fire off palm strike after palm strike!

Banks back kicks, front kicks and roundhouses, but Wolfe gets under to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Wolfe drags Banks up, Banks slips out of the bomb to go to the corner, SLICE OF HEAVEN! But Wolfe flops out to the apron! Banks keeps his cool as he goes to the apron. Fans rally as Banks brings Wolfe up. Banks wants the fisherman but Wolfe holds onto ropes. Wolfe rakes Banks’ face to then lift him up, but Banks fights his way out and to a corner. Banks mule kicks Wolfe away, then DOUBLE STOMPS Wolfe to the apron!! Fans cheer as Banks gets back in the ring and the count begins. Wolfe stirs at 2, drags himself up at 4, but Banks goes back out.

Banks runs but the kick is punched away! Wolfe trips Banks up and Banks hits apron! Wolfe spins Banks around and has him draped in underhooks, for a twisting butterfly neckbreaker! Banks writhes but Wolfe puts him back in for a DDT! Cover, TWO!! Banks survives and fans cheer! Wolfe gets up first and fans rally up. Wolfe drags Banks to his feet, but Banks grits his teeth as he throws big forearms! Banks hits Wolfe over and over, but Wolfe clubs him back! Wolfe clubs and clubs Banks then reels him in, SIT-OUT BOMB! Cover, Wolfe wins!

Winner: Alexander Wolfe, by pinfall

Imperium’s soldier conquers the Kiwi Buzzsaw! Is this just proof that the foursome will take over NXT UK on all levels?

NXT UK hears from Eddie Dennis.

“Everyone’s always astounded that I went from the principal of a private school to a professional wrestler.” But the more time Dennis spends on NXT UK, the more he realizes just how much both roles have in common. Dennis is a graduate of a “red brick university,” and has an Honors degree in pure mathematics. In the classroom, it was Dennis’ job to mold the minds of the youth. “Any pro-wrestler can manipulate a body part. But it takes a certain level of intellect to manipulate the mind.” Whose bodies and minds does Dennis plan on manipulating next?

The NXT UK Tag Team Division is growing stronger every day.

Imperium, South Wales Subculture, The Hunt, Grizzled Young Veterans, Pretty Deadly, Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams, and even the new team-up of Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter. So many teams, but they must all step up to Gallus. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang hold the gold and lead the charge into the future of this brand.

Ridge Holland VS Saxon Huxley!

The Peaky Blinder is one of a kind, and has yet to even slow down since his debut in NXT UK. But will the Beast of the Astral Plane be an obstacle not even the former Rugby player can bust through?

The bell rings and Saxon runs right at Holland! Saxon boots and clubs and knees Holland to a corner then hits clotheslines and body shots. Holland powers Huxley off him, catches the boot for a T-Bone SUPLEX! Fans cheer as Holland grits his teeth. Holland runs and BLASTS Huxley off his feet! Huxley gets to a corner but Holland brings him up for the Alabama Slam! But Holland isn’t done, he gives Huxley even MORE Northern Grit! Cover, Holland wins!

Winner: Ridge Holland, by pinfall

Alabama, Yorkshire, it doesn’t matter where Holland is, he is one of a kind. Holland makes quick work of Huxley but still gives a tip of the cap. When and where will Holland find his next opportunity to dominate?

NXT UK hears from Jordan Devlin.

The Irish Ace is still in the States as he gives a message to Johnny Saint and Sid Scala. They can stop blowing up his phone, he’s heard all the voicemails and read all the emails. Don’t worry, the Jordan Devlin NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tour is going global, because next week, he returns to NXT UK in Coventry. This is for all the fans out there: “Your Ace, the Cruiserweight Champion, is coming home.” Who will step up to the Ace when he finally brings this belt to the brand?

Aoife Valkyrie VS Isla Dawn!

The newest force of nature collides with the White Witch for the first time in NXT UK! Will the flight of the Valkyrie ride on through the night?

