WWE Raw Divas Championship


As we finish up the matchfor Cesaro with Paul Heyman vs Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter, A.J. Lee  came  skipping in as usual A.J. said “295 days I have been  Divas Champion none of those divas have been able to beat me they all had 294 days to try to beat me let’s face I’m the greatest divas champion” NXT rookie Paiges them played as she entered. She tells A.J. “I’m here to do what anyone else didn’t do I’m here to congratulate you. A.J. asked Paige to fight her as A.J. put up her title on the line. Paige told her she wasn’t ready. A.J. slapped Paige and asked are you ready now and said oh well let’s get a ref out here. The ref rang the bell as A.J. domanited the whole match. A.J. tried to put Paige into the black widow Paige reversed it into the Paigeturner as Tamina walks back the ref hit 1…2…3… Paige cried as A.J. freaked out.

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