WWE Raw Recap & Quick Results (10/21)


Event: WWE Monday Night Raw

Location: Memphis, TN

Reported by: Jared Monk (jaeknox)

Opening Segment: Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie starts off plugging the HIAC PPV by announcing all the matches that will take place this Sunday. Triple H say’s he trust’s Shawn Michaels because he respects him. This triggers Big Show to appear on the titantron screen yelling “RESPECT” over and over again questioning Triple H. Triple H explains that Big Show is just looking for a handout because he’s so used to the WWE bailing him out. Big Show then say’s he’s suing the WWE for the million of dollars they owe him. Stephanie is irate and gives a countdown from 5 and once she gets to zero, the titantron cuts back to the Raw logo putting Show’s promo to an abrupt end. Triple then announces Dean Ambrose but instead Daniel Bryan’s music hits and out comes Bryan doing his “YES” strut all around the ring as we head to our first commercial break.

Dean Ambrose vs Daniel Bryan

This was a great back and forth match controlled for the most part by Ambrose. Dean showed his true ring psychology with his facial expressions and found a way to suck the audience in. Both men hit pretty much every high spot and signature move they had to offer and proved to have great chemistry together. Bryan was able to lock in the Yes Lock to get the submission over Ambrose.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via submission

Cm Punk Promo

Punk comes out to a monstrous ovation and cuts a fairly quick promo especially for his taste. He plugs his upcoming HIAC match with Paul Heyman and Ryback. Punk say’s his main focus is getting his hands on Heyman. Punk stresses the point that three men will enter the demonic Hell in a Cell structure, but only one man will walk out.

Santino Marella vs Heath Slater

Welp, this is our comedy portion of the show. Santino, Khali and Hornswoggle all came out dressed as Elvis Presley and the crowd loved it. Santino actually wrestled the entire match with the white suit on and the Elvis wig, sideburns and all. This was a quick match as Santino was able to hit the cobra for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Santino Marella via pinfall

Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton

Orton came out to an insane pop as he still has tons of fans, my guess is maybe people aren’t too sold on his heel turn but his ovation was awesome. This was a very exciting match as both men were on the offense and Dolph was pretty red hot and hit some sick spots and showed this huge aggression that we all know he has. The crowd was red hot for this one and was split down the middle. You could hear huge “Let’s Go Orton” and “Let’s Go Ziggler” chants. Awesome match full of about a million counters, eventually Dolph went for an off the ropes running attack on Orton but ran directly into a vicious RKO. Randy scores the 1 2 3.

Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall

AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka vs The Bella Twins

Tamina was a beast out there, she reminds me a lot of Beth Phoenix with all her all out strength. This was actually for the second week in a row a pretty great divas match with a nice amount of time to it. Tamina wrestled the bulk of the match but AJ tagged in and did a few spots. What I noticed was Nicki and AJ spent most of the time outside of the match which I’m assuming maybe they aren’t 100% from their recent injuries but who knows. Brie looked awesome as she’s improved big time. After a few counters Brie was able to hit AJ with her X-Pac like Facecrusher for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Bella Twins via pinfall

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs Kofi Kingston & The Miz

Pretty solid match controlled mostly by the Wyatt’s. Miz was pretty much a no factor but Kofi came in and got some great offense in. He hit a beautiful TIP on Rowan as he’s positioned on the apron but runs straight into a huge clothesline from Harper. Harper gets the 3 count on Kofi.

Winners: Luke Harper & Erick Rowan via pinfall

Curtis Axel vs Big E Langston

This match doesn’t even start because as soon as Langston enters the ring he’s doubled team by Axel and Ryback. The actions leads outside the ring and while Langston is giving a huge effort to fight back, the numbers get the best of him. Out of nowhere Punk storms out with a kendo stick and is able to hit Ryback and Axel with some vicious shots. Vickie Guerrero then comes out and announces that this match will be restarted as a tag team match.

