WWE NXT WarGames 2021 Results, Viewing Party & More


Kyle O’Reilly has challenged Von Wagner to a steel cage match (or a WarGames match…something involving a steel cage) for Tuesday night. Maybe O’Reilly isn’t sticking around, but he’s just doing the favors to Wagner on his way out and Tuesday is still within the range of his contract.

Men’s WarGames Match

  • Starting off will be Carmelo Hayes and Johnny Gargano.
  • As much as I would want to see Gargano against a lot of the people in AEW, I don’t want him to leave WWE. My ideal situation is that he moves to the main roster and becomes the next incarnation of Daniel Bryan for Raw/SmackDown as a guy we can watch get to win the world title at WrestleMania. However, the feeling is overwhelming that he’s leaving after this. Hopefully, he’ll have another amazing performance like he almost always does.
  • Let’s see what Grayson Waller has to offer now that he’s in the ring with Gargano as the second entrant on Team 2.0
  • LOL! Trick Williams shouted “watch out” and chucked a chair into the ring, but very nearly hit Waller of all people. That wasn’t how that was supposed to go.
  • I’m not sure what caused it, but Gargano is bleeding now from his nose.
  • Pete Dunne enters the fray to help even the odds.
  • Gargano and Dunne have crossfaces on their opponents and are kicking the opposite person in the face. Love it.
  • Next up for 2.0 is Tony D’Angelo.
  • Trick Williams fed D’Angelo some kendo sticks and some tables to bring into the ring. And some trash cans, and some crutches, and a chain. But under the ring was Dexter Lumis! He gave Gargano a thumbs up and walked off.
  • D’Angelo padlocked the cage door shut ahead of LA Knight and Tommaso Ciampa being able to join the match. LA Knight decided to climb the cage to get inside that way. Good moment.
  • Double dropkick from Gargano and Dunne to Waller stuffed in a trash can.
  • Officials are cutting open the chain to allow Breakker and Ciampa their normal access as Dunne keeps working on Waller’s fingers.
  • Time for the man who should have been named Rex Steiner, who struggles to break the chain, but eventually gets it. I assume he was supposed to get it in one shot, right?
  • Naturally, Breakker destroys everyone.
  • Ciampa is last and the match has started.
  • Nice reference with Gargano using a crutch on Hayes to save Ciampa as they reflect on their history with that weapon.
  • It’s not often we see Gargano able to lawn dart someone like Hayes into a trash can.
  • Waller goes through a table, tossed backward by LA Knight.
  • Breakker kicks out of an Air Raid Crash onto a trash can.
  • Waller hits an elbow drop onto Knight through a table from the top of the cage, but Dunne breaks up a pinfall attempt from D’Angelo. Lots of height for Waller on that jump!
  • D’Angelo has brought a crowbar into play, which I think is fitting for his character. He then took out Dunne’s mouth guard and used the crowbar to swing Dunne off the top rope and down to the mat.
  • One Final Beat and Willow’s Bell in sync, along with a traditional DIY double kick to the head that would have gotten the finish on Breakker, but Hayes pulled the referee off the count and then nailed Gargano with a low blow.
  • Breakker speared Ciampa through the table. This has to be setting up the end.
  • Yup. Breakker hits a power slam and pins Ciampa for the win.

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