The bell rings and Isla circles with Aoife. They tie up, fans rally and Aoife wrenches to a wristlock. Isla spins through but Aoife spins, too. Isla rolls and hooks a leg, but Aoife powers her down to the ma! Aoife keeps on the wristlock then snapmares to hook and La Magistrol, TWO! Aoife keeps hold to ghost pin, TWO! Fans rally as Aoife wrenches back to the wristlock. Isla pushes with forearms, spins and bridges to wring Aoife out! Cover, TWO as Aoife gets a shoulder up. Isla pushes it back down for another cover. TWO as Aoife brings the other shoulder up. Isla tries again, TWO as Aoife bridges! Isla throws her whole weight on Aoife for the cover, TWO as Aoife manages to bridge again!

Fans rally as Aoife monkey flips then rolls back to her own cover, TWO! Aoife gets to the corner, Isla runs in to monkey flip but Aoife handsprings through. Aoife wags a finger, then jumps to dropkick, but Isla grabs the legs out of the air! Isla has Aoife down, but Aoife rolls back to SPIKE-RANA! Cover, TWO as Isla sunset flips, TWO! Aoife jackknifes, TWO as Isla bridges up. Isla hooks the arms but Aoife resists the backslide. Isla still gets it, TWO! Aoife ducks a kick but Isla does the splits to avoid one back! Fans cheer as the two stare down. Aoife watches Isla start to rise and swings a kick! Isla ducks the kick to roll Aoife up! Aoife slips out to mule kick then run. She slides under Isla, Isla ducks a heel kick, but Aoife sweeps the legs!

Aoife powers up to standing moonsault! Cover, ONE, but by a small gap of the shoulder. Aoife keeps on Isla as fans rally up. She hooks one arm but Isla powers up. Isla tries to fireman’s carry but can’t keep Aoife up. Instead, Isla rams Aoife into the corner. Aoife pushes and boots bakc, then hops up. But Isla uses a Tiger Feint to trip Aoife up! Fans fire up as Isla climbs, leaps and METEORAS! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally again as Isla looms over Aoife. Isla drags Aoife up, waistlocks, but Aoife elbows back and PELES! Isla staggers, Aoife HEEL KICKS! Aoife heads up top, aims at Isla, FLYING SCISSOR KICK! Cover, Aoife wins!

Winner: Aoife Valkyrie, by pinfall

The Flight of the Valkyrie is 2-0 and soaring in the NXT UK Women’s Division! Will Aoife move up towards Kay Lee Ray and that NXT UK Women’s Championship?

NXT UK Media catches up with El Ligero.

Noam Dar has had a lot to say recently about the Luchador of Leeds. What is his response? “Six months ago, Joseph Connors had a lot to say about me. Last month, Jordan Devlin had a lot to say about me. And yeah, now Noam’s got a lot to say about me.” Ligero is getting a bit tired of people having something to say about him behind his back. So Ligero says that Noam might be big and strong on social media, but after a talk with Johnny Saint, Ligero is going to tell Noam straight: next week, Ligero shuts Noam’s annoying mouth for good!

NXT UK Championship: WALTER VS Dave Mastiff!

This will literally be the biggest match in this young title’s career! The Austrian Anomaly and the Bomber of Black Country are two of NXT UK’s biggest and strongest, but there can only be one at the very top! Will the Ring General retain the championship yet again? Or will a “proper British Heavyweight” do what so many others have failed to accomplish?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this mammoth main event begins!

Walter and Mastiff circle as fans rally and duel. They tie up, Mastiff wrenches to a wristlock but Walter chinbars through the beard. Walter brings Mastiff around in a facelock, they go along the ropes and end up in a corner. The ref counts and Walter backs off, but swings a chop! Mastiff gets under it and throws forearms back. Mastiff headlocks but Walter powers out. The two collide but neither falls! Walter forearms then runs but he and Mastiff collide again! Neither falls, so Mastiff and Walter throw forearms back and forth! Mastiff rocks Walter then runs, bumps Walter but Walter comes back! Mastiff rebounds, Walter hurdles over but Mastiff crossbodies! Down goes Walter! Cover, TWO!