Winner: No Contest

Cm Punk & Big E Langston vs Curtis Axel & Ryback

Ryback and Axel take turns beating up on Punk for the majority of the match until Punk was able to make the hot tag to Langston in which Langston proceeded to cleaning house with some huge clotheslines to both opponents. Punk makes his way back in the ring as the illegal man and clotheslines Ryback over the top rope outside of the ring. Big E hits the Big Ending on Axel for the 1 2 3. I was expecting Punk to get the hot tag and make the save but it looks like the WWE are really trying to get Langston over and it works. The crowd was hot for Big E. After the match, Punk chased Heyman through the crowd but Heyman gets away. Punk celebrates with the fans.

Winners: Cm Punk & Big E Langston via pinfall

Tons of Funk vs The Real Americans

This was a very quick match as it seems these four men wrestle every week. It was once again dominated by the Real Americans. Cesaro hit his Giant Swing on Clay and Swagger followed up with an ankle lock on Clay causing the quick tap out.

Winners: The Real Americans via submission

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs The Uso’s

#1 Contender’s Match for the Tag Team Championships

Cody Rhodes and Goldust are ringside guests on commentary. Cody & Goldust were very dry on commentary and didn’t say much or seem enthused at all. It almost reminded me of that time when Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith were Tag Champs year back and were on commentary while Michael Cole made fun of how boring they were. Both Cody and Goldust didn’t really put their upcoming match over well but maybe its apart of their mysterious gimmick. Reigns spent most of the time in the ring and the irony is both the Uso’s are his cousins. Very exciting match. All 4 men had great chemistry and hit their spots. Dean walks up to Cody jawing and mushes him in the face. This turns into an all out brawl as Cody & Goldust attack Dean which triggers Rollins to jump in. Reigns leaves the ring and he jumps in as well which then triggers the Uso’s to jump in as well. The action leads back into the ring as Cody, Goldust and the Uso’s clear the ring as the Uso’s celebrate.

Winners: No Contest

WWE Contract Signing: Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan

Stephanie and Triple H are already in the ring. Justin Roberts introduced both Orton and Bryan. Then Triple H gives a very good entertaining introduction to Shawn Michaels as he makes his way down to the ring to a nice pop. Orton gives Bryan credit for always finding a way to get back up after every beat down but he say’s that’ll be a different story come this Sunday. He then goes in to say that he’s survived HIAC with the Undertaker and beat both John Cena and Sheamus in that demonic structure. He promises that Sunday will be the first and last time Bryan in the Hell in a Cell. Daniel gets on the mic and thanks Orton for giving him that extra confidence in himself to keep getting back up. He also thanks Orton for proving he’s a corporate phony and then thanks Triple H & Stephanie for exposing themselves as the huge corporate phonies they are as well.

Triple H say’s Daniel Bryan reminds him of guys like RVD, Edge and Jericho. All great guys and top guys at one point, but never big enough to be the man. He say’s if either of them ever where the man, we’d all be working for Ted Turner. Daniel demands that Triple H gets into his ring gear and fight him. Triple H verbally damages Bryan as he say’s he only gets in the ring with A+ stars. He refers to the likes of The Rock, Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker. But he’d never waste his time on a B+ guy like Daniel Bryan. He then say’s he doesn’t even know why HBK trained Bryan.

HBK then say’s that Bryan is a great wrestler. He asks what happened to the old Triple H. The one that was his bestfriend and would pull all those antics like stripping in the ring and driving to WCW. He say’s Triple H has changed. Triple H looks HBK in the eye face to face and say’s, I know Shawn will do what’s ring. And HBK then say’s he’ll do what’s right for the people.

Out of nowhere we see The Big Show on the screen driving a huge truck and somehow makes his way into the arena with the truck. He signals for Orton to turn around and Orton turns right into Daniel Bryan’s signature Running Knee. Daniel runs to the truck and he and Big Show do the Yes pose on the top of the truck to end a pretty entertaining Raw.

Note from Author: Just in case you all are wondering, my job is to point out the quick highlights of every match and in ring segment. I’m not supposed to do backstage segments and talk too much about the post match activities and video packages and stuff like that. Just pointing that out in case anyone is wondering why I don’t get very specific with every detail. Hope you all enjoyed this, thanks guys.

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