Mastiff keeps on Walter with a headlock but Walter moves around. Fans sing as Mastiff clubs Walter on the back. Mastiff brings Walter up for EuroUppers and forearms, but Walter gets around to get a sleeper! Mastiff has the ropes but Walter slaps his hands down! Walter waistlocks but Mastiff elbows free. Walter BOOTS Mastiff and staggers him, then brings him in. Mastiff back drops Walter, Walter sunset flips but Mastiff sits on him! Cover, TWO!! Walter survives the crushing weight but Mastiff waits for him to rise. Mastiff clamps onto Walter then throws a big forearm into his back! Cover, TWO! Fans sing more as Mastiff brings Walter up for more forearms. Walter gives them back and we have another behemoth brawl.

Walter CHOPS but Mastiff shrugs it off! Mastiff throws more big forearms but Walter CHOPS! That one staggers Mastiff, but he still elbows back. Mastiff German Suplexes Walter into buckles! Walter is down, Mastiff gets moving, but Walter SHOTGUN DROPKICKS! Fans cheer for these “Two Big Guys! Two Big Guys!” Walter is up first, and brings Mastiff up. But again Mastiff back drops out! Mastiff throws big forearms and body shots but Walter CHOPS! Walter clamps on with the sleeper but Mastiff throws him off. Walter BOOTS Mastiff down! But Mastiff springs right back up!? Mastiff throws big body shots and forearms! York is thunderous as Walter CHOPS and turns Mastiff, to CHOP him down!

Walter heads up top, for a WALTER SPLASH! But he FLOPS as Mastiff moves! Fans rally up for “Dave! Dave!” as Mastiff stands. Mastiff drags Walter up now and tries to fireman’s carry, but Walter resists lift. Walter CHOPS Mastiff on the back, runs, but Mastiff side steps to REBOUND GERMAN! Mastiff has Walter up in the fireman’s carry, for a rolling senton!! Cover, TWO!! Walter survives and fans are fired up with dueling chants! Mastiff catches his breath as Walter crawls to a corner. Mastiff runs and leaps INTO THE VOID, but misses! Walter gets clear and Mastiff hits only mat! Walter is up, runs in but Mastiff dodges the dropkick! Mastiff drops a back senton! Walter ends up in the corner again, Mastiff goes again, back INTO THE VOID!! IT HITS!! Cover, TWO!! Walter survives and Mastiff can’t believe it!

York is thunderous again as Mastiff goes to the corner. Mastiff climbs!? Walter trips him up and Mastiff falls to the mat with a thud! Walter runs, but Mastiff LARIATS! Fans love “NXT! NXT!” for this truly titanic showdown! Mastiff drags Walter up but Walter CHOPS! It was to the throat! Walter BOOTS and CHOPS Mastiff again! He reels Mastiff in, and somehow manages a WALTER BOMB!! Cover, Walter wins!!

Winner: Walter, by pinfall (still NXT UK Champion)

New York, Cardiff, Blackpool, and now York. Imperium’s United Kingdom Champion continues his incredible, even superhuman reign! Will the Ring General and his soldiers continue to take over NXT UK and the world?

My Thoughts:

A really fun episode for NXT UK here. Banks VS Wolfe was a solid opener, and a great win for Wolfe. Holland VS Huxley was fast but Holland was just so incredibly dominant. It’s still early in Holland’s wrestling career, but he definitely deserves something big for a real story. We got a great little video for the NXT UK Tag Division just to keep all the teams in our minds as plans are being made for Dublin. Aoife VS Isla was great, and while every woman’s focus is the NXT UK Women’s Championship, I would love to see those two teaming together in the WWE Women’s Tag Division. One day, there needs to be a match for those titles where you have a Raw team, a SmackDown team, an NXT team and an NXT UK team fighting for them in an Elimination or Ladder match.

Eddie Dennis has a good video promo to keep himself going, and Ligero VS Dar next week is going to be pretty good. Devlin coming back to NXT UK next week can also start him and the Cruiserweights on this brand towards a program for TakeOver: Dublin. I suppose without a purely NXT UK midcard title, the Cruiserweight Championship can help give a lot of the stars just waiting around something to do. Then the main event, that was just great hard hitting heavyweight action. Mastiff looked amazing even in losing, and makes us all feel he is top title worthy, he just needs some more time. Add on that Balor is coming for Walter, TakeOver: Dublin could be on a Cardiff level of amazing.

My Score: 8.4/10